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    posted a message on Survival Minecraft Smallest Storage Silo [Bulk Storage with Indicator Light]
    Nice idea. Very simple, as compared to the versions that actually sort items out, but this seems more survival friendly and usable for a beginning storage solution.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Movie
    I would like to preface this by asking a simple enough question;
    Why do we need this to be a thing?

    That aside, the only real focus I can see for a 'Minecraft' movie would be the Ender Dragon. Beyond that, there's not much of a story to tell.

    How would YOU write the Minecraft movie, keeping in mind that it cannot remind Mojang of 'The Goonies'?
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    posted a message on Banned
    "My friend got banned for no reason."

    By a show of hands, who has heard that one before?
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    posted a message on A New Beginning for The End?
    You're asking for a whole lot....

    The egg that can be gained after killing the Ender Dragon will very likely play another role later down the line.

    As for your 'city of gold' idea, that's awfully childish. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be insulting, but consider what that would actually mean. There would be TOO great of a reward available. You drop almost literally everything you can carry in and replace it with pure loot.
    That's too much, dude.

    No support.
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    posted a message on Adventure/SkyBlocks server?
    I've decided on a map and will very likely start setting up the mods for the server here soon.

    We will start with a much smaller area than will eventually be available. The first town will have a food economy. Aside from food, things will not exactly be cheap. Prices on items such as stone and wood will go down once a lumber camp and mine have been established, though these will likely be in other towns that may eventually grow into cities, allowing for safer (and potentially/eventually faster) travelling options.

    It is my intent for players to have access to a personal SkyBlock home as soon as they join. Teleportation using /home will very likely only be available within the city at a designated Home Portal area. This is to make the Wild seem much more dangerous. There is no quick escape option. Explore with caution.

    Additional mods will be brought in over time.

    The server will start small. I intend to fund it myself for a time without any expectation of donations. However, if this server grows in popularity and it necessitates expanding server size beyond what I am okay with paying for on my own, donation options will be opened. There will not be 'donation ranks' but instead single-use kits. Tool kits, combat kits, as well as spell books for high level enchantments, among other things, will be available in this way.

    I'm going to also be working on building a website. Check it out at http://rayleri.enjin.com and feel free to join as a member.
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    posted a message on Adventure/SkyBlocks server?
    Eac Da seth retogo et minecraft Setbloc aty da frey

    I have no clue what you just said....
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    posted a message on Let the Hunt Begin! - Not you Average Deer Suggestion!
    I'd support, but only with some changes.

    Deer should not be ride-able, as that would defeat the purpose of horses, especially if they can jump so high.
    Deer should not be tame-able, as we have several tame-able food sources already available to us. It changes 'Let's Hunt' to 'Let's Tame'.
    Deer should not be breedable, for the same reason as above. They should breed at random, with a doe giving birth to a fawn every however many server ticks, but no faster than the fawn grows into an adult deer.
    While a fawn, its AI should encourage it to stay near an adult of its kind.
    As an adult, its AI should encourage it to spawn in herds. Some deer travel in a herd, but this is not always true. The AI randomness should allow them to move independent to each other, which the exception of the fawns which just follow an adult like a lodestone.

    When attacked, they should run. Fast.
    Deer are not naturally aggressive; only when backed into a corner.
    To accommodate for this, their regeneration rate should be staggeringly low, allowing a hunter to follow them and kill them without nerd-raging too hard.

    They should drop leather, same as cows, with no difference in stats.
    Antlers and trophies are just more blocks to be worried about, and useless for most of us at that.
    Hunting isn't about a trophy. It's about filling bellies.
    I'm not totally against them, but I do not support that particular aspect.

    Deer in Minecraft? Almost Full Support.
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    posted a message on Adventure/SkyBlocks server?
    Interest check
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    posted a message on Adventure/SkyBlocks server?
    I'm getting ready to start searching for a seed, a starting location, and a large area around that location for world progression.

