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    Quote from RakiSuta

    While we're all talking about netherwart.. Do I have to grow mine in my stronghold? Or can it be any soul sand patch in the nether?

    It can be anywhere, as long as it's on soulsand and in the nether.

    And yeah it seems to be like a 1/2 chance of having netherwart in a nether stronghold, although it also depends on how large the stronghold is. It's been like this for awhile now.
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    posted a message on How can I find my Nether Portal?
    I recall portals to the nether always spawning at X: 0 and Z : 0
    Don't quote me, I may be wrong.

    It's not exactly 0,0 although I've noticed it's always near those coords.
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    posted a message on Ravine under ice with lava in it
    Whoa that's pretty awesome, I've never seen that before.
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    posted a message on ===Tutorial On A Good Looking House===
    In my opinion this is a decent looking house, but not my style.
    Good tutorial though.
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