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    Update: Will be updated soon.

    If anyone has questions,

    IceMod is a mod that gives nether a Dante's hell level lower than that.
    This mod was designed to give a dimension relative to the coldness, and the coldness thereof a man's heart and how the absense of light will make him mad.
    It is also a pretty beautiful place, filled with a lot of ice, and many things to come in the following versions.


    1.5 (outdated):


    (Out Dated)

    Version History:

    1.6_02 - Added freezing (AGAIN) and disabled texture animations for the ores, as well as sounds. They caused issues.
    1.6 - Basically, I removed the freezing (AGAIN) and disabled some stuff to see if this version will be a lot less laggy. There is some unknown lag that I am trying very hard to fix. Please report back to me if you have severe lag or frame jumps.
    - Added GUI
    - tweaked portal GUI
    -Added sapphire (not tools)
    - Added sounds to sapphire and amethyst block when powered.

    1.5 - 5th attempt to fix the textures. (using slots 226-36 if problems continue)

    -Added Amethyst ore.
    -Changed tools. Requires icesticks (not shards) (Icesticks made by 2 icebricks over eachother)
    -Completely redid freezing code. Now looks "Cooler"
    -Amethyst blocks only activate with a direct torch atm.
    -Ice sticks can be placed as "icy fence posts"

    1.4 - Added Crystal tools. Added back freezing generation code. Added Crystal Water which hurts on contact to anything that lives. Fixed that rediculous texture issue.
    1.03 - Added Crystal Phoenix. Kill it to get Phoenix Feathers. Crafting used for Phoenix Spear.
    1.02 - Updated bug fixes.
    1.01 - Fixed AetherMod's confliction BlockIceStone class.
    1.00 - Initial Alpha / ModLoader rewrite. It is now compatible with most things!

    Dinosaur Days was most of the production period for the things in alpha, which was back in Feburary.

    Recipes: (OUTDATED - Will update soon... (Use Ice Sticks (2 bricks ontop of eachother) instead of ice shards for tools) )

    Freezer: A Furnace-Identically working tool that allows you to take shards of ice from
    Pagamos and freeze them specially into Ice Bricks.

    Example of Freezer.

    IceBrick: Igloo blocks for decorative ice houses or forts.

    Ice Block: You guys should know this. This is the regular Ice Block made craftable.

    Taking the crystal dust from the CrystalStone in Pagamos, You can craft gems. These will be used for tools.

    This ice is special. It is the Crystal-infested ice in Pagamos you can place elsewhere. I am considering putting freezing properties back into this.

    This is used for chiseling Marble.

    Phoenix Spear: This is a spear you can throw at mobs (or vehicles) and destroy them in Phoenix flames.

    Crystal Pickaxe : durability of Stone, but 1.6x diamond speed.

    Crystal Spade : durability of Stone, but 1.6x diamond speed.

    Crystal Sword : durability of Stone, but 1.6x diamond something... :tongue.gif:

    Instruction-Filled Videos:
    Fan Video-Plays

    Support the revival of Pagamos by wearing this banner:

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    I have decided to make everything... In one entire file! Means that most layers will be used for the presets of things, but need not worry! If you need more room, and have used objects from preset layers IN different layers, u can delete AND use it.

    Tiles will have their own layer, Mobs (Will now be on Friendly / Neutral / Enemy Layers) etc.

    Deelekgolo and I have been trying to make a working map importer script atm, but if we fail to get this operable, if anyone can code python, you're potential future contributations are well appreciated in advance!!

    I Don't know what happened to Deelek but if someone wants to further the script, it's embeded into the blender file right now.

    BTW on espernet, i made a channel called #MB3D. Just stop by and ask me a question (if im around) I afk a lot but keep my client running so i should see questions arise from time to time.

    List of things to complete:
    Key: * Needs doing; @ Currently doing ; X Done.

    Mobs: @
    -Spider - not attempted yet
    -Zombie - Fully Modeled, rigged, and has a couple actions.
    -Skeleton - Fully modeled, rigged, and has a couple actions.
    -Creeper - Fully Modeled, rigged, and has quite a few actions made.
    -Human - Fully modeled, rigged, and has no current actions.
    -Pig - Fully modeled, rigged, and has no current actions.
    -Cow - Moo (Translation: Not done yet)
    -Slime - Fully Modeled, rigged, and has a couple actions.
    -Sheep - Fully Rigged, No actions yet.
    -Ghast - Modeled. Not Rigged.
    -Pigman - Rigged & Modeled.
    -PigZombie - Rigged & Modeled.

    Tiles - Updated constantly.

    Vehicles - Not attempted yet.

    Items / Armor Models - Being worked on.

    Dynamic Lighting lamp - I have the manual side done.

    Sky - Done.

    Download Here


    V1.4 - Added plane and better terrain import instead of using a temp one for color blocks from classic (now that notch added the fix for dyes) and I have done Dynamic Lighting in materials (Note [Plane]15 = highest light)
    V1.3 - Did a crap-ton!

