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    Quote from duddzz_312»

    Oh :( I didn't see that..

    How could you miss it? lol
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    Quote from Autumn88Leaves»
    IGN: Autumn88Leaves

    Name. I would prefer not to give it out.

    AGE: 25

    i'm looking for a server to call home. I am tired of playing with kids who have to be in bed by 9. Looking for a server to settle down and build a community service/market area. I would love to collaborate and help my fellow crafters :)

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Thanks for the application, please join the server!
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    Quote from Xalusta

    I'd recommend this server to anybody, I haven't been here long but I've already settled in. One question though, how does the pvp area affect griefing rules and residences? Is griefing allowed there or could you build a house and be safe so long as you remember to shut the door behind you?

    Good question. The server rules apply for everywhere. No griefing period. You can kill on the PVP side, but they cant break any of your blocks placed.
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    Quote from TheArtOfJoint

    IGN: TheArtOfJoint
    Name: Nuno
    Age: 22
    Why should add you to the server:

    I play minecraft for about 2 years, love to make hurge building and auto machines, most of all im looking for a server to spend some hours playing it and have fun

    Sorry, you did not read the rules, I cannot accept you
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    Quote from Leftypower123

    I believe this is the sixth week in a row without a snapshot. Seventh even.
    But this is just getting RIDICULOUS.

    July 17 - "There will be no snapshot this week or next."
    August 1 - "No one said there would be a snapshot this week!"
    August 8 - "Not this week sorry"
    And now,
    August 15 - "We are not ready for release"

    Every week Thursday comes around and there's one little innocent yet crushing tweet.
    Now this is the third week running this has happened. If this continues I am done with Minecraft until that snapshot finally comes.


    Dude, relax. It'll be released when they're ready.
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    Quote from PackJew

    So much butthurt over such a small thing. I am amazed at how stupid the Minecraft community is.

    whenever I see you post something, I think of Ron Burgundy saying it.... lol

    But I can't stand scrolling through the forums seeing 10000000 hate posts about people hating the new minecraft features, and how it's not what they want.

    and then seeing 1000000000 forum posts about how minecraft isn't the same and stuff.

    The Minecraft Community needs to just grow up.
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    posted a message on [ADV][1.4.7][SSP/SMP] The Wither's Mask- A Spin Off of Ocarina of Time[8000+ Downloads!][Version 1.1.5]
    Verison 1.1.5
    -NOTE- This map is LOOSELY based off of Ocarina Of Time. It is not an EXACT copy. Only a few things are similar.

    1.0 - Release
    1.1- Fixed bugs with the beginning.
    1.1.1- Switched game into survival so you can break monster eggs(silverfish)
    1.1.2- Made Spirit and Shadow Temple easier.
    1.1.3- Fixed the fire bow side quest, made jumping game easier, fixed bugs.
    1.1.4- Fixed redstone, got rid of minecraft/lever at the end of the Notch Tree, fixed confusing sections
    1.1.5- Major redstone fixes, and fixed bugs

    1.0 - Release
    1.1- Fixed spawn, and other redstone areas
    1.2- Major redstone fixes, and fixed bugs and fixed command blocks
    1.3- Fixed all command block issues.
    1.1- Fixed spawn, same updates as SSP
    8 Temples(In order):
    1) Notch Tree
    2) Dinnerbone's Cavern
    3) Jeb Jeb's Belly
    4) Forest Temple
    5) Ice Cavern (Optional)
    6) Fire Temple
    - Jumping Mini Game
    7) Water Temple
    8) Spirit Temple
    9) Shadow Temple

