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    Finally I made it! the Mario Mega Pack! A Version Of The Mario mashup pack Wii U but mixed with normal minecraft! Check out the images and the texture pack ENJOY. (Was NOT Stolen Or Anything. it took me about a week or 2 to make this.) (Another Note: This Only Has A few Mario 64 Themes.) Mario Mega Pack Download

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    Today i made a Find The Button Map it is called Find The Button LuckyBlock Edition! i mainly made this for PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen. anyway enjoy! Theres LuckyBlocks in some levels And Also A BOSS BATTLE A HUGE ONE enjoy! FTB LuckyBlock Edition

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    Light Saver! a modded map i just made. its WIP but a demo. (what is this map?) its about saving the light from the darkness. (how do i play?) well download it! well not just that you need a few mods. these are the mods. CustomNPCS (1.8) Loot++ (ver,1.11) (1.8) LuckyBlocks (1.8) and a luckyblock addon. Rainbow Lucky Block (1.8) (awesome but why so many mods?) well of course. its a modded map! enjoy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dfrad91y07sq91g/Light%20Saver%20%28Pc%20Port%29.zip?dl=0

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