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    Welcome to our DDSS Server!

    Dungeons, Dragons & Space Shuttles is a hardcore, advanced progression quest based modpack with alot of technic and magic mods.
    To progress you will have to use everything the modpack has to offer. You will be guided through the pack with a thorough questline.

    The server is not whitelisted, however we use advanced anti-griefing, land claiming and rollback plugins to keep your base safe.
    You may even deny others entry into your claimed areas if you so please.
    We have economy, player shops, server shop, rewards and much more!

    Feel free to join our server directly at ddss.voidweb.no or hop by our discord!

    A gift for joining
    If you respond to this post with your In-Game name and Discord ID - After verification you will be granted 1000 claim blocks. This will significantly increase the size of your first claimable area!
    IGN: MyName
    DiscordID: MyName#1234
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