    4 Locations:
    1) Penn Village
    2) The Marketplace
    3) Spirit Village
    4) The Castle

    A checkpoint system:
    -When you start the map, the Iron Door is closed. When you get to the first checkpoint, you pull a lever to open the door for future uses.
    -In each checkpoint room, has the item from the previous temple. (Example: Fire temple gives you the Forest Temple item)
    -Optional to teleport to different locations
    -You'll only need to spawn at your house, which is the only place where you can sleep. If you can't sleep, there is a button to set the time to Night so you can sleep.
    Final Boss:
    -You'll see soon enough.
    1) I took some ideas from popular adventure maps to help the flow of mine. (For Example: Hypixels idea of communicating through Command Blocks)
    2) Please follow my rules, if you break them, I don't see why your playing my map
    3) There is a score system, if you beat it, put it on the forums, and I'll see who can get the highest score.
    4) BE OBSERVANT! I have a lot of things you can miss in this map. Make sure you double check everything!
    5) Like in Ocarina of Time(or any other Zelda Game), in each temple you get an item to help you beat the temple and go into the next one.
    6) Enjoy the map! If there are any issues please tell me ASAP and I'll try to fix them as soon as I can.
    7)I want you guys to find things out for yourselves, so That's why I'm keeping things short!

    1) Don't break blocks unless you are allowed to. (for example, I tell you that you can break cobwebs with Swords)
    2) Don't leave the area. I tried making glass walls to stay in, there are some ways around them, but I tried my best.Here's the download link! I hope you enjoy!!
    3) Only place lever/buttons where your supposed to. Buttons go on Iron Blocks, Lever's go on Gold Blocks, and Redstone Torches go on Diamond Blocks.
    4) Play on easy or above. There are mobs.
    5) Don't use hacks/cheats of any kind. I left commands open for emergency, or if you want to explore when you finish the map.
    6) Follow the scoring system.Emerald-1Redstone-5Lapis-10Diamond-20Nether Star-50
    7) Red wool means checkpoints. If you see one, click it. It will take you to the checkpoints.
    8) You can use /kill. If you get stuck or something.
    Sword/Master Sword- Cobwebs
    Ax- Red Planks
    Pic Axe- Cobble
    Bow/Arrows- Wood Buttons
    Flint &Steel- BROWN wool
    Diamond Shovel- Clay/Soul Sand
    Diamond Ax- Birch wood/Red Planks
    Diamond Pic- Obsidian/Cobble
    10 Obsideon Blocks- Need them to get passed the 7th temple
    Hero's Armor- Diamond Armor
    Green Tunic- Protection, Thorns, and Feather Falling
    Red Tunic- Fire Resitance
    Blue Tunic - Aqua Infinty, protection(Optional)
    Hero's Sword- Same as sword
    Fire Bow - Same as Bow
    -Feedback is MUCH appreciated!!!
    - I made this around 3 people, but you can have more.
    - Spawn location is (-274 78.5 554)

    -This section is in case you get lost and/or confused.

