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    posted a message on Slimey's Mods: The Dysanthem Mod and the Cosmicraft
    Hello! Its Slimey15 here, and this is my thread for my mods called the "Cosmicraft" and the "Dysanthem" Mod!

    COSMICRAFT: A Cosmic Adventure
    This mod offers several tools, weapons and equipment from the cosmic itself!

    - 11 dimensions to choose from!
    - All new weapons, heavily inspired from Star Wars
    - Tools and new equipment
    - 6 biomes
    - 3? bosses

    This mod brings you the Dysanthem, a world filled with mystical forces and magical tools to choose!


    - Dysanthem, all new dimension
    - Valohrians, villagers from the Dysanthem
    - 4 planned bosses, includes Hephraflyr and Zarchonohs
    - 20+ mobs, with pixies!
    - Weapons, tools, blocks, equipment, everything you need!
    - Valdhesome, its opposite dimension, with Valdohrians

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    posted a message on Slimey's Mod: Assistance Needed (Programmers and Sprite Makers needed) for Dysanthem Mod
    ", sans-serif">Hello! I am making a mod called the "World of Dysanthem: Dimension Mod". I need assistance in making my mod. I am hiring programmers and sprite makers to help me finish my mod! Currently I work on MCreator, but I see that the code quality is poor, so I will slowy change into manually written code technique like that stuff. This mod have big concepts and I want a team to help me.

    DISCORD: https://discord.gg/U5PfXbW
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