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    Hello, just a heads up! The version I downloaded from the link provided on this thread's original post gave me this file: mod-spawndetector-1.1.0-mc1.12.litemod which never loaded for me properly. So I went back to Liteloader's site and downloaded the version on the Curse mods link that gave me this file: mod-spawndetector-1.2.0-mc1.12.r2.litemod and it loaded as expected. :3 I noticed the "r2" at the end of the file being different so I gave it a go.

    Thanks for the awesome mod by the way! I love it.

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    Thorlar, the voice of Bill, linked me to this post after (I'm assuming, he randomly found it) and I'm excited to see ppl sharing the news that is Good Grief Show, especially here on the official Minecraft forums! :happy.gif:

    Don't forget to subscribe to the Good Grief Show channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/goodgriefshow!! Your comments and input really matter to the directors, writers, and cast of the show, so don't be shy! ... Even if you have nothing nice to say! XD

    Ember Isolte
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