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    posted a message on [RELEASE] Ω Project Omega: Minecraft Classic Saving Fix

    Have you thought about working with ClassiCube? They've already deobfuscated most of the source code so it's easier to work with, and the community is probably a lot more active than MC Classic is these days.

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    posted a message on Jacob_'s Capture the Flag
    It's back yet again! And for good now, since all of the other classic CTF servers are closed.
    Here's the first new map since 2011, made by me:

    We've added a lot of other features too like flamethrowers, /rtv and /nominate and a scoreboard overlay for WoM users! Classic may be 4 years old but you can't beat the simplicity of blowing people up with square TNT explosions. :)
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    posted a message on Vexillum - Multiplayer CTF game with destroyable maps and grappling hook action
    I just released this game a few weeks ago! It's very loosely inspired by my Minecraft Classic CTF server, for anyone who was around 2-3 years ago.

    Servers are player hoted, although I'm hosting a 24/7 one right now. Custom map making is also possible using only a graphics program.

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    posted a message on Jacob_'s Capture the Flag
    One of the oldest CTF servers on Minecraft was recently relaunched! You can check it out here. Say /help when you join to learn how to play.
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    posted a message on GPU for around $100?
    ATI: Radeon HD 6670
    Nvidia: GTX 550

    Not sure about the other manufacturers, but I always get MSI or E-VGA cards and I've never had any problems with them.
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    posted a message on List of Free Sandbox MMOs
    Buildism! It's not technically an MMO, but servers are remotely hosted kind of like Roblox's. Link is in my signature.
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    posted a message on What is the worst glitch in a game you ever encountered?
    The Fallout New Vegas spinning head glitch is pretty bad, since it's the first thing you see in the game.
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    posted a message on Looking for a sub 900$ laptop to play minecraft
    Whatever you do, don't buy anything from HP. Their laptops tend to run hotter than those from other manufacturers, and some of the recent ones have unfixed BIOS bugs that prevent OpenGL applications from running on the discrete GPU.

    Lenovo is probably the best as far as reliability goes.
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    posted a message on How many hours do you sleep?
    During the summer: 7-9 hours
    When I'm at college: 5-7 hours. Last year I was often up until 2 AM doing math and computer science homework, and then I had to be at class at 9. This fall I'm going to try not to have any classes before 11.
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    posted a message on New Punctuation!!!
    Index, looks like a right-pointing hand.
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    posted a message on Thank you for playing.
    Quote from Scaream

    People talking about alpha minecrafters being suddently an old player? You people might not get this post, but if you look closely at my registration date, it's September 3rd, 2009. About 4 months after Minecraft was first upload to youtube with the name of "cave game". I started around May 28th, 2009, when version 0.0.14a of Post Single Player Creative Mode was released. When that happened, there was not Beta. There was no alpha. There wasn't even any multiplayer version of Minecraft Classic. I just realized, how dedicated us players of before SMP are, we've played the game for such a long time, and got no recognition. I think this is kind of unfair. Please, people who had started to play Minecraft in 2009. Accept this post as a thank you for your dedication. I know there is a bunch of you, but I'm shouting out to all the people I know who've played since 2009.

    Thank you Matt!
    Thank you Citricsquid!
    Thank you Ez (before you were Notch's Wife)!
    Thank you PuyoDead!
    Thank you Guard!
    Thank you Jacob_!
    Thank you Gdude2002!
    Thank you LucasAnderson!

    I know what you're thinking... I like chicken-- wait no, I mean you're thinking that "Wtf man, half of these guys are famous!"
    Yes, but those are the only ones that I know (I think). So this shout out goes to everyone who's played since the early days of 2009.

    Thank you.

    And also, if there's anyone still out there who played since 2009 and is still active on the forums, please post what you would like to say in this thread. If anyone wants to post their opinion, feel free.

    Thank you once again! You gamers of 2009 made Minecraft what it is today, without you, Minecraft would have died in it's first days!

    Hi Scaream!

    I play on Acheron CTF now, so you might be able to find me there.
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    posted a message on Multilevel Factions server
    I finished the first two levels. Here's a preview.

    There are torches everywhere, and the solid walls/ceiling are lined with glowstone. This means that mobs spawn all the time, but at a slower rate than at night.
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    posted a message on Multilevel Factions server
    Quote from Billith

    I'd be interested in helping build this. If you have a server, pm me with the details if you are interested.

    Added to the whitelist.

    If anyone else wants to work on the spawn or just help brainstorm ideas, PM me to be added. (once everything is working, the whitelist will be removed.)
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    posted a message on Multilevel Factions server
    I'm thinking about making a factions server with several small areas (256x256) arranged in a column. They would be in separate worlds to give each one the maximum building height, but stairs and ladders linking them together would make them appear to be part of one structure.

    I'm probably going to use the following themes for the different levels:

    2-Mountains/canyons/rough terrain
    1-Normal (spawn here)

    Would anyone play here, and do you have a good idea for how to make each layer well lit but still seem like it's in a stack? If there was a plugin to just spawn torches everywhere, that would work. Or maybe columns of glowstone coming down from the ceiling.
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    posted a message on Host your own Capture the Flag server!
    Quote from Morgiepie42

    What...? You say "many more maps" It doesn't have the maps that we made, right?

    Not unless they were submitted before Komain took over.
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