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    posted a message on [Beta 1.7.3] BetaExpansion - A content expansion for version beta 1.7.3

    "The image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available".

    Happens with all the images.

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    posted a message on Biome generation 1.7+
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Unfortunately, it is flat-out impossible to recreate the old biome and land/ocean generation in Customized, as well as several other aspects of terrain generation; for example, this is the seed "-3830842913915544643" in 1.7 or later, which has a very large cave system by those versions standards:

    By contrast, this is the seed "-4564711678143067160" in 1.6.4, which I'm guessing is similar to the cave in the 404 map, and I've seen caves much larger than this:

    Mojang could have enabled us to get both in Customized but for some reason they decided to add a bunch of technical settings instead, since sliders that simply enabled/disabled biome grouping, amount/size of caves/other structures (Superflat actually lets you adjust the number and/or size of many structures), and percentage of land/ocean would have been simple to add and easy to understand by more players (there is a mod, Climate Control, that lets you adjust biome and land/ocean generation, specify how common a biome is and even do stuff like make climate zones generate similar to on Earth (hot "equator", cold "poles").

    Though using the mod/plugin Terrain Control, which is basically a very very very much expanded Customized, you can recreate almost every generator Minecraft has ever had, and you can make your own biomes, structures and worlds too.
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    posted a message on BETA 1.0! Terra Incognita - explore a completely new world! - 1.9 compatible
    Quote from Hexifixion»

    I've been trying to set it up on my test server, but TerrainControl keeps crashing or overloading my memory. Everytime that it does load, it's a normal world

    @Hexifixion I've uploaded version b1.0.3-SNAPSHOT, which has the jar of terrain control installed. Just put this in the plugins folder. Then activate Terrain Control by specifying the world generator in the bukkit.yml.

    This might be easier and I hope it prevents errors. If it keeps crashing, please send me the log. Reasons it might be crashing:
    - you're using the wrong version of Terrain Control
    - you're using Forge
    - you haven't specified the Terrain Control generator in the bukkit.yml (that causes a normal world to generate)

    Good Luck! :)
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    posted a message on BETA 1.0! Terra Incognita - explore a completely new world! - 1.9 compatible
    Quote from SporeSaiyan»

    Anyone have a server that uses this?

    As far as I know, nobody has. :(
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    posted a message on Mountains O'Many - The terrain you've always desired

    For some reason I can get large veins using the plugin Terrain Control, which is basically Customized with 1000 times more options + ability to add biomes, trees and structures.

    Part of the hill is covered in andesite, part of it has just dirt. That andesite is actually a huge vein. The hill is completely the same biome.

    Another interesting terrain control feature is the replaceblocks option, which lets you replace blocks with other blocks. In this image, grass near water is replaced with sand:

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    posted a message on These forums are almost unusable, why is that?

    As I am a premium user, I don't have normal ads, but I do have server ads. And these seem to slow the site down a lot. Typing is quite slow too.

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    posted a message on 1.10 News and Updates - [Information from Mojang AB] - [1.10 OUT NOW!]

    Testing 512 blocks build height:

    He also tweeted:

    "Btw don't expect 512 high worlds to be released any time soon, this was a stress test that used 17gb of RAM :)"

    And on Reddit:

    "Someone somewhere might have thought about doing that... what about 100?
    TBH the only reason why I did 256-high worlds now is because I want to remake the world gen and I need a bigger range."

    Render distance in the picture is 1024 blocks:

    "Thing is, I had to choose 1024 because under that you can barely see the base of the pillar :P Render distance in MCPE is a sphere, so to barely see the base of a 400 block pillar you need a ~500ish render distance, to see the horizon you need at least 700."

    But... isn't this for MCPE? It is, but Mojang is trying to make all versions similar, so I think a new world generator would also be for MCPC. And 512 build height probably too. And I don't think there are many phones with 17GB of RAM, so he must have tested it on a PC...

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    posted a message on Preventing Spigot from saying message "[playername] moved too quickly!"

    How do I turn off the "[playername] moved too quickly" messages and the teleportations which happen as a result from that?

    Version: Minecraft 1.9, Spigot for 1.9.

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    posted a message on BETA 1.0! Terra Incognita - explore a completely new world! - 1.9 compatible
    Quote from Tofias»

    I have installed 75 Mods on my 1.7.10 Minecraft but there's not a single Mod which adds new Biomes or changes the terrain generation but i have Mo'Creatures on it, which i'm sure of won't work properly with your mod. However i could try it once with all mods and if it crashes, once without some or all mods. If it works but Mo'creatures mobs aren't spawning at all, i still would be fine without Mo'Creatures though. ^^

    Btw. where did you get that nice Skybox? I really like it. xD

    Skybox is from
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    posted a message on BETA 1.0! Terra Incognita - explore a completely new world! - 1.9 compatible
    Quote from Tofias»

    This looks incredible! I've never seen such a cool and beautiful looking terrain generation before. I love how the new biomes don't look so out of place, they could literally fit right in vanilla Minecraft! :D

    Too bad i'm still playing on 1.7.10 because of mods... :/

    Thanks! I think this is compatible with 1.7.10 too. Probably not everything would work, and it would be slower, but I don't see a reason why it wouldn't work in 1.7.10. Terrain Control is for a big part backwards compatible (which means that things which work for new versions mostly work in older versions), so you could download Terrain Control for 1.7, install Terra Incognita on it, and play. It might work, and if it doesn't, I could make an 1.7 version of it.
    I don't know what kind of mods you use though. Mods that add biomes are incompatible with Terrain Control (and thus with Terra Incognita), and custom mobs and blocks might also have trouble spawning.


    New version released: Beta 1.0.2. There are some minor bug fixes and balances.

    Btw, here is a cool rendering of Terra Incognita, made by MCPitman from the Terrain Control forums.

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    posted a message on TerrainControl: Advanced World Generator

    Using this mod/plugin, I created Terra Incognita (see banner). Some examples of terrain:

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    posted a message on BETA 1.0! Terra Incognita - explore a completely new world! - 1.9 compatible
    Quote from Hexifixion»

    Looks awesome! Will use this when I reset my server in the future

    Thanks :)
    I don't know when you'll reset your server, but there will be some more updates coming. This week Beta 1.0.2 will be released with some minor bug fixes, Beta 1.1 with some new biomes will probably come in April or May and the "official release" (without Alpha or Beta in the name) will also come once.
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    posted a message on Larger Terrain Generation (Not Biomes)

    I support this, though it's already easy to make using Terrain Control (, which is a plugin/mod for Forge and Spigot which lets you easily customize the terrain (even if you cannot code). Code obfuscation etc. it not needed. I made the Terra Incognita generator using this plugin, and I think I got pretty close to some things which are desired around here. Large mountains, tall trees, wide rivers...

    What do you think?

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