        [*:j03updrt] - Organized EVERYTHING!

        [*:j03updrt] - Made Holding items doable.

      [*:j03updrt] - No block holding yet :sad.gif:

    V1.2 - Did some nether Updating. (Tiles and Nether Monsters)
    V1.1 (and below) - Basic creation modeling (plus initial)

    Get Blender 2.49b not 2.53 (it is stable now, just i dont use that yet because i havent got time yet to learn the new UI system.)

    <!-- m -->


    <!-- m -->

    (downloads section)

    More to come! Show me what You as a Blender user can make. Here are some examples of what I have done:


    Dynamic lighting

    I am in TERRIBLE need of a python coder who knows some blender. If we can get dynamic lighting and map generation done this would be great. I have the ideas down as to how the generations will go.
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    Things are almost up-and-running for 1.5.1. I still need to work on a couple more things though.
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    The actual mod included with this is not for all users. This tool is mainly for people who are
    medium / advanced in 3D works.

    -Blocky Bundle-

    [Includes the following]

    - Blocky Exporter -

    - Minecraft Blender 3D Toolkit -

    - Blocky Blender File With Texture | Material Fixing Script -

    - [ And more soon] -

    [Blocky Exporter]

    This is actually the mod of the bundle. What the mod does is export the geometry from the map, tweak the textures used, and export them together.

    The way Blocky records geometrical data is through capturing loading chunks. This is toggled by hitting 'F12'.

    The OBJ file & Textures are exported to your %AppData%/.minecraft/ folder in /MapData/Export/. They are saved by Map-MapTick name for folder (Currently)

    Exports The map with the terrain.png & split textures with color modifiers (Biomes & redstone)

    Will add support for texturepacks sometime soon.

    I will also write the mod into some modding APIs for mods to use soon.

    This mod requires more memory than 1GB.

    The Setup Jar provided will automatically generate a launcher Batch that will run minecraft in 3GB which is the minimum needed to do medium - large captures.

    The reason this is a warning is because if not watched carefully, you can max your ram and freeze your computer completely. If you do not know what you are doing, do not use this tool, or find out what this warning is saying.

    You have been warned. It is not my fault if you loose data for freezing your computer.

    [MB3D Toolkit]
    This is a constructed Blender Resource Library for Blender-Minecraft uses.

    The blender file contains the following:
    * Character Rigs
    * A few mob Rigs
    *Blocks & Items (In 2D & 3D)
    *Fire | Water | Portal | Lava sprites from in-game Procedural Texture animations.
    *Other things I can't think of.

    Import your maps into this and run the script provided.

    This cleans your render up instantly.
    (Will Work to make the script and setting better soon!)

    Setup is easy. An automatic installer is provided.

    Manual Install Files located here:
    You would install just like any other mod.

    If you just want the blender resources, the download link is here:

    [Questions & Contacts]

    I will have tutorials & more things to add to the library so stay tuned!

    Issues? join IRC Channel #Blocky on espernet!

    You can also follow the twitter account @BlockyMod for updates to the Blocky Bundle.


    Issues with 1.1 that are known:

    There is an issue with Pistons & Side-way logs not looking right in texture.
    (A current fix for this is to change UV image to the terrain.png found in Textures/ folder. The UV offset for terrain.png is the same for both split images and terrain png.

    Feel free to let me know any issues not listed here. Ones that are known are being worked on.

    Have fun, and show me what you can create. I can't wait to see it! :)

    My goal is to provide the most precise and useful tools to create amazing animations / stills.
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    [Video made with MB3D Toolkit and Early Map Exporter]
    [raw audio]


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    [Basic Walkthrough of Blocky Bundle Installation and Usage]

    (If you want to do a tutorial for other 3D applications such as Maya, 3DSMax, Cinema4D, etc, feel free to submit and I will add them here.
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    I'd hit it.
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    I've felt like I've shot myself in the foot for how long I've kept this gem away from public eyes.

    I've made a tool in java that takes any given schematic and exports a insanely good quality OBJ file.

    What it does is it take the terrain.png file (your block graphics) and re-renders it with all possible gradient / light value outputs, and projects the right image to the side of the block based upon light values the tool gives the schematic (with it's own lighting engine), and produces a near replicated model of what the schematic would look like In-Game.


    The tool so far lacks completion in liquid lighting effects, and finishing geometry.

    In order to actually get this done, I might just open source this, if people want this bad enough. :P
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    In light of the 4096 expansion of block ID's, I feel we should take responsibilities to organize a list to look at and occupy with organization so mods have less chance of clashing with block IDs.

    Submissions require a sent email to [email protected] with the following:

    [Block ID(s)] | Name of Mod | Modder (Contacts if you want to add) | Block Description(s)

    The goal here is just organizing and making things better for modders.

    I will be making an Item SpreadSheet soon too.
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    EnderDragon Progress:

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