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    posted a message on [REQ] Nether Reactor (PC Edition)
    Minecraft Suggestion Topic: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1554691-nether-reactor-pc-version-edition/

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/iyeru/status/266093077184258048

    Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/mYG7tyec

    Nether Reactor Suggestion (Minecraft PC Version)
    ++ Nether Reactor would be craftable in survival:
    N O N
    S R S
    S O S
    N = Nether Brick
    S = Nether Star
    R = Redstone
    O = Obsidian
    Basically, the top could suck in items like a vacuum. Items sucked in would spawn specific monsters after the generator is fully charged (via a small "Battery" icon on the side of the Reactor block.)
    ++ Input Chances:
    Glowstone = High chance to spawn ghast, wither skeletons and Zombie Pigmen
    Gunpowder = High chance to spawn creeper; low chance to spawn ghast.
    Milk = High chance to spawn cow (bucket is lost.) Low chance to spawn three cows or more.
    Mushroom Stew = High chance to spawn cow. Medium chance to spawn Mooshroom. VERY low chance to spawn 2+ cows or Mooshroom.
    Bone(s) = High Chance to spawn one skeleton. Low chance to spawn more than two. VERY low chance to spawn one untamed wolf.
    Bone Meal = Low chance to spawn one skeleton.
    Enderpearl = Medium chance to spawn one Enderman. VERY HIGH chance to spawn 3+ Endermen
    Ender Dragon Egg = 100% Chance to spawn one Ender Dragon (Note: Have to calculate a safe distance to spawn it so the reactor doesn't get destroyed. Or set it so the Ender Dragon can't destroy the reactor.) Will announce to the server that an Ender Dragon has spawned in <World Name _ Suffix>
    Wool (Any Color) = High Chance to spawn one sheep of the dominant color inputted. Low chance to spawn two or more sheep of the dominant color inputted.
    Redstone = High chance to spawn one Witch.
    Magma Cream = High chance to spawn one Magma Cube (medium or large), Low chance to spawn more than one.
    Blaze Rod = High Chance to spawn one blaze.
    Fish = High chance to spawn one untamed ocelot.
    Ink Sac = High chance to spawn 2+ squid.
    Rotten Flesh = High chance to spawn normal zombie.
    Leather = High chance to spawn one cow or 2+ bats.
    Porkchop (Uncooked) = Medium chance to spawn a pig. Low chance to spawn a pigman (higher if combined with rotten flesh.)
    Dyes = Won't spawn anything
    ores (not Iron) = Won't spawn anything.
    iron ore = VERY LOW chance to spawn one iron golem.
    iron block = medium chance to spawn one iron golem. High chance to spawn one villager.
    Wheat = Medium chance to spawn ANY passive animal (or villager.)
    And so forth.
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    posted a message on [Massive WIP] [Survival - Adventure] The Community's Skylands EX
    This is a huge Work in Progress.
    I cannot stress that enough.

    People have experienced Skylands before, but nothing that's truly "Infinite." With the new 1.4 snapshot allowing players and map creators to do special Superflat presets, this opens a new saga in "Skylands." No longer do you have to cave out a huge massive chunk field, rather, have Minecraft do it for you. In the following map (which is WIP, and there is no set completion date, due to the grand scale of the project) you will not experience any generation at all, due to the new way Superflat can be customized. However, do note that (by accident) I left generate structures on, so villages will spawn at the bottom of this new Skylands.

    Skylands EX
    A Community Skylands

    What this map is:
    • it's a survival map.
    • it's an adventure map. (gasp!)
    • It's got a story.
    • It's got some familiar scenes, and faces.
    • Inspired by the Original Skylands. (Check it out!)
    What this map is not:
    • Easy.
    • Without mind-bending puzzles.
    • Without huge structures hand-crafted by me or other contributors.
    • Without redstone contraptions. (and any associated lag.)
    • The Aether
    • Mod Friendly (Vanilla.)
    • Peaceful Mode Friendly
    Biome Spires

    These spires have blocks / etc. from their specific biome. (Swamps are a bit tricky in the new system... MCEdit will likely be the only option when it comes to that.) There will currently be the following planned biome spires:
    • Plains
    • Nether
    • Mooshroom (Will spawn mobs, likely.)
    • End (No trees, no materials save for end stone and obsidian.
    • And more (including combinations.)

    People may be thinking: "Will you be doing the same copy-paste technique?" I answer with a flat-out No. The dungeons (you will KNOW when you see one, trust me) are all hand-crafted, so there will be no copying and pasting to be done. They will all have their own fair share of traps (Which may be re-used, in different places, ways, etc.) but no two dungeons will look similar in shape, size, etc. Some may have famous YouTuber skins plastered on walls, among other logos from MMORPGs, etc. that I have played (or other contributors have played.)

