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    posted a message on [Surv] ★★★ Survival Island ★★★ 1.2M+ DL's ★★★ Goodbye and thanks!!
    This map is awesome! For the first time I didn't play on peaceful, and I haven't died yet! I think I've explored all the caves. I'm still not done but here's what I have accomplished so far:

    1. Build a two story house/base with at least 20+ windows. Done
    2. Build 10 bookcases. Done
    3. Build an automated cactus farm. Done
    4. Build an under ground tree farm. Above ground...
    5. Build an above ground animal trap. Pitfall trap
    6. Build a drowning trap around the skeleton spawner. Not yet
    7. Build a cart system. Done
    8. Build something with redstone. Not yet
    9. Gather 10 unused diamonds. Done
    10. Find the treasure left behind by the Lost Curator. Done
    Build a scarecrow with a pumpkin head. Done
    Build a brick fireplace. Done
    Build a lava fountain. Done
    Build a fire trap around the zombie spawner. Not yet
    Build a glass bridge over the lava lake. Done

    My house and the observation tower:

    Cake! And a fireplace that didn't burn my house down!

    My upstairs bedroom, with fireplace #2 and several bookcases:

    Jackolantern scarecrow guarding my wheat farm:

    Looking down on my tree farm:

    Found 8 diamonds here. My texture pack was off.

    My track extends into the distance:

    The far end of my minecart track, about to ride home:

    Home coming into view:

    My house, lava fountain, and automatic cactus farm:

    Animal farm with 15-meter drops. I have more pork chops and leather than I know what to do with!

    Glass bridge over lava. Thank you shift key:

    I rate Survival Island 10 :Diamond: out of 10 :Diamond:
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