    So, things are about to start happening.
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    posted a message on Adventure/SkyBlocks server?
    Inquisitorial bump
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    posted a message on Adventure/SkyBlocks server?
    I added a poll. 'Cause, maybe I'll get some feedback that way. :D
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    posted a message on Adventure/SkyBlocks server?
    I'm thinking of building a server that has SkyBlocks for player homes, but retains an overworld.

    Players would teleport to their individual home using a portal in the capitol city. Within this city would be various locations for player trade, trade with villagers a'la Shopkeepers, and a general aesthetic appeal.
    Over time, the world outside the city would expand to allow access to new parts of the world. New towns would go up, allowing for players to go after resources unique to each area. For instance, there would be a small town within a forest that would allow players to gather wood. Near a mountain, there would be a mine that would reset after a period of time. And throughout the whole world, monsters that drop loot that someone in the world will find valuable.

    Players would not be able to craft blocks. Instead, it would be economy driven. If you want something, you have to go about earning it.
    Skyblocks house plots would (ideally) be protected in some fashion to allow only the owner - and possibly owner authorized players - to place/destroy blocks or interact with them. World Guard could be a possible solution, but would take some looking in to.
    World events would occur at random times that allow players chances for special currency that allow them to get access to unique blocks, weapons, armor, etc. Keep missing events? No worries. There will be other - albeit, longer - methods of getting the same things.

    This server would start with Skyblocks ready for use, and would be developed over time. I would poll members to find out how they would like to see their world formed. The economy would likely take some time to properly balance, so early joining could be quite beneficial to players who are interested.

    Thoughts on this? Post below.
    Want to know when this would be going up? Probably very early in January. Subscribe to this thread for future details.
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    posted a message on Looking for mods for an adventure-survival server
    Okay, now to be more specific.

    I'm planning on running a Bukkit server that plays similar to games like Runescape.

    I'll be using McMMO for sure, as well as mods like MineResetLite and any others that make sense to use. But, I am missing some mechanics. Not sure if they exist or if I can ask pretty please hard enough to make it happen.

    Firstly, I need a region creator. Some kind of tool that lets me outline an area and name everything inside as a specific area. Not in a square grid, but as a free form selection.
    The purpose of this would be to name the cities and define their areas, name forests, mountains, entire swathes of land, oceans, etc. Additional ability to edit user permissions while inside of those areas would be amazing as well.

    Second, something like Skyblocks for player housing would be great to have as well. A 'house portal' would be a nice addition, and perhaps even a /return teleport that only works in that area, if possible? And a way for players to visit each others houses.
    Defining build areas (30x30, for example) would also be great, as well as individual build permissions. Only owner can build/destroy, etc. I intend to include a chest/door locking mod so that players can protect their loot.

    Beyond that, I'll probably be looking for people to help me develop the area. I'll be using WorldBorder to limit the area that can be explored at first to just where the city will be. Expansion will happen over time and will be server events.
    Mining will be limited to specific areas using similar ratios as exist naturally.
    Currency will be Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald. Trade will be done using Shopkeepers.
    Emeralds will be a special form of currency for exchanging for special items. They can be obtained by participating in server events. Special weapons and armor will be made available this way.
    Crafting will be unavailable. Players will have to trade currency for crafted blocks.

    I'm considering running the server as 1.6.4, though I am not cemented in that. 1.8 is very laggy for me, though, and I've heard many similar complaints.

    Please let me know if you know of mods that do what I explained above.
    I am not looking for Towny or Factions. Those operate off of a grid format and don't quite do what I need.
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    posted a message on Is 1.8 Lagging for you? POLL - Let's settle this issue!
    My frame rate is the same. Maybe just a little lower.
    But this makes my lag all the more concerning.

    I tried to punch a sheep for wool and watched as it took about 7 seconds for it to complete its arc and be able to be hit again.
    During that time, I was able to move about freely and at a normal speed.

    Also, potentially unrelated, but my simple cobblestone generators seem to have a higher rate of lost blocks than before. It's like the cobble is sucked into the lava....
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    posted a message on Jeb has ruined everything.
    "He's so bad. He made the game harder and made it lag some. But he did make all of these really cool things that I sometimes think about when I'm alone...."
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