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    One of the oldest CTF servers on Minecraft was recently relaunched! You can check it out here. Say /help when you join to learn how to play.
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    posted a message on Is the Republican Party becoming a complete joke?
    I'm a fiscal conservative, so usually I at least agree with the GOP on some things. But this year, all of the candidates just seem crazy. There are serious issues affecting the country and the most pressing issues they can find to campaign about are contraception and restricting gay rights... seriously? They're gaining support of far-right religious conservatives while alienating the rest of the planet.

    I almost hope Rick Santorum wins, just so they lose in a landslide and are forced to either do some restructuring, or become completely irrelevant.
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    One more thing:

    Some atheists (probably most of them) are that way not because they chose to reject God, or they never heard about him, but because they simply can't find any reasons to believe in him. Escaping hell requires believing in God. So does that mean I'm doomed to hell because my brain isn't capable of believing in God? Try convincing yourself that squares are round. I could pretend to believe, but one would think that an omnipotent God knows the difference between true faith and feigned faith.

    If God does something to reveal himself to me, then sure, I'll believe in him - but I'm a rationally minded person; it's physically impossible for me to believe in something without any reasons to.
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    posted a message on Have you heard of Buildism?
    Quote from LoginXenonAddict

    Buildism is a Java game. It's a 2D sandbox building game. There is no objective.

    The site is here, in case you're interested -> http://www.buildism.net

    Hi guys, as the creator of this game and a veteran Minecraft player I feel the need to explain myself.

    First of all, if you called it a Minecraft copy then you obviously looked no further than the name. There is literally nothing that's the same between the two games, other than the blocky default character (and there's a specific reason I chose that design, I can bore you with the details if you really want) and the random messages/inside jokes in the top left corner of the website. Buildism is a website for making online games using Lua scripting, there is no mining, crafting, terrain generation, cubes, or creepers involved.

    For those who said it's a ROBLOX copy: that's the sort of ignorant statement I would expect to hear on the ROBLOX forums, not here. :sad.gif: It's true that it shares some stuff with ROBLOX, and I did play ROBLOX for a while. But I only played ROBLOX for a few months in 2009, and I also played Garrys Mod, Phun, Game Maker, Stagecast Creator. These are all games in the same genre as ROBLOX and Buildism, and it shares some characteristics with all of them. If you call it a ROBLOX copy, that's like saying Call of Duty is a copy of DOOM, it just shows that you only have experience with one game in the genre. Lots of the features in ROBLOX that are shared with Buildism are shared with many other programs:


    We didn't use their two main distinguishing features, which are Lego blocks and 3D graphics... If I copied TF2, made it 2D, and took out the class system, would it still be a copy?
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    I've heard a lot of people use the argument "well, they're going to be exposed to it anyway, so why not start now" when using profanity or discussing "adult" topics around children is discussed. So before anyone posts that here, I'll just say that it would be best for them to hear about that stuff once they're old enough to appreciate its actual purpose (for example, profanity should be used to express strong emotions, not to decorate every sentence) and from someone who knows them well and can explain it effectively, like their parent.

    If this happened more often it would actually solve a lot of social problems, like risky unprotected teen sex, unsafe use of illegal drugs and 13 year olds cussing obnoxiously on multiplayer video games. But a lot of parents think this kind of stuff is the responsibility of teachers, or church ministers, or they just don't care at all.
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    What combination of items is most likely to freak out the cashier?

    I vote for a ski mask, a map of Washington, D.C., insect and rat poison, and a copy of Sarah Palin's book.
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    Make a men's health discussion forum.
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    Quote from Hiiragi Tsukasa »

    The infestation is worse than we previously thought.

    They aren't safe across the pond either.
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