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    Quote from xWolfie07

    I need some advice on this best way to learn java for modding in minecraft. Also some links or books that can help me would be nice.
    Thanks for the help :)

    This guy here at this youtube channel...

    He has made a set of mod tutorials that were very helpful to me. Yes, the first 14 videos are old, and will not work with the newer versions of minecraft, HOWEVER, follow along with it anyways, and just pay close attention. Because he does show you how to update your mod later on in other videos. But ALL of his videos have VERY USERFUL information. So do as the tutorial says. And you will learn a lot. Again, its how I became decent at JAVA and I now understand how mods work thanks to that guy. And I started learning just a few days ago.
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    Quote from ChibiSheDevil

    There's some misinformation being passed along here. According to Dinnerbone's twitter:

    "Nathan Adams ‏@Dinnerbone
    I'm not sure where people are getting this from, but we never said that the API is in 1.5 in either of our panels (1.5 one or API one)"

    Whats interesting is that I asked that question here on this thread .. nothing was wrong with my post about it as I said nothing wrong. It was an honest question for them to show proof of where they got this info. And the MODS here censored and removed it and any evidence showing they said that here in the OP. This thread got a 1 star out of 5 for censoring their mistakes.
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    I have a request. Since you made a multi-crafting table. How about a Multi-Crafting Table and Oven into one. Or something similar to it. Just a thought.
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    Quote from NorthAntrim

    My OS isn't Windows, so most viruses won't affect me anyway, and I had no intention of straying off my usual sites for the period I had the warnings disabled.

    Uhmmm.. Virii do not target the OS. Meaning ALL Operating System are at risk. Doesn't matter what you have. MAC, Linux, Windoze.. they all have their virii. The problem.. or misconception is, that the virii come through ads. ALL OSs have a browser to browse the internet. All browsers read the same pages, the same ads, and use the same javascripts. No one is exempt. Some people get less virii less then others, true. But its not really about the OS. The reason people pick on windows, and use statistics saying "See windows users get hacked the most" is because MAC and Linux combined do not add up to what Windows has on the market. But if MAC was as big as Windows is, it too would have just as many problems. A statistic on the net can be interpreted in any way you want. Reminds me of relgiion. Bottom line, saying that your safe just because your not on windows is just flat out not true.

    Heck all it takes is one picture that has a virus in it to wipe out your computer. And MAC computers are Intel based now. Welcome to Windows Hell.
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    Well, here is my far-cry-3 screenshots using GLSL Shaders.

    I followed the tutorial for the shaders here :

    and another one...

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    I praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster. May his noodly appendage touch you all... Arrgggh Maty.. Ra'Men.

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    Quote from jdwarfer

    Does he even work on a update ?
    He didn't post anything since march 27th.
    He could have given up or even be dead, we couldn't know at all. XD

    Hahahaha.. I love a good sense of humor.. actually he stated several pages ago that he will not be working on it for a while. He is heavily involved with collage work at this time. He said he would return and update the mod to whatever current version minecraft is at .. at the time he returns. So we all just have to kick back, grab some mountain dew, and use other mods for now.
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    Quote from Sakurah

    I've had issues like that before, trying to install different mods. Even having java changed to 64 (having 64bit system), there were still blakck screens, white screens etc.
    Messed with Java memory in java settings in control panel.
    That haven't changed a thing.
    All problems pretty much ended, with mods, as well as with HD textures since I started launching MC using bat file downloaded from one of the texturepack makers post - suggested that this will provide enough memory for everything needed. (there are some java commands in it with the java memory ammount to be set)
    I'm no programist but somehow since then, all problems are gone, whichever mod I put on, either water alpha, or unbelievalbe shaders, along with 512x textures - with Optifine put manually into minecraft jar at first place.

    And havent noticed any incompatibility issues with Optifine, plus somehow - without it, water shaders dont work at all.
    I use Optifine for multi core btw.

    You'll end up arguing with Trolls.. Most of us KNOW for a fact that it works with OptiFine once its set to FAST graphics. In my tutorial I explain step by step on how to get it to work. Most who are complaining now are trolls or have graphics cards that do not work with this in the first place. So they end up blaming OptiFine when in actuallity, they just have no clue. I have shown video proof as well as pictures and a tutorial and yet they still will say "Its not compatable" when they are obviously trolling. If they just read the dang thread, they would know it does work. Several have even said thanks to me for the tutorial because it worked for them.

    Bottom line, if they are arguing with you, just ignore them from that point on. Thats what I started to do.
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