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    Hallo, I want to apply tou your server because I find the server fascinating.

    Ingame name:

    I am currently 16, but I turn 17 in about two weeks.

    How long?
    I have played minecraft for about 7 years, and I am still going strong!

    I am a committed boy in general. I have played in a marching band in about 7 years, and I am still doing so. I am a positive person and I enjoy company from other beings, especially from a good community.

    Why you?
    I like playing vanilla minecraft and I enjoy the natural game.. but in the long run it can get a bit boring, so I seek a server with the vanilla aspect of game with a few twists, you you guys offer me eactly what I search for.

    I hope my application have created a interrest in me as a member of your community.

    (I am sorry if I have spelled something wrong, its because english is me second-language.)

    Best Regards
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