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    So is the server up and running?
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    1 - IGN:

    2 - Age:
    Caliginosum does not age, it merely absorbs the host's life force. It has done so for 23 years for this soul.

    3 - Skype (Send me a PM if you’re not comfortable to put it online):
    Will PM.

    4 - What time zone/part of the world are you from?
    UTC +10

    5 - Do you have a microphone (I have a mumble server and would like everyone to join in)?
    No, explained in detail in your 'extra info' section.

    6 - Have you been banned on a server before(wont effect your chances, so just be honest)?

    7 - A little about your life:
    I'm a design student with a passion for casual gaming, particularly games revolving around magica/medieval settings/roleplay and building. Think of gaming as my replacement for TV.

    8 - What’s your experience with Mine craft?(when did you start, how long have you been playing?)
    I've been playing since approx. March 2011. So almost 4 years.

    9 - What are some great stuff that you built, What would you say your best at? Red stone? big buildings? etc?
    I specialise in Medieval/Nordic/Viking style builds that encapsulate an area of Minecraft (aka. villages I build from the ground up).

    10 - How often will you play? Are you daily? once a week? and for how long?
    Will most likely be two to three times a week for an hour to two hours periods max. I keep a tight reign on time to encourage as efficient use as possible.

    11 - Past experience on other vanilla servers?
    Very lacking in both building expertise and maturity. These also draw back from story/role playing and being able to create successful server projects.

    12 - Will you be willing to donate a little (a few dollars) to help with the server at some point (not required)?
    Possibly if the server is in dire need and is a successful one (good community thus more committed gameplay).

    13 - What is your favorite block?
    Dark oak. It was the grey-toned brown colour I was waiting for to properly match stone in-game.

    14 - Anything/extra information?
    I have only played on one server on a committed basis, on which I'd become an admin. However, I rarely talk in text and have almost never chatted on ts. My reason for doing so was my desire to create a roleplaying element within the confines of Vanilla gameplay. My experiences with ts have always been irritatingly negative, so I decided to change my role as a mc player.

    I became an impartial entity within the community, like a guardian who didn't show favourites, but was the scales of justice and balance that only acted out the owners orders. Not like a servant, more like an angel would for god (best example i can think of). I relayed orders, spreads community news, helped those in need and disciplined those who had broken 'roleplay' rules. The server owner would pop me into creative when he wanted so I could build occasionaly community challenges.

    One good example of this was Yggdrasil, the world tree, which had a small parkour course built into it, roughly 100 blocks tall and with a trunk about 20 in diameter. The point I'm trying to get at is that I specialise in contributing through roleplaying. I create 14 page long books that tell the history of the land, I build old ruins in the middle of forests with named and armoured mobs guarding the treasure chest within... stuff like that. It may not be in your priority list, but if you're looking for someone to assist you in anything along the lines of that, or the idea of it interests you, then hit me up. I can provide examples of work if you'd like (I just need to grab them off my old hdd). That being said, 90% of my work both personal and community driven was in survival, so if you like the idea of everything but the creative use, no problem, I can do without easily. Cheers.
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    IGN: virlegion

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Over 3 years, can't recall exactly.

    Age: 22

    Have you even been banned from a server and why? I've never been banned and have been a mod for one of the two servers I've ever participated on.

    Do record, and what is the name of your YouTube channnel? I have in the past, but university and work commitments mean I can't produce high quality videos and therefore would prefer not to.

    How good are you at building and Redstone?[ 1 being superbly amazing, 10 being horribly disturbing] Redstone wise I'd call myself a 6-4. I'm patient and detailed enough to complete whatever I need, however I don't necessary understand the mechanics behind more complex wiring. Building-wise I'm much more confident, a 3-2. I build in Nordic and ancient styles exclusively however and thus am hopeless at any modern style buildings. Atmosphere and surroundings are also very important to me and I'm never afraid to terraform and area to suit my needs. I often like to create villages centralised around an epic build (E.g. giant tree). Feel free to confirm this with Jasaphar if needed, or I can find some photos somewhere.

    most important one Do you agree with the rules to the t and understand the consequences if caught? Without question. It's simple, rules bring balance and allow everyone to enjoy their style of playing without detriment to others.

    Also I'd like to note that I'm a part of the dead server alongside Jasaphar and palmtree5. It's a real frustration to try and galvanise server activity only to watch it wither and die. Our hope is that we can provide excellent members to a server that I've been told (by Jas) is quite impressive. Thanks for the opportunity :)
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