    1) It's dangerous to go alone!!
    You begin your quest, go into the stone house and get your sword. Head around back and chop down the cob webs to activate the stone bridge to begin your adventure!
    2) The Notch Tree
    You see a small wood house in the distance. The man in there offers you food. As you approach the Notch Tree, you see you need a lever. Jump down and find the cobwebs nearby and get the lever to start the first temple.
    3) Inside the Notch Tree
    You see the first checkpoint room! Press the button to go to the first checkpoint room. Use the lever to get out of the room, and open the checkroom building for you. To go back, press the button that says "Notch Tree." You see you need a lever. Cut down the webs to enter the maze. Navigate the maze to find your first lever. Head back to enter the main temple room. Once you enter you see vines to climb down into the lower level. You need a lever to get into the next room, so head towards the webs to find a lever. Go back and put the lever on the door, and enter the next room. Get through the parkour and walk to the small room with the chest. You get your second item, the Iron Axe! Chop through the red planks and go back up those vines. Chop down the red planks on that level to enter the big room. You see something surrounded by glowstone(REMEMBER THIS! VERY IMPORTANT). Beat the parkour and get the button. Now head for the boss. Climb the tree, jump across the parkour. And defeat the 9 spiders. Get to the top of the tree, grab everything in the chest, and jump down. YOU COMPLETED THE NOTCH TREE.
    4) Now what?
    Walk out of the temple. You see another house in the distance. It says you need the proper tools to get in, but luckily, you can jump on the fence nearby to get into the roof. They give you a potion of instant health for an emerald! How nice! Head towards the stone house, and break down the door with the Iron Axe. The man asks you a favor, and offers you some armor. Being a good sport, you help him. Break down the other door, and head up the steps.
    5) Dinnerbone's Cavern
    Temple number 2! Break down the cob webs and planks to enter the cavern. Walk down the hallway to find yourself in a mine. Checkpoint number 2! Press the button and hit the lever to open the next checkpoint room. Once back, you see you need a lever. Pick a side. PLANKS: Get through the lava to find a lever at the end of the room. Head back to place it. COBWEBS: Parkour! Fun! Get through the long parkour course to get the next item! The Iron Pic Axe! Break through the cobble nearby to get the lever and the hidden code(You have to find it!). Break more cobble to find a ladder, to head back. Use both levers to find a giant hole. Jump down. Time for a combination lock! Enter in the correct code, break the cobble to find an iron door which will open. Down the long hallway you see a boss room, but no key? There is cobble nearby. Break that, and enter the bottom floor of the mine. Make it through more parkour to get the lever. Head back and enter the boss room. Find your exit, but be careful! There are silverfish nearby! Once you find it, free the villagers. Go into the cell, get the stuff in the chest, and move on. YOU COMPLETED DINNERBONE'S CAVERN.
    6) The Green Canopy
    In the chest, there should be a lever to allow you into the next area. Find the man under the green canopy to begin your next adventure.
    7) Jeb Jeb's Belly
    Some people want to get rich, I hope they give you some of it! The man asks to get Jeb Jeb's Heart. Enter his mouth, to find the next checkpoint room.( You should know what to do now) On the other side of the mouth should be cobble. Break that down to find your next item. The Iron Shovel. Break through the clay, and enter the clay maze. Find the lever and open the door. Next find the boss key, and enter the boss room. Beat the 9 skeletons, and enter the last room. Dig out his heart in the clay, and enter the next clay room/hallway. Break more clay to exit Jeb Jeb. Man that was short! YOU COMPLETED JEB JEB'S BELLY.
    8) Get rich quick!
    Drop the heart under the orange canopy, and the iron door will open. Go down the steps, get the stuff in the chest, and press the red button. Remember that clay door? Go back into the Notch Tree and find that clay door. Now your adventure really begins.
    9) The Master Sword!
    A true Legend Of Zelda item! You only get 1, so be careful! The man asks you a favor, to gather the remaining obsidian pieces( You should have 6 after getting the Master Sword) and head to the nether to stop his brother before he takes over the world! He first tells you to enter the Forest Temple, to get the first piece.
    10) The Forest Temple
    Here we go, the story begins. Walk down the hallway to find yourself in a dark hallway. Defeat the cave spiders, and find your next checkpoint room. Now for some fun parkour over lava. After beating that, you get your next item. The bow and arrow! Hit the button to open the door, which will open the door across from the checkpoint room. Jump down, and enter the small room. Get the button, and begin the boss battle. When you hit a wooden button with the arrows, the next one will open, and so on until the lights turn on, but watch out for the spiders and skeletons! After beating the temple the door will open. Get the stuff in the chest, and walk towards the hallway. YOU COMPLETED THE FOREST TEMPLE. Next thing you know, you pass out.
    11) Penn Village
    Where are you? You're at Penn Village of course! A man tells you that the mayor wants to see you. Check around the village if you'd like. You can get a nice deal, a lapis for a fire resistance potion! What a steal! or check out the local blacksmith...
    A) Ice Cavern(optional)
    What's this? and optional quest? Let's try it! Go to the basement of the blacksmith to teleport to the Ice Cavern, but you only get one chance! So make sure your ready! Find the cavern entrance and break the cobblestone. Make a left, and head into the cave. You'll have some nice parkour, and a race. Make it to the end before the door closes. You can see the speed underneath your feet. Once getting into the next room, get the lever, and head back. Open the next door, and have fun with the ice parkour. Beat that, get the button and lever and go back down. There you will receive the Hero's Sword! Press the button to continue the game.
    12) 1 more request!
    The mayor asks you 1 more favor. Stop the mobs inside the volcano, and he also gives you something nice! A nether star! Jump down, grab a minecart and head towards the Volcano.
    13) The Fire Temple!
