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    posted a message on If you need a builder HIRE me!

    My network's owner is looking for builders to help! Here's the Discord invite:


    Speak to InfiniteBoy22 and he can get you up to speed.

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on PureNetwork (New Server, Need some help!)

    What position are you applying for?: Dependant on Manager's responsibilities - I would appreciate more information on that rank. Otherwise, Administrator. Of course, with either of these roles, I would still help with building responsibilities.
    Name (PM if personal): Avery
    Username: huniibee
    Email (PM if personal): I'll private message this to you if I am considered.
    Age: 18.
    Past Experience (Have server IP's): I've helped manage many communities, and pulled many servers up on their feet in the past. The ones I can recall, however, are long gone; not from some great server-wide disaster, but simply because it was time. One of the first and longest-running roles I held for several years was as a Moderator and Administrator on PabiCraft.
    Why do you wish to help with the server?: I've been out of the staff role for roughly two years, now, and I feel it's time to get back to helping people.
    Skype: Yes, that I have! My name isn't exactly unique on there, so it'll probably be easier for me to find you than vice-versa; we can get around to that if I'm considered.

    If there are any errors in this application, or if you need it to be expanded upon, I'd be happy to correct it if you'd let me know!

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    posted a message on ♜} MIRAGE {♜} -- ► 1.18.1 ◄ ➜ MCMMO ➜ TOWNY
    Your IGN: Sethhe

    Your Age: 15

    MC Age: 3-4

    Additional Whitelistees: Me, myself and I.

    A little about yourself: There's nothing to tell, really. I love roleplay, I've been doing it for four years on a particular forum, and massive in-game roleplays like this are right down my alley. I'm absolutely terrible at PVP, I'm that one loser that's always running around in DayZ Epoch asking if I can be pals with people and dropping random guys food and guns. Then getting shot in the process, of course, but I don't learn. I'm just hoping you guys have an unwritten "no-metagaming" rule, so I can speak in local chat and not have people PM their buddies about it in Skype.

    Why MirageMC: I've been sticking with a single Towny/"Roleplay" server for two years, and working for a better staff team and more roleplay. The place has no more roleplay than a day-old Factions server, and every day I have to deal with abuse and neglect of the server by certain staff members. DJ_Gong told me about a proper political roleplay server after I whined that our town would never become an economic power, because there's no such thing as international politics there. I checked it out and nearly squealed, it looks absolutely perfect. So many opportunities to become wealthy and powerful, so many chances to decieve or negotiate with people, so much roleplay and life...aah, it's just so perfect.

    Will you follow the rules: Of course. I don't manage to grab staff ranks left and right because I'm a world-reknown troll.

    Your desired display name: Ichabod. That's "ichabod" with an "i". I hate Arial font, lowercase "L"'s look too much like "I"'s.
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] Nano Punch [New Map] [Factions] [McMMO] [Pets] [Creative] [MobArena] [PVP] [Events] [NPTW] No Pay To Win!
    IGN: Sethhe

    I've already been playing NanoPunch for at least a week now, and I have to say, it's one of the highest-quality Factions servers I've played. And that's saying a lot, since I usually find them to be mediocre and full of PTW-godgearing douchebags, running around with Fly and Creative, hacking people to bits. I'm happy to be a part of this community.
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