    High level Dungeons

    This is VERY important. High-Level dungeons are NOT meant for solo'ing. They are Bad. Ass. They are crafted in special ways, based on previous encounters with traps, etc. They have incredible rewards, and nasty monster spawner systems implemented. The first high-level dungeon is behind the spawn island and is made out of trottimus from Hat Films. (Each of the Hat Film guys will have a High level dungeon made after them. Each will have their own set of "Gauntlets" to deal with based on the person they are made after.)

    First Spire

    Trottimus High level Dungeon (WIP)

    First Dungeon:

    Questions and Answers
    Question: How do I fix the SMP from rendering normal land?
    Answer: Change level-type from DEFAULT to FLAT.
    Question: What version of Minecraft do I need?
    Answer: 12w37a or higher. (No lower)
    Question: Will there be bugs?
    Answer: Yes.
    Question: Will there be BUGS?
    Answer: Yes.
    Question: Can I contribute?
    Answer: Yes. See the "Contributions" Section.

    First of all, I will not take your money, nor will I provide adf.ly links at any time. I don't desire to make money off of this. I'd rather the original author do, as well as HAT Films.

    Can I contribute?
    Yes. You can contribute in any way imaginable. However, as a note, when you finish contributing something grand, please upload it not via adf.ly, your post will be reported if you do. Reason for this being is because I don't want people to make money off of this, it is for fun, and enjoyment only. When you contribute something, such as a high level dungeon, or a normal story dungeon (or a biome spire) please make sure to put a sign somewhere (or a chest with a book in it) saying you created that place. Each time you contribute something, I'll do my best with MCEdit to integrate it into the current map if other contributions have been made before your contribution.

    Rules on Contributions:
    • You may not contribute demeaning, flaming, bashing works of art, story scripts, etc. This includes but not limited to: Nazi Symbols, genetalia, gross memes or fetishes (IE: Vore, Giantess, smothering, domination, etc.)
    • You may alter some previously made story dungeons to make them harder or easier. However, as the map creator and idea portrayer, I get the final say based on the additions or subtractions you have made. (As such, SOME of your ideas may be incorporated, but not ALL. But ALL may be incorporated if good enough.)
    • You may create large redstone contraptions randomly around the world if you desire to (IE: Mini-games, etc.) Redundant redstone contraptions will not be accepted.
    • You may create a high-level dungeon out of any of the youtube minecrafters out there. I seriously need help on these anyway. (You may also add stories to them based on trivia, etc. from their youtube serials. IE: Trottimus hating doors.)
    • You may contribute continents. Spires are bland and often are small, too small for anything large scale such as a castle or a town. Each continent can have as many biomes as you please. However, please make sure to remind yourself that this is a skylands map, and it should not go from sky height to bedrock level. Make it unique from the rest of the contributions.
    • You may donate to specific contributors via a link they provide in their contribution post.
    • You may not require a modification for your contribution.
    • You may worldedit or MCEdit in your contribution yourself to the current download. (Please add as such below your submission form.)
    How do I submit a contribution?

    You can submit a contribution by using the below form and putting it in a reply to this topic.
    Name of Contribution:
    Minecraft In-Game Name:
    Link to Donations:
    Type of Contribution:
    Link to Contribution / File:
    Additional Credits: 

    Once you have submitted your contribution via a reply, it may take a while for me to review it. Always use the main download below before submitting a contribution, as it has the latest updates and contributions by other members.

    (Download Updated: Sep. 15th, 6:23 AM Central)

    Special Thanks
    Hat Films for being epic.
    Mojang AB for being epic as well.
    YOU! For reading this all.
    Valve Software
    WhiteLightning's Fable III Experience
    FyreUK for being EPIC.
    Maverlyn's epic Audio on Newgrounds.
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    posted a message on Feedback Wanted: Minecraft API Proposal System
    Quote from McProHosting

    Looks decent, but I really think performance should be one of the key factors, the better you can get performance the more features you can end up packing in in the long run, it'll open up room to do more things.

    Definitely agree with this.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Perfect Survival Island, Stronghold, Giant Messy Caves, Tons of Diamonds, ALL NEAR SPAWN!
    Any chests that aren't in a village, have random loot. Any diamonds you find in them may not be found by others.
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    posted a message on Best Free Screen Recorder?
    Quote from SirLogan

    Thanks everyone but I got Camtasia! It works great!

    Let me guess, you pirated it or got the wimpy free trial version. That mess costs over 200 USD.
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    posted a message on Best Free Screen Recorder?


    Open Source even.
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    posted a message on Use your username as a world seed and see where you spawn!
    Here's mine:


    Spawn Point--

    Seed Number: 71122456
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    posted a message on Extremely Hard Seed w/ PICS
    Map for you:

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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Giant Survival-ish Island with a village
    Yeah, there is a Jungle Biome nearby:

    Size of Island:

    it has no trees.
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    posted a message on Village Seed: Succubus
    I came across a nice seed. If you put in Succubus for the seed, it will spawn you near a village, ravine, in a plains biome, with a cave connecting from the bottom to the side of the hill (fill in the holes, and you have an awesome spiral cave staircase.)

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