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    posted a message on [1.8] Suddenly I'm getting HORRIBLE fps.
    Quote from Chameleonred5

    Being limited to 80 FPS is not a problem. Being limited to 12 FPS is. If it's a step down, yet still playable, that is not a problem. If it's a step up, and becomes playable, then that is preferable to other versions, especially since it doesn't seem to have become utterly unplayable to anyone.

    It's like a billionaire becoming a millionaire due to a new law and then complaining about it to all the poor people who've benefited from that same law. Not saying he can't complain, but it does seem ridiculous that he would do so in light of all the good it's done.

    I get what you mean, but that was a terrible example, me thinks....

    In any case, I haven't messed around with 1.8 yet, but if it is bumping him down from 300 to 80, imagine what it would do to someone like me who runs on a laptop? My 40 fps on a good day could be ganked pretty hard.

    As for your example, in what world is it okay to take from the rich and give to the poor? Sure, seems like a noble concept and we've got all sorts of stories where it works out well because the rich guy is kind of a and the poor people have been oppressed. But let's look at this reasonably.
    Let's take an entrepreneur who has been working his whole like to make something of himself. One day, Microsoft rolls up and says 'we're going to buy your business', drops some phat stacks on the counter, and that old man is now set for life.
    The next day, a law is passed that pretty much comes to 'even distribution of wealth'. His hard work for his whole life has just been destroyed. All the profit from all of his years has just been put in the pocket of some lazy kid living in his mom's basement because he's too lazy to get a job and move out.
    Here's what it comes down to. That kid still isn't going to find a job. He's just going to waste that money.
    And that old man is not only out of his retirement money, he's also out of a job. Further, despite his years of experience, this 'even distribution of wealth' means that he can't get paid anymore than an entry-level employee, no matter how high up the chain he is hired.

    Here's the point; if he is used to running the game at 300+fps and all of a sudden, he is down to 80 and by some fluke chance, people like me who are used to right around 30-40 are suddenly running at 60-80, I think he has every right to complain. He's invested more money into his hardware than I have and he deserves to see the performance from that.

    Dear OP,
    I hope this is a temporary issue and that it gets resolved. I've not seen anything included in Minecraft Vanilla yet that would break this sort of this permanently.
    In the mean time, there's a box of tissues in the hallway closet. Picked them up while I was out shopping.
    Love, J.
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    posted a message on [1.8] Suddenly I'm getting HORRIBLE fps.
    Quote from Chameleonred5

    Don't give me something based on hypotheticals (telling me that your 40 FPS best could be ganked is not helpful).

    My example doesn't take from the rich and give to the poor. It disables the ability of the rich and benefits the poor. More importantly, you're completely missing the point. Doesn't matter who came up with the law or why right now. Doesn't matter if the law isn't well thought out. For good or ill, the law exists (just as the optimizations exist). It's still weird for a millionaire to complain about a loss to people who now actually have a chance to get money (FPS). Yeah, it was a lot of money, and yeah, he may have worked hard for it (purchased a good PC), but the millionaire still has a lot of money compared to the people he's complaining to. It's not a surprise that they react with apathy and sarcasm, and it's not a surprise that they don't see a problem. The millionaire is still set for life (still able to play), and he probably won't even notice a difference in his lifestyle (no noticeable difference past a certain number of FPS). Meanwhile, the poor are actually capable of having money (they can play with a lot less issues), thus enriching the economy (multiplayer/community) for all. After all, they're hard workers (duh, they're Minecrafting, not actually working; anything they do would be analagous to hard work in my example short of not playing at all).

    Like I said last post, sure, the OP has every right to complain, but it's weird that he's complaining about having 80 FPS when many of us have only now been able to play above 20. It shouldn't be surprising that most everyone doesn't care about the OP's problem.

    Issue has been reported of a low end computer getting 7 FPS. So, there's that.

    "Doesn't take from the rich and give to the poor" my butt. If it in any way hinders ANYONE'S ability to make something of themselves, you have TAKEN from them.
    Thinking that it's okay to take from someone who has actually done what needed to be done to be successful and giving to someone who doesn't even bother to try is the mindset of a failure. Only someone who demands a handout and doesn't fight for what they want would think that would be okay.
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    posted a message on Pixelmon 6.3.4 (1st Aug 2018)

    same here, treeko has no head, cyndaquill no body with the flames, ect

    Sounds like the opening to a CreepyPasta....
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