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I actually took time to properly write an "About Me" page.

The "long/hopefully-not-boring introduction of mine" :

My name is JT. I'm a male, 16 years old, currently living in Canada. My IGN is : JTitan.
My interests: Minecraft (ofc) , PvP, Youtube (actually watching videos), "How I Met Your Mother", and this forum.
I don't play Minecraft that much, simply because my laptop doesn't "allow" me to. I barely get 15 fps everytime I play on Multiplayer. However, as I write this, tomorrow I'm getting a brand new PC! I will be back.
I used to be an Admin of the Paintball Server (hosted by EG - Evolution Gaming). I quit my position for lost of interest on Minecraft. Like I've told you, the lag was and still is horrible and I couldn't really enjoy playing. Anyways, I recommend you to check out their awesome and popular thread: Paintball EG Thread
Continuing about me, I speak 4 languages (in order) : Italian, English, French and Spanish. Spanish is more of a "work in progress" I've been learning it for over a year now.

The "why do I speak Italian"?

A: I was born and raised in Italy for 12 years, although my parents originally come from the Philippines. This explains my skin color (light brown) and my hair. I also prefer being called Italian, and not asian. I may not have the Italian citizenship (yet), but technically, I'm Italian.

**I don't really know what else to say, if I have something I'll surely add it asap.**

The "long-awaiting-conclusion"
Read This! If you haven't It's really important for the forum community to understand these. I haven't learned it by heart, and you don't need to. Just to read it once or twice is good for your "conduct".

--If you actually took time to read everything, I wuv you :3--

P.S. I don't like caps. But I had to.
P.P.S. Click the spoiler. Thanks.

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