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    posted a message on Minecraft Noob Test!

    Percent Noob: 25%

    Noob Rank: Not Very Nooby

    I did better then I thought I would do. So I got that going for me...

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    posted a message on Not so humble starter house! lol

    Yo man what shader are you using in these photos?

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    posted a message on Not so humble starter house! lol

    It has a very cozy feeling.

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    posted a message on Skillcraft | ONLINE 24/7 | IN GAME RANKS | SHOPS | MONTHLY EVENTS | PARKOUR


    Hello everyone, if you are looking for a survival server with great staff, shops, ranks, land claims and much more then look no further. Skillcraft offers a semi-vanilla experience with a few other add-on's to make your playtime on the server engaging and enjoyable. Server IP: Port: 25638


    Skillcraft currently offers the following features:

    *Online 24/7
    *Loot Crates
    *Land Claiming
    *Player vs. Player
    *Dungeons (coming soon)
    *Monthly Events
    *Drop Parties (often)
    *And much more!

    Planned Features

    In the coming future the team of Skillcraft plans to add dungeons. With many bosses to fight and much loot to get, dungeons will challenge the player to the extreme. High-Risk/High-Reward

    Useful Information

    When you start off in Skillcraft you will start in the players spawn. Simply turn right and follow the path to the wild (it will let you know when you have left spawn.) After you leave spawn you are free to build and do whatever you want to do (within reason of course.) Once you have a base you can do /kit claim which will give you a golden shovel and a stick. Claim land by simply right clicking one corner of your base and then right clicking the opposite corner of your base to create a square area. The land claiming will automatically protect your base from thieves and griefers. Please note that when you start in Skillcraft you will only be able to protect a 10x10 area. The more you play Skillcraft the more area you will be able to cover.

    Thank You

    The team of Skillcraft would like to thank all our supporters of the server. It is because of you the server grows everyday and we are able to create this awesome community of ours.

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    posted a message on How do you like your coffee made?

    Classic black coffee with some vanilla creamer and ghirardelli white chocolate syrup. Yum.

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    posted a message on I don't know what else to do in my Hardcore Mode.

    Lol yes!

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