    Have some fun getting into the volcano. Once you do, jump down to start. Get the checkpoint, and enter the next room. It's a maze so have fun! Find the ladder to go down to the next level, which is ANOTHER MAZE! Look around until you find the wooden button. Use your bow to open the piston door close by. Go down the ladder to find an empty room. Shoot the buttons nearby to open the door to get the lever. Head back to the main room. Open the door to enter the next room. Skeletons are going to try to stop you from getting across! Don't let them! Shoot them, or run through it. Once you get to the other side, go down the ladder, break the cobble, to get your next item. Flint and Steel! Burn your way out of the room to find your button. Go back to the main room, burn down the wool to enter the boss room. Jump down the never ending hole, to being the boss. Burn your way out and try to survive! Once you do, get the items in the chest, and the mayor is waiting there for you. YOU COMPLETED THE FIRE TEMPLE.
    14) All hail the hero!
    The mayor thanks you, and tells you to head towards the market square to celebrate. The lever he gives you is to open the door in case you wanna go back to the other side of the marketplace by Jeb Jeb. Fireworks shoot off, and everyone is happy. They offer you food, new armor, a potion, and even a chance to win a prize! When you're ready, head into the house at the end. The man tells you of a place over in the distance. That's where you're heading!! Grab a boat, and head towards the next temple!
    15) The Water Temple
    Everyone's favorite Zelda Temple. Burn down the door, and enter the main room. Get the checkpoint. You can only go in 1 room, so head in there. WATER MAZE! You have 2 choices, left or right. Left could be important........... but right is the correct way. Resurface, and press the button. Make it to through the piston in time to get to the next room. Do the same again, to get the lever and the Redstone torch. Head back to the main room to place it on the diamond block. Now for some fun ladder parkour! Make your way to the top, and you'll see you need a Redstone torch. Jump across to enter a little maze. Burn your way through to find a huge combo lock. Punch in the correct code and a Redstone torch will pop out. Run back, place the torch, and fall down the hole. Now you have to make the water go into the emerald blocks by finding the correct combo and you need a lever. Once you do, enter the next hallway, swim through and enter another room. You have to find 3 Redstone torches. But you need an item first. Burn your way to get your next item! The Diamond Shovel! Remember that Potion of Night Vision? Now would be the time to use it. Make your way through the maze, to find 3 Redstone torches and the lever. Place the torches, to get the boss key. Go back to the tall room, to enter the boss battle. Find your exit by digging up the soul sand. Once you do, the door will open, grab the stuff in the chest, and walk down the hallway. YOU COMPLETED THE WATER TEMPLE.
    16) A trap!
    When you walk down the hallway, you'll get caught in a trap, but don't worry your safe… or are you?
    17) The Spirit Village
    Oh no! Your dead! Wait, no you're not! This is where people go when they die, minus you. Look around town, a man gives you food, another gives you boots and the option of going back to Penn Village to get the Fire Bow. If not, continue on to the next temple. Only 1 more obsidian block to go!
    18) The Spirit Temple
    Here we go, 1 more. Right when you enter is the checkpoint room, go towards the back of the chapel to find a soulsand door. Open that for some major parkour, make it through to get the lever, jump back down to go into the chapel. Open the door to enter the next room. You need 3 more Redstone torches. But there is a certain order. Get them in order. The first one is easy, when doing that, the 2nd door will open, with some more parkour. Get the 2nd torch to open the 3rd door. Climb the ladder in the main room to get the next item! The Diamond Axe! Break down the birch wood, climb around to get the last torch. Go back to open the iron door and climb the stairs. Make it through the small 2 rooms to get the button. Go back to the chapel to enter the boss room. Open the door, climb the ladder to fight the 2 witches. Then break through the wood for the race of your life. Make it through the 3 levels of racing to press the button which will drop you to the water underneath. The man gives you the last obsidian block, and a lever to go to the nether to find his brother! YOU COMPLETED THE SPIRIT TEMPLE.
    19) We need to go deeper!(That’s not what she said…)
    Here we go! Time to finish this! Go downstairs in the checkpoint room to open the door to the portal room. Place the blocks correctly, use your flint and steel to open the portal! Go inside..
    20) The Nether
    Lets find him! Run down the hallway to enter the next and final temple.
    21) The Shadow Temple
    Get through each room by fighting the mobs, while he's taunting you. You need to collect the Wither Skulls before he does. After the first room, grab the skull and move on. After the 2nd room, you get the next item. The Diamond Pic Axe and the next skull. Beat the last room to take the minecart and the final skull to the last room. Here you'll get the Hero's Armor. This is it! Time for the meet up! Place the 2 skulls in the room, go down the hallway to place the last one. It couldn't be! The man who was guiding you the whole time?! His name is High Phase, and he tricked you. Now he is able to go to the over world, and you're stuck here. He spawns the wither to fight you. Beat him, get the lever and button, and leave the nether.
    22) Finish the fight!
    High Phase tricked you, now to get your revenge! Your old friend the Mayor is here to help you. He tells you that High Phase is in the castle, and he knows a secret way inside. Open the last door, and get the bridge across to enter the castle. The Mayor suggests you changing your spawn, and wishes you luck. Time to end this!
    23) The Final Boss
    Walk around the castle to enter through the front. Each level needs a different item, and each has a different mob. There are 8 levels, once beating the 7th, you make it to the top of the castle. There you find High Phase isn't there, but he sends Ghasts to attack you. You need to get back down. Break the obsidian to climb down. The mayor soon teleports you to the bottom underneath the castle. This is your chance! Charge at High Phase to attack! He teleports you to the final boss room. To beat him, you have to stand on the pressure plates in between the glow stone, and shoot him in the 3 target spots, while fighting mobs. Once all 3 target places are hit, press the button at the bottom of him to finish him off. You teleport to him, where he tells you this isn't the end. Tnt falls on him, and explodes right after you teleport back to your house. Congrates you saved the Overworld!!

