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    posted a message on Builders Needed! - GFLClan Minigames Server
    Hello, my name is Justin (but most people on the Internet call me JCeetra). I have an idea for a dungeon crawler minigame that I've been wanting to post onto a server, and I think I've found just the one.

    Building Level: About 8
    IGN: JCeetra
    Age: 15
    Picture of Something I Built: I don't have a specific picture, but I have a project here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/jceetra/
    Experience: Yes. I've worked on Blazecraft (no longer running) and RebelRaiding (not a minigame server, but I've pitched the idea. Everyone but the owner likes it)
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    App: Hello, my name is JCeetra on the internet. I don't let people know my name irl in most cases, once I come on the server you'll get to know me. Anyways, I have been admin on many servers and head admin on a couple, and I am a very commonly useful builder. Honestly, I can't count how many minigames I've helped create. I also do large-scale projects, such as CTM maps, so I will do anything. I've never been as high as co-owner, so I would like to try it, if that's okay with you.

    Age: 15

    IGN: JCeetra1998

    Past Experiences: I've been an admin on at least four servers, all of which no longer function. (It wasn't me, honest, the owners shut them down.) These included three unnamed ips and one called Shadeycraft, in which I was Head-Admin. I was also basically treated as an admin quite some time back, probably over a year ago, but I never donated. Still, people treated me like one and I had about 75% of the powers admins had, so I count that as a server I was staff on.

    Why I should be a co-owner: Honestly, I'd just like to try it out. Though I'm more experienced as just an admin, I do know some of switching files around to make programs work, though I've never dealt with plugins. So, in all reality, I'd just like to try being one. If I'm not selected for the job, I understand, but I would at least like to be high in the staff to help build things up and make minigames for ya'll.

    Sorry it's such a long application, but I like to be thorough. Thanks for reading,

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    I have a few ideas... how about make it so that the player CANT build the material blocks. That gives you a few more areas to work with.

    Name of Area: Zombieland
    Description of Area: A zombie-only area, with other mobs being natural spawns only. I personally would base it off the TranZit map from Black Ops II, but that's just me. Also you could have graveyards, crypts, tombs and such to add to the death factor.
    Requested Shoutout: Boss Zombie with my head on it XD
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    posted a message on [Collection] -:Tales of Dreadsky, and other CTM maps by Drago:-(Dreadsky Isles at 10000 Downloads!)
    Interestingly... All you guys say that 5 Intersections might be a bit much...

    Well, in my map I am creating right now, I have I think EIGHT. It's around that number. One wool per area. The wool itself goes for about five intersections, but I've added something new. You CAN'T craft the resource blocks. That gives me six more monument blocks to work with. So, with one wool per area, and one material block per area, it turns out to be approximately 22 areas. :D If you want, I can give you the list of areas. Know what, here they are...

    -The Oddity- (Starting area)

    -Intersection 1-

    -Snocold Plains (A snowy plains area with a town), leads into Freezing Chamber (The boss castle) White Wool
    -Smoldering Countryside (Just the sandstone cave with many lava flows), leads into Deathwater Castle (A vertical, downward castle with many floors. Orange Wool
    -Victory Monument

    -Intersection 2-

    -The Floating Fortress (A fortress hanging by chains over a lava sea) Magenta Wool
    -The Undergrowth (A small forest area) Light Blue Wool
    -Hanging Lights (A cavern that has Glowstone stalactites and stone stalagmites. Other than that it's a normal cave) Yellow Wool

    -Intersection 3-
    -The Hanging Gardens (Italian-style gardens, chained to the skies above, over a void of nothing) Lime Wool
    -Lavaless Lake (A cooled lakebed covered in obsidian, with grounded submarines) Pink Wool
    -Burner Castle (A castle that is filled with controlled and uncontrolled fire) Gray Wool

    -Intersection 4-

    -Steampunk Fire Factory (A propelled factory floating over the endless abyss) Light Gray Wool
    -King of the Lava Jungle (A lava jungle with a jungle temple) Cyan Wool
    -Steroid Testing Zone (A small laboratory filled with giants) Purple Wool

    -Intersection 5-

    -The Resource Pit
    -The Dried Floor (The dried floor of a water ocean) Blue Wool
    -Lava Transport, Inc. (A large cavern with a lava floor, with many tracks going here and there) Brown Wool

    -Intersection 6-

    -The Overgrowth (A city overgrown by trees, logs, bushes and foliage) Green Wool
    -The Inferno Mine ((Totally not inspired by Vetches at all ;D) A large mining facility located near the vast lava sea) Red Wool
    -In Hot Lava (Just a huge lavafall, lavasea, and lavabuilding area) Black Wool

    -Intersection 7-

    -Endermen Death Base of Death (An Endermen fortress) Coal Block
    -The Skeleton Sands (A skeleton tower desert) , leads into Dropdown Tower (Larger Skeleton Tower, with lava straight through the middle of it) Iron Block
    -The Fallen Fortress (Zombie fortress) Gold Block

    -Intersection 8-

    -The Spider Web (A large cobweb-based area, focusing on spiders) Redstone Block
    -The Ghost Town (A town filled with "Ghosts" (invisible supercharged creepers)) Emerald Block
    -The Gauntlet (A mix of all the areas listed above, going in order from the top down)

    -Intersection 9-

    -Last Chance Trading Station
    -Last Change XP Grinder
    -Fire and Ice (A fiery entrance, icy center and mixture-filled end) Diamond Block

    There you have it.

    All the blocks that go on the Monument have names, so if you are doing an LP, then you could end up going on the Wall of Shame if you don't do it right. Besides, the only way to get the Monument items is to trade... :D
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