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    Hi everyone,

    I am curious if anyone is aware of the reason optifine wont update their capes from banners to custom images or another way of designing the cape.

    I have heard the argument be made that it is too stop players from using minecon capes which are supposed to be a rare item, however there are many other services that allow you to use your own images to design your cape such as 5zig and minecraft cape mod to name a few. So why doesnt optifine do this? I belive we would all agree it would allow for a-lot more creative cape designs (maybe a bit too creative) and place themselves above competition who allow this level of customisation.

    If this is too much to ask however, what about a new system of cape design since banners are so bland, allowing only specific colours (no shades of colours) and very specific and boring shapes. The least they could do is allow for more shapes to be used to enable more possible designs and add a larger range of colours.

    What do you all think ?

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