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    Quote from SlySlime

    You need to add a patch for this and optifine it broke it for me

    Quote from JonathanTheBlack

    How did you get it to work with OptiFine? I think the water shader and optifine are incompatible?

    Quote from Gigermann

    When I tried it, Alpha worked with OptiFine when the overall graphics were set to "fast," but not "fancy"

    Guys.. follow these directions to get OptiFine to work with this Water Shader as well as any texture pack....

    STEP ONE.. make sure you start with fresh .minecraft folder. DO NOT have any other mods or anything else installed.. yet..

    STEP TWO : Grab all the needed files. I use OptiFine Multi-Core and I grabbed this water shader mod and I grabbed my LB HD Photo Realism 256x256 texture pack from all of the Authors threads.

    STEP THREE : Log in to your minecraft client and make sure you force download the latest 1.2.3 updates.

    STEP FOUR : Go ahead and drag your texture pack into the texture packs folder under your .minecraft folder.

    STEP FIVE : Open your JAR file and the first thing to do is to DELETE the META-INF folder that is inside the JAR.

    STEP SIX : UNZIP Both the OptiFine and This water shader ZIP files into their own separate folders onto your desktop.

    STEP SEVEN : COPY all contents from the OptiFine folder into the root of the JAR file. ( minecraft.jar for those who just don't have a clue ) I use 7Zip to open the JAR file with. Some people use WinRAR.

    STEP EIGHT : The water shader has two folders in it. The SHADERS folder needs to be copied into your .minecraft/bin folder. The other folder known as Minecraft... all the contents inside it.. NOT the folder itself.. all the contents need to be copied into the JAR as well.

    STEP NINE : SAVE and close the JAR.. then run minecraft and set graphics to FAST and your ready to rock and roll.. Profit. :)

    Yes, the edges of the trees and clouds and the sun is a bug. The Op is aware of this. The Side Grey blocks is caused by MC Patcher. Not OptiFine. NO this water shader does NOT work with Sonic Ether's GLSL Shadow shaders yet. The two creators need to work that problem out together. It would be fixed if they work together since they both use the same .class file. So when you install one over the other, it overwrites what the other author created which is why they will not work together. So only one or the other will work. Once these two guys work out what goes where into the SAME .Class file, then bingo.. you can have water shaders AND sonic ether's shaders working.
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    Quote from risemodders

    What are you talking about ?Did you even read my pos?Pictures?
    Better grass not working
    better snow not working
    custom colours not working
    fancy graphics the water become default

    The glowing ice in TP that uses custom colours are caused because of the custom colours not working

    You call that fine?i don't think so.

    I dont need your help im just saying that you can't call this working fine when all those features from optifine when you overwrite the class files do not work.

    First you say you don't want to show a picture and then now your saying you don't need help. I am guessing your a troll just trying to cause trouble now.

    Quote from doom_penguin

    Thanks Necrowizzard for this awesome mod!
    Thanks to JackTD as well for being a voice of reason amongst all the whining. People there's a reason why super-reflective water isn't included in all games by default: it needs graphics power! If you want to run this with hi-res textures + godonlyknowswhatothermods on your laptop with on-board gfx well guess what? I don't know where you get the patience man!

    Thank you. Finally another one who gets it.
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    Quote from silver593

    you might be able to run it with the proper drivers but one thing for sure is that its going to lag. get a GTX 570 or higher if you ant it to be playable.

    Silver593 is correct. However you do not have to go nuts and get a 350 dollar video card. You can get the one I am using the ATI R6870 ( Make sure the R is in front of the number in this case. The card is known as the HAWK edition. ) and it performs equally to the GTX 560 and works perfect with Minecraft AND with CRYSIS 2 with all settings maxed. No lag. I paid 164 Dollars at the time for it. However now its probably closest to 190 do to the fact that it suddenly has become a card a lot of people wanted. So the companies that sell them are taking advantage of this. Either way, GTX 560 is roughly 250. The ATI card I am showing here is still only around 190 or less. But both perform the same. And dont listen to the ones who are haters on ATI, they dont realize that AMD baught out ATI and have fixed the graphic driver installation problems with these newer cards.

    NOTE : If your CPU is only 2.5 Gigherts or slower, then that is also a reason your lagging and it will not matter what video card you use. I am on a 3.3 Gighertz machine. Another pointer toward lag is lack of ram. Memory.. No not your Hard Drive space. Your system RAM. Some I know here are still using 2 gigs ram and are complaining about the lag. They need to get a clue and quit complaining. Its not the shaders fault. Get 4 gigs minimum or dont use the shader if the lag bothers you.
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    I just have one question. Does these shaders work with this graphics card? ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series

    Your running DirectX 10 and OpenGL 2.0. And with some upgrade in your graphics card, you should be able to run it with openGL 2.1 at least. As for being stable with that old of a video card, its doubtful.
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    Quote from eXeTimelog
    Another possible bug. At least I hope so. Mobs can see you through glass and doors. This makes mobs very annoying at night on a SMP server, as their is another bug that lets mobs glitch through doors when they are pushing against it. Lost my house two times already to creepers because of this.

    That's not a bug.. Mobs can bust down wooden doors.. now you have to install the iron doors to keep them out. And yes, they can see through glass too. Its why there is a new mob you can get ahold of.. The iron mobs.. they attack the mobs trying to get through your door. They help defend you.
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    posted a message on What are your oppinions on the most recent forum change?
    Quote from jefe323
    You'll have to ask the Content team that... That is your opinion. Having worked with IP 3.2 for almost 6 months, I actually like the UI over 3.1

    Then why even bother with a Voting thread ? If this was all explained and we are being forced to use this "new look" no matter how we feel about it, why even bother waisting our time with this thread in the first place ?

