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Programmer/Animator/Video Maker/Server Owner

Hello, my name is 3pix, I make Minecraft Machiminas and when I feel like it I might make a mod for minecraft, I might even make a small little video game that hardly works. And I might go ahead and make a minecraft animation. I love the Minecraft Forums, I got so addicted to it. I mostly like the Minecraft Discussion section because it's always some people asking questions that I can awnser or something else cool. I have bought Minecraft and my IGN is 3pix. I like Creative building servers or Creative and survival and I kinda like plots, but no plots reminds me of this very old server that stopped updating but it was the best one ever existed. I think it's up to date, it's called Fortopia, it's a server made by this player named Superloler. He's a nice guy. If the server's up to date notify me and I will come immediately.

Well that's all I got to say.


I am always free and open for new book ideas for my existing books! It would help alot!

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Personal Information:

Name: Jad

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Birthday: January 28


Experienced MC Player: Yes
Experienced Builder: Half Yes, Half No.

Full Version?: Yes
Mods installed?: Yes.

Optifine User: Yes

Extreme Epic Swagstic Mod Maker: Yes!

Please contact me via Minecraft Forums, because my mailbox is already full of stuff and I never really check my mailbox, but I always check my Minecraft Forums Mailbox.

I also have a brother, he's a epic builder. He makes adventure maps and he programs Minecraft. Go give him some reputation!

Profile: Here

IGN: chehimi3
Gender: Male
Experienced Builder: Out of my opinion, Yes
Experienced MC Player: Yes
Full Version?: Yes
Mods installed: Sometimes
Optifine User: No

How does he look like?:

I will update this post from time to time..

Well, you can't really sum up a whole personality in a paragraph, but here goes nothing.

I like programming, a lot. Hacking and other cool stuff like that, and more that I probably don't remember.

Contact Methods

Website URL Skype Not telling bro.