About Me

If you’ve managed to come across this profile, please read this:

I used this account when I was much younger. Before I really knew much about consequence or how to interact with others, and probably before I should’ve even had access to the Internet.

I was extremely insecure, and as a result I would be easily irritated and project my low self-esteem onto others. This means that, while the vast majority of my posts here are just trying to sell my terrible art, I had made some pretty toxic comments on these forums.

Unfortunately, this forum doesn’t provide any way to properly delete or hide posts, and even if there were, my comments had been quoted by other posters. So the best that I can do is offer an apology in this bio. I wish I could find the people I had acted rudely towards in order to properly apologize to them. It may seem obvious, but I hope you can trust that the comments I made here don’t represent who I’ve grown to be.