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    posted a message on Why did people vote for the Phantom? It's a useless addition to the game most players won't even encounter.

    I personally would've voted for the phantom, but not for chasing players who haven't slept in 5 days; I would've voted for them for being able to go through blocks, and being a flying mob, and if they spawned regularly like other common nighttime mobs, this would make hobbit holes and dirt/sand pillars impossible; they've always been the easy way out of danger, and I personally feel that's game-breaking. The phantom would've solved both of these problems, and forced players to actually build a shelter instead of just getting out of it super-easily.

    As for their current behavior - Minecraft (at least before 1.7) generally focused on mining and caving, but you could do whatever you wanted in the game as you pleased. The current behavior of the phantom further drags it away from free-form play - as Creeper mentioned - by forcing you to sleep at the worst times - and can easily be ignored in the game anyway; with its not being able to go through blocks, your simple wood box shelter would still protect you from them at night, and of course they would despawn at day (I could be wrong though). Also, you'd think the phantom would go through walls anyway since it's technically a ghost.

    But all that shows that they've really just fallen away from survival mode in recent years, and why people would vote for such a mob - it just shows that people would just vote for what looks best, especially if everyone else voted for it.

    You've mentioned that Minecraft focused on doing whatever you wanted, and yet you mention that players should be building an actual shelter instead of a hobbit hole.

    Being able to get away from monsters with just a quick fix like that can defeat the purpose of ever building a shelter, and while admittedly I do like the hobbit hole idea, it's effectively game-breaking in that sense. In fact, if you wanted a hobbit hole that protected you, you would need to find or craft coarse dirt, which would protect you from the phantom but is not available everywhere.

    But if it goes through blocks, how is building a shelter any better than digging a shelter? Also, it's a sandbox game. Who cares whether your shelter is made out of dirt or Nether quartz in the first place?
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    posted a message on Why is there no gamerule or button to switch between the pre-1.9 and 1.9 combat?
    Quote from fishg»

    As much I agree the new system is superior and the OP should learn it, I also see his point. Mojang could have very easily added a game rule that switched things back to 1.8. They have the code for it, why force those who prefer the old way into the new way?

    Of course most servers found a way around this. If anything it makes things harder because I never know if a server is using 1.8 or 1.9 combat until I attack, in which case I have to change my entire strategy.

    They could have done that, sure. And as much as I prefer the new system, I could sympathize with people wanting the choice, initially. However, two years and several versions later, they haven't; so I'm not sure what people expect to gain by actively refusing to move on and instead insisting that the old way be brought back after they've been told "No" several times already.
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    posted a message on Anvil Rain

    I have to agree that this idea seems more griefing than anything else.

    However, in the interest of trying to get the idea to work in some way, what if it were more like an Easter Egg? Add a roadrunner mob to deserts, and whenever you attack it, an anvil falls on the block you were standing on (takes a couple seconds, so keep moving!)

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    posted a message on Add to the Story with One Sentence.

    In a hole in the ground there lived a Creeper.

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    posted a message on What is your main food source in survival?

    I tend to stick to Bread and Baked Potatoes. Sometimes I'll kill animals for meat if they're near a building project, but I don't go out of my way to hunt them down.

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    posted a message on The Phantom (Mob B) Will Make The Game Easier

    I'm not sure I understand how the new mob will make the game easier. If people are already skipping the night, then the most you could say is that it will have no effect. If people aren't skipping the night, and this mob encourages them to do so, then it adds a challenge to the game as now you need to keep better track of the day/night cycle or risk facing the mob.

    You may as well say that lava makes the game easier because with it people pay more attention to where they're digging.

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    posted a message on Why is there no gamerule or button to switch between the pre-1.9 and 1.9 combat?

    Didn't 1.9 release nearly two years ago? Maybe the "controversy" would vanish if the few remaining hold-outs were to simply learn how to fight post-1.9?

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    Can't say I'm too bothered with it, it kind of makes sense.

    Some people now use the polar bear as an example but you got to keep in mind that Minecraft is played worldwide. And generally speaking the chances of running into a shark in the wild are larger than running into a polar bear. Quite frankly I think there's nothing wrong with keeping some things a bit smoothened out. Same with the parrots... "Polly wanna cracker" is a myth and although they at first used this in the game they later realized that it might not be a good idea because of real life and therefor changed it.

    People now talk about politically correctness but I don't see that here to be honest. I perceive this as an attempt at keeping the game fun and fully appropriate for the widest target audience possible.

    And speaking of politically correctness... If that would be involved here then I think you shouldn't put the blame on Mojang but their target audience instead. Those are most likely the people who push Mojang into certain decisions. Take the EULA; according to Mojang the fundamental reason to put it into effect was because parents ended up confusing servers for official Mojang servers (whether this is true or not is something I can't say). Take the parrots: it was only after other "3rd parties" informed Mojang about the risk of killing a parrot by feeding it chocolate that they decided to change the concept from cookies into seeds.

    So I think Mojang isn't necessarily to blame here. At most I think it's the people who keep whining to Mojang about certain "inappropriate" gameplay elements.