    You guys have obviously made up your minds no matter what we think about it.
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    posted a message on What are your oppinions on the most recent forum change?
    Yea, there was nothing to fix on the LAYOUT of the old site. It was fine. The problem was the 504 page errors and SPEED of this forum. Or NO ACCESS at all. THAT was the problem and from what I am seeing, ITS NOT FIXED !

    Go back to the old look. I liked it much better. Simpler. And FIX what NEEDS to be fixed. This is a joke !
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    Quote from 1Haus1

    Okay, when I first played Minecraft my first thought was "okay this is a building game, AWESOME I wonder what I can build? Okay there are zombies and skeletons and these completely random green things that blow up... umm okay". I never stopped to think it was actually medival or whatever. Then I decide to go on forum post ideas about space and stuff and get waaay waaay flamed about "OMG IT IS FANTSEAAA WWAAAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??!?!". Its just completely rediculous. Minecraft is a building game where you pretty much just build and all of a sudden "OMG ITS FANTASY DUMBASS NOOB!". No, redstone should go to the stars and beyond. Fantasy doesnt mean that you should be trapped in the pre modern world, never to advance farther than a simple tower NO. There needs to be technology. It would make the game far more interesting, and the game already is already completely random so your point is invalid.

    I totally agree. I play minecraft BECAUSE its a Crafting game, not another boring MMO RPG Fantasy Medieval time game which has been done to death. Times are changing, crafting games are a big topic and usually people are looking for crafting games because of its build ability, not because its another World Of Warcraft.
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    posted a message on "Doesnt fit with setting" is overused and technology can enrich the world of Minecraft
    BEFORE I found out that Minecraft was to be running during the time period of medieval times, I often had wanted more out of the game. I wanted the ability to make advanced civilizations. I mean, if you think about it, it's mine CRAFT.. You craft your world. The title to the game is not Medieval Craft. So when it was announced that this game was turning toward medieval setting, I was disappointed and had quit the game. I got bored. But, things have been added lately that brought me back not because of the medieval setting, but because I like seeing the variety of the biomes and animals and what you can CRAFT with it.

    But will it last ? Medieval times will only hold people for so long. The reason we like minecraft to begin with is the ability to craft and build our world. NOT a Role Playing Game. Now I'm not saying RPG and medieval should be removed. No not at all. I'm saying, the game should still have the ability to craft even advanced items for those of us who want it. If you take a look at all the mods / plugins for the bukkit server, it will be recognized that people WANT the ability to create cities and towns. And from the videos we have seen lately, like the , that's exactly what some have done.

    Which brings us to another point, RPGs. Role Playing Games are a cool idea, but a lot of us feel it should not be the focus of the game. I'm on the fence about it because I'm using the "Wait and See" method to see which direction this is all going before saying "I love it" or "I hate it".

    If one does a search for MMOs out there, FANTASY ( medieval themes ) have been done to DEATH in a ton of the games out there. So having a CRAFTING game stop at medieval technology, is just a shame and very disappointing. Again, I repeat, its a crafting game, its why we play it. There is already a ton of MMO RPG medieval type of games out there. Take WURM online for example, also started by Notch and has not gone any further then the medieval time period. And as much as its a cool game, its player base is small relative to Minecraft. So why the appeal to Minecraft ? Because your not forced to play this game in one specific way. I mean, whats the point of being creative when you run out of things to build because the game has a stopping point in the medieval times. People will get bored. I know I will.

    Some will say "Well then you don't have to play it". Well if you think about it, the reason we are playing it is because of the freedom to BUILD WHATEVER we want. That is being taken away from us, and its a #1 reason others have been programming their own version of Minecraft. Its why we have so many different clones out there. Not to mention the plugins that give us the ability to make things like a computer inside of Minecraft. Which has NOTHING to do with Medieval times.

    You see, keep in mind, other game companies are watching MoJang. They are watching the mistakes that are being made because they will scoop up on this whole crafting idea if Minecraft fails. And Its why I support this thread, I am using the "wait and see where this is going" method before making my final decision on weather or not this game is worth my time. And yes, other companies want to make a game that IS worth your time so you'll keep buying their games / updates / Expansions.
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    posted a message on Particles moving faster than light?
    **** But for now, he explained, "we are not claiming things, we want just to be helped by the community in understanding our crazy result - because it is crazy". ****

    This is the quote from that article. Basically, I would suggest waiting and seeing and watching the scientific community closer. We might all be surprised. I remember reading about how people said the ATOM was not real. And it was proven to be real. I remember how people said there was nothing smaller then the ATOM. And it has been proven that we have Quarks. And the Quark was a concept that even Einstein has issues with at first. Ask the inventor of Quantum Mechanics Neils Bohr. The idea of quarks bouncing around and being in two places at the same time is technically similar to what that article post on this thread is about. Study up on Quantum Theory ( Which means its physics that remain to be proven ) and Quantum Physics and your physics knowledge will triple.

    If you want to watch some videos on this WHOLE subject :

    Through The Wormhole

    This show so far has a whole season with one of my favorite actors - Morgan Freeman. ( The guy who played God in Bruce Almighty )

    The 8 part series talks about ALL kinds of scientific fields and some of the ideas that you ALL have here, is common knowledge in their world. Watch the show, you'll see what I'm talking about.
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