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    posted a message on Indiana Jones Minecraft Adventures! [16,500+ DOWNLOADS!]


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    posted a message on Assassin's Creed: Reclaiming A Kingdom [3,000 DOWNLOADS]
    Quote from Jkmx»


    Quote from superman011»

    nice map.

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    posted a message on Assassin's Creed: Reclaiming A Kingdom [3,000 DOWNLOADS]

    Yes, it is an MCedit filter made by CrushedPixel. Here's the link to his video:

    The filter works for 1.8, but I don't know if it works for 1.9 and up.

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    posted a message on Map Maker Trivia 2! | Trivia Map

    Will try to play as soon as possible! :D

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    posted a message on Map Maker Trivia | Trivia Map

    Finally got the time to play it! I loved how you had little pieces of the mapmaker's map as an example of their work.

    Glad to have more knowledge of the mapmakers in the community! Thanks for making this map!

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    posted a message on Map Maker Trivia | Trivia Map

    Oooh! Can't wait to try it out!

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    posted a message on Assassin's Creed: Reclaiming A Kingdom [3,000 DOWNLOADS]

    Ok, so the forums wouldn't allow me to attach all of the pictures at once of where to find the hymnals in Mission 3. So here's the rest of the pictures of where to find the hymnals attached below.

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    posted a message on Assassin's Creed: Reclaiming A Kingdom [3,000 DOWNLOADS]
    Quote from awemanrank100»

    Hey there! I will reply to your criticisms of the map in this quote since it seems easiest to do it this way. (All my comments are in green).

    Okay, time to give criticism on everything(-ish)!

    The game doesn't give you a Hidden Blade automatically, you have to take one from the spares chest. It being one of the "Main Items" (as indicated by the original post), I recommend you give it to the player automatically.

    Yes, good idea I will do that. I am thinking of adding it into the tutorial mission so you can get used to the weapon before starting the real missions.

    There is a house in the tutorial area past the barrier; are you supposed to go there? There is loot in it.

    That house is used later in the map so that's why there's loot in it. And, no you aren't supposed to go there. I will add more barriers there since you were able to find a way through.

    I recommend that you hide the chest completely and not point to it if you have to open it first, so that it's not confusing.

    Good idea.

    I recommend that you either write the information for items in the shop directly or point out that you have to click them near the item; I don't recall anything in the tutorial that says you must click the text. Even if there is, give indication in the shop.

    Yes, I will change this (I will point out that you have to click them). I originally thought that it was self-explanatory to click the chat, but I know now that it's not, sorry.

    The secret buttons in the prison didn't seem to count up; I found two, but it said 1/5 the second time.

    Ok, so the reason it says 1/5 each time is because it would take a lot of redstone to make it say 2/5, 3/5 etc. And personally I know that sounds lazy, so I will try to do my best in changing it somehow.

    In many missions, you can repeat what an NPC has said, even after you have already done what they told you to do.

    If you're talking about the NPC's with side-quests (stars), I will try to change it for those and make it not repeat after you give the NPC what he wanted.

    In the third mission, you can skip sneaking past the guards entirely and just assassinate Talal by using the parkour to jump to the roof.

    I will change that, thanks for letting me know.

    In the third mission, you are told not to go above 30. 30 what?

    When you drop down into the Church, it triggers a scoreboard on the right side of your screen that constantly has numbers that go up and down depending on how fast you move. You must sneak (shift) past the guards and not let the numbers rise above 30. For example, if you run, the numbers (on the scoreboard) will shoot above 30 and it will trigger the guards to be aggressive (before, they wouldn't move at all when you would sneak past). I will add more info in the chat on what to do in that part.

    In the third mission, Talal does not appear to come back if you fail.

    Did you make sure to step on the granite stone again like you did the first time when you saw him walking down the street? If not, he won't spawn. But, I will make sure to check again if it works.

    (Minor) In the third mission, when you are supposed to drop down into the church, the roof of the area is composed of trap doors. One of them isn't placed correctly and looks strange upon opening it.

    I will correct! Thanks for letting me know about the little things, too.

    I recommend you replace signs with hidden command blocks that detect player location and send a tellraw to the player; the signs detract from the game.

    I will think about changing that. Thanks for the recommendation.

    I recommend you use more than the default italicized white text for names and default italicized purple for lores; if you don't know how to do this and you want to, you can ask.

    I will think about changing the colors for lore, because yes, it does get old. But, for the white text do you think it would be harder to read the text if I changed the colors?

    In the second mission, you are given Fire Wood to cook the truffle; you can craft this wood into planks, which does not cook the truffle. Add some way to prevent that. I used one Fire Wood to cook the truffle, and converted the rest to cook my raw food.

    I will do that.

    (Opinion) An assassin having to eat food while on missions like these seems odd; give an eternal saturation effect, and an option to get a hunger effect in the bar?

    I still wanted there to be a chance of going hungry in missions, just so there's still that aspect in the map.

    (Personal) I can't find all of the Hymnals; I've only found eight. Where are all of them?

    (1) Right when you drop down into the church, turn to the right and grab the hymnal on the table by the church Verger (2) Then grab the hymnal in the chest under the table. (3) There is a hymnal in a chest under a church pew. (4) Go down the aisle, and past the pulpit until you see a chest in the ground surrounded by a chair and fences. A hymnal will be in that chest. (5) In the North Church tower before climbing up the ladder, there is a hymnal in a chest under a table. (6) Climb up the ladder in the North Tower and go on the roof. The tower in the middle of the roof has a window broken. Inside that tower is wood and a chest. Reach in and open the chest from outside that tower. Get the hymnal. (7) Parkour into the tower on the roof that has a green clay parkour challenge (invisible blocks parkour). Parkour up to the top and grab the hymnal in the chest. (8) Jump out of that green parkour area and jump onto the wooden ledge with the hymnal