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    Ign: jmandude5

    Age: I am 16 years old. coming close to 17 in a few months

    Skype: jmd5minecraft

    Youtube channel: N/A planning to get one

    What will you bring to the server: I can do lots of redstone tricks and I like to dig holes and mines.

    Best minecraft talent: I would like to say surviving and getting things I need.

    Gender: Male

    Time zone: UTC-5

    Anything else you think is important about yourself: I am good at making friends and building neat things that look good. I can be sort of like a hermit but when I get to know more people I open up and become more invested into the community. I am also very good at English.
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    Minecraft Name: jmandude5

    Skype Username : jmd5minecraft


    Why you would like to join: I would like to join your server because I have been looking for a community like mindcrack that I can go on and have fun and not worry too much and meet some great people. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear back soon.
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