    Right. I think we're all forgetting that Minecraft is supposed to be as close to real-life as possible. Let's all make sure that we:

    -Punch trees. There's absolutely no downside to smacking our knuckles repeatedly into hard objects!
    -Approach wild animals in attempts to domesticate them in a single generation, and with no training whatsoever!
    -Carry around literal tons of rocks. It'll help build muscle!
    -Use open-flame torches to light wooden structures!
    -Jump and place objects beneath our feet in order to build tall stacks of blocks!
    -Go swimming in lava if we have nothing of importance and just want to return to our bed quickly!

    Seriously, if that rambling incoherence honestly came from a Mojang employee, then my respect for the company just dropped considerably. Would it really have been so difficult to just say, "We have other priorities at this time," rather than making up that nonsense?
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    posted a message on 18w06a Podzol Generation: Bug or Intended?

    I just updated my world to 18w06a and planted some Giant Spruce trees for easy wood. When I went to do some mining and came back, the grass underneath and around the trees had become Podzol! I am in Extreme Hills biome, and I know for certain that the blocks were previously grass. Is this a bug that should be reported, or is it now possible to create Podzol with a Spruce farm? (I'm hoping it's the latter!)

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    posted a message on Auto-farms not working (snapshot 18w05a)
    Quote from Tails1»

    Snapshot bugs should be reported on the bug tracker, but this one is already reported. Don't play snapshots if you are not expecting to find bugs/crashes/world corruption.

    Thank you, but I already knew that about snapshots. I guess I didn't really word it well, but my main issue was wanting to know if it actually was a bug or if something had changed with the mechanics. If it's really a bug, I'll just wait until it gets fixed.
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    posted a message on Auto-farms not working (snapshot 18w05a)

    I recently got back into Minecraft, and figured I should make a Villager breeding farm and an iron farm. However, Villagers don't seem to be breeding, nor Iron Golems spawning in my game! To test the design without worrying about existing villages, I started a new Superflat world with no generated structures. I then built an Iron Golem spawning farm (attached screenshot), but didn't bother with the transport or grinding mechanism; I just want to get one to spawn. I have 34 doors and 30 villagers, and I have tried the doors both facing outwards and facing inwards. What am I missing?

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    posted a message on Mojang is making some questionable decisions lately

    This all goes back 2015, back to the release of Minecraft 1.9. The update that pretty much everyone hated.

    Really? I was here on these forums in 2015, and it seemed like the vast majority of people were at least somewhat favorable towards 1.9. The few who weren't were very vocal about it, though, so maybe they just seemed like more?

    "Please don't pull statistics out of nowhere. It makes you look stupid."

    God I hate people like you. It was just an estimate. Relax.

    "And simply scrolling through community forums shows that 1.9 was actually well received by a majority of the community."

    BRAH. What universe are you living in? Are you completely oblivious to what's been going on for the past 2 years? All you have to do is look at the Multiplayer community for 2 minutes and you'll see that most people HATE the new combat. The biggest servers like Hypixel, CubeCraft, TheHive, Mineplex (I...guess), etc. all use 1.8 PVP. SERIOUSLY. I honestly hope you're joking oh my god

    And what was your basis of estimate? If it was really an estimate rather than a completely fabricated number, it was an estimate that was way off. (Estimates should, ideally, be at least somewhat close to the real value.)

    Also, several servers still using 1.8 doesn't necessarily mean that every single player on that server hated 1.9. Nor does it say anything at all about the community beyond those who play those particular servers.
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    posted a message on Skyrim on the nintendo switch has taken things too far

    Personally, the use of a bunch of still images (especially ones that only relate to a single word being spoken rather than to the overall meaning of what's being said) is a bit jarring and off-putting.

    Apart from the artistic decision, though, the entire video was pretty much just a guy ranting about a game being more than what he thought it should be, which really could have been boiled down to a second and a half, "I don't think Skyrim is worth $60 anymore." Personally, I wouldn't pay $60 for it, but then again, I already own it on PC so I'm unlikely to buy it again no matter what the price. For someone who doesn't already own it, $60 may be worth it.

    In summary, $60 for such a large game on a new system is hardly the end of the world as we know it, and I still feel fine.

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    posted a message on Things You Hate In Video Games

    IKR!? Back when I was still playing World of Warcraft during the Wrath of the Litch King expansion, I was playing a character I envisioned as a 2-handed sword wielder, but every single upgrade I found at endgame was an axe. -_-

    I initially read that as "Wrath of the Lion King," and thought, "Whoa! I guess Disney's going all dark and edgy on us!"

    Anyway, I hate when games go over-the-top on pointless gore/profanity/sexuality/etc. I mean, it's one thing to have a war game where your dude stabs someone else and some blood spurts out. It's a completely different matter to have a game where, upon killing an enemy, your character goes into a thirty-second animation of cutting open the opponent's chest as he screams, then ripping out his still-beating heart and devouring it in front of the enemy's face as the life fades from his eyes.

    (I mean, is it really appropriate to be teaching kids that it's OK to eat uncooked meat?)
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    posted a message on What small thing makes you angry?

    The guy who gets a middle seat on a plane, and then decides that entitles him to spread his knees as far apart as possible and stick his elbows well over the armrests and into the seats next to him.

    People who decide that a doorway (or narrow hallway or other high-traffic area) is the BEST place for them to stand around talking, being completely oblivious to others trying to move around them.

    Really, people just being oblivious and lacking situational awareness in general.

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