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    Really interesting update. I really like the potential of the customization. Hopefully someone posts a thread/video detailing all the various expert mode sliders soon.

    A couple of criticisms. Really just "I hope they do this next" items.

    1. Instead of a biome slider where you have to pick all or one single biome, make new page or make a drop box where you can toggle which biomes you want to generate and which ones you don't.

    2. Make it so modders can add their own "pages" or "sliders" or "boxes" to the customization pages if their mods modify the generation at all.

    All in all I'm very impressed with this snapshot.

    FYI - I am currently generating a world where the ore sliders for fill and tries are maxxed and the levels they generate stratified (like coal from 70 - 53, iron from 39-53, etc) and It's been sitting at "Building World" for about 5-10 min. My gaming laptop is lagging pretty hard so it's trying to build the world... I wonder if it'll actually successfully generate.
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