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    posted a message on [Mod] More Foodz!

    More Foodz adds dozens of new food items to Minecraft. Everything from pancakes to tacos! New updates are expected, leave your suggestions for new foods! Available for 1.12 and 1.15.

    Download More Foodz @ CurseForge

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    posted a message on [1.15.2] Trouble With Sending and Storing Data


    I'm trying to create a JSON object in the Screen class of my GUI. Then I'm trying to transfer this to my TileEntity so it can be stored in NBT data.

    There's a local variable in the TileEntity class to store the JSON data with a default empty object in it.

    Even once the variable should be replaced with the proper JSON data, it still only saves the default value.

    From what I was able to get from debugging, this was because of the Client/Server data sending problems, where the data cannot be moved easily from client to server.

    Is there a way to move data from the Screen class of my GUI to the TileEntity, and then to NBT? This is 1.15.2.

    Thanks in advance!

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