    I hope you enjoyed my map as much as I did making it/playing it. Please let me know what you think on the forums. (:

    ObsidianSaint's Let's Play:
    MultiDav98's Let's Play:
    SlasherCat's Let's Play:
    CreeperFanattic's Let's Play:
    Aidanny_Boy's Let's Play:
    Hgtpsh's Let's Play:
    Fuslidechasse's Let's Play:
    Revnetwork's Let's Play:

    To see more episodes, check out their youtube pages.

    100-[x] - so awesome!
    1000-[x] - :D
    4000-[x] - :D !!!!! So excited!
    10000-[ ]

    If you wanna show support this map, put this in your signature!

    -Everyone who gave me ideas and criticism before releasing it.
    -xxbrain131 for making the images and the templates for texts.
    -The beta testers who reported any issues before/during the release
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    So, I dunno about everyone else, but whenever I see a tall mountain, I love to climb them. Well here is my new boss idea.

    I know there are 10000000 suggestions for new bosses, and that's fine. But hear me out, you might like it!

    Idea: There is 1 mountain in the overworld that is taller than the rest. It goes higher than 256 blocks. Being the adventurer you are, you want to climb this tall mountain. But as you climb, you realize, you cannot place blocks higher than 256 blocks. That's the challenge. The mountain WOULD BE POSSIBLE to climb. You could break blocks, but not place them. So after a few minutes, or hours of attempting to climb this massive mountain, you wonder, what could be at the top? why am I making all this effort? Well, there is a dragon up there.

    Boss: This would be just like the enderdragon in some senses. It would be a red dragon that flies around this mountain, but could not go under 256 blocks. It would act similar to the enderdragon, and take damage similar to the enderdragon, except it can shoot "fireballs" from it's mouth.(similar to a ghast)

    Reward: I don't have a clue, it could be anything. I'll let you guys decide about that.

    Where: Depending on the location of your spawn when the world is first generated, it would spawn within a 3,000 block square. To find it you could craft the red compass that would point you in the direction that you would need to walk to get there
    To craft, place 4 redstone dusts around a compass.

    I know what people are going to say. It would be hard to implement. You're probably right, but it could just be considered another dimension above the 256 line.

    Tell me what you think! (:
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    Quote from xxBrain131


    I'm glad you enjoy it! What are your favorite things about it?
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    I would like to make an LP of your map
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