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    posted a message on StarCraft SMP! Looking for new Members and Youtubers!

    IGN: ItsThunderTNT

    Skype: mark.thundertnt

    Strengths & Weaknessses: I'm okay at building, I can PVP and I love to do gaming videos and playing with other SMP player's!

    Other info:

    I'm Male

    I'm 18

    I'm very active and a mature player. I love to do HTML and Gaming videos

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    posted a message on Dauntless SMP

    Hey folks,

    My new SMP I created around a month ago is called Dauntless SMP, please read over the rules and other info before you apply!


    - No hacking, trolling, or griefing. If so, you will have a punishment and be kicked from the SMP.

    - Please use common sense. If you know it's a bad idea, Don't do it.

    - Must have skype.

    If you made it this far thanks


    Please copy and paste this into a reply on this thread and fill out the forum!

    Why you want to join:
    Anything else :P:

    Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on .

    My username is X_ThunderTNT_X

    My skype is: mark.thundertnt

    I would like to join because, im good at building and i love playing on SMP servers, i am semi-good friends with TNTMAN. I am his graphics designer!

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    posted a message on Que's cheap ArtShop | 3 Vouch copies left!

    Awesome work, I would recommend this

    He made me a banner for $4

    Keep up the good work!

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    posted a message on Looking for Factions & Creative People for Pixelors Network!

    Pixelors is a AWESOME server!!!

    You should check it out!

    See you online!


    Pixelors yt/twitch

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    posted a message on Modern House By Joe Hoffman

    Cool :)

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    posted a message on [UPDATED] CraftSaga - New Modded SMP - Like H2M - McMMO - Custom Enchants - Quests - Dungeons - and More - Apply now

    What is your name? Mark

    What is your age?


    What gender are you?

    Male (Lol)

    Why do you wanna play?

    I want to join a survival server cuz there is not many of them.

    Are you a youtuber? Yes

    Will you play often? 1-5 hours per day

    What is your IGN? Skype? YT? IGN> ItzTNTPvp Skype> OwnerTNTISBOSS YouTube> ItzTNTPvp

    What is your timezone? EST

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