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    posted a message on ✖♔✖ ODYSSEY ✖♔✖ 1.1 UPDATED !! TRUE MMO EXPERIENCE !! Quests/Dungeons/Towns/CTF/TDM/PVE
    In-game name: itzspacely
    Real life age: 13 yet i am very mature.
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    posted a message on ░▒▓██24/7 1.2Super Vanilla![No Whitelsit]██▓▒░
    In-game name: itzspacely
    Age: 13
    Where do you come from: usa
    Native Language (must be able to speak English): English
    Why do you want to join the server: I've never been on an mmo Minecraft server before, it seems brilliant. I'd love to try it out and this seems like a great server to do so.
    Anything else you would like to add that would help us process your application? i love helping people and love to see how servers develope
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    posted a message on The Dawn Of Time (10 DAYS TILL NEW MAP - JOIN NOW)
    Ingame Name: itzspacely
    Age: 13
    Why do you want to be apart of The Dawn Of Time? i want to join a server that has developed AND developing towns
    What role will you be? miner builder
    Experiance with MineCraft? 6 months

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    posted a message on [1.6.6] ΔThe Carbon CoreΔ |24/7|LWC|Anti-Grief|Rights|TS3|
    ign: itzspacely

    rules are:
    Things that get you banned:

    Mass Griefing
    X-Ray modding
    Fly hacking

    Things that are liable to get your house leveled:

    Building on the edge or hyper near spawn, (c'mon the server is new.. we are still expanding). We will however move it for you.
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    posted a message on ♣[24/7]CasualCraft|iConomy|Anti-Grief|Community|
    hey lsrpm^^^^^^^^(hes wesome acept him fo sure.

    Did you read the rules (lying is bad): yes, CASUAL CRAFT
    Why do you want to play here: I want a server to play on that uses towns and plots because i feel this brings an all new asspect to minecraft
    What do you do when you first get in game: i see if anyones on to be able to help me if i dont understand something
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    posted a message on ►►ChickenGod.com◄◄[PvP|PvE|NETHER|Towns|NoCheat/Grief|+100]
    In-Game Name? itzspacely
    Do You Agree to Follow the Rules? yes
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    posted a message on [NEW] oCi Kingdoms [50slot|PvP|Towns|Dedi|Build Rights|24/7]
    IGN: itzspacely
    Age: 13 yet mature
    *Why you'd like to join: to help a new server
    *What would you like to accomplish?: to build many towns and have a firnedly enviroment
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    posted a message on ♥♥♥█LOTS OF MODS!█[24/7][Towny][Runecraft][Shops][More!] ♥♥♥
    Minecraft User Name:itzspacely
    Age:13(mature though)
    Have you read the rules?:Yes
    Did you vote for us?: (if not, go do it! yes
    Do you have TeamSpeak?:not yet might get it in the future
    Reason for joining:i want a fun server that has towns
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): itzspacely
    Where are you from?: chagrin falls, Ohio
    Your age?: 13( yes i am mature)
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below? yes and yes.
    Did you vote for us? voting after i post
    Extra notes?: i love minecraft whether it be vanilla or not. but what i love most is having towns i believe it brings an all new aspect to minecraft and lets people enjoy it with other players.
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    posted a message on ☼Project Art of War ☼ No-Whitelist ☼ Tough PvP ☼ 300 slots ☼
    In-game name: itzspacely
    What country you live in: United States of America
    Why do you want to join this server?: i want to join a server full of people that are helpful and mature and wont swear in every other sentence.
    Did you read my post through?: no, yet i did read most of it. especially the rules and the espionage.
    Experience in Minecraft?: 6 months
    Banned before?: yes
    Tell us about yourself: Im 13 yrs old yet i am very mature. i live in ohio allthough i love to surf and i love building mega projects in minecraft wether it be vanilla or not.
    Are you in a clan already? no but after i post im going to apply for one.
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft 🌟 Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer 🌟 THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010) Heroes RPG!
    In-game name: itzspacely
    Location and Age: chagrin falls ohio 13( yet mature)
    Previous bans: none that i know of (im sharing this account currently for 1 more week till i get my own)
    Referral: no one
    Reason you should you be accepted: Im a great person, i love to help people out when i can, and i am very reliable.
    Additional info:
    Special Key: Leaving this blank means you didn't read the rules! {HCi10}
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    posted a message on ☼☼COme join an amazing server (short white list)☼☼
    Let it be noted we are still working on some plugins if you have any issues contact a admin.

    ▓ Introduction▓

    Here at Mineville we try out hardest to keep a thriving economy and tons of massive projects going on. Though we are a new server launching (5/6/2011) we hope to one day become a immensely popular server upgrading our hardware as we get bigger.

    ▓ Towns▓

    To join a town you must own land and pay at least 50k(isn't that hard to get) this will get you a protected 75x75 land the price heightens at 10k per 10block so 85x85 would be 60k. Current size limit is 200x200.You must also have 5 people who also wont to join

    ▓ How to Join▓

    To join Mineville first you must apply to be whitelisted to do this you must make a app on this thread with the following format:
    IGN= "TheHoac"
    Age= "18"
    Why do I want to join= "To become a part of the community."

    Once you've done that wait for me to say you've been Whitelisted then you can connect with

    ▓ Plugins ▓


    ▓ Website ▓

    Our current website is minevilleonline.no-ip.org you can come here to check
    * Average item price(down currently)
    *Live 3D map(down currently)
    *you can also see screenshots and read news about the server
    This site also contains several link to website that pertain to minecraft

    ▓ Rules ▓

    Just list must servers we have a super strict no griefer policy we have several anti grief measures such as Backups every 15mins, Rollbacks, Worldguard, Worldedit(admin only), also we have block history.
    Theres only one other rule besides no griefing and that is the golden rule treat other how you want to be treated, or rather how you would treat your boss at a job you cant afford to loose.

    ▓ Server Specs▓

    Currently we are running on my custom server i built for my home network
    Cpu = AMD Anthlon II x3 440 Processor OC'd 3.2 Ghz
    Ram = 4gb of DDR2 Clocked at 800Mhz
    Storage = 750gbs on a single drive 7200RPM

    Out of the Water

    Posts: 8
    Joined: Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:38 am
    Minecraft: TheHoac
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    posted a message on ╫Mineville╫Join Today╫[iConomy][Towns][Jobs]╫[1.5_01]╫
    omg im from florida woooo
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    posted a message on ♛♛EMPIRE-CRAFT♛♛[24/7][80SLOTS][ONLINE]
    In Game Name: itzspacely
    Time zone: estearn standard time
    What faction: mercs thiefs or hre
    Do you accept the rules: yes
    Why you wish to join: i wish to help build m,ega projects for the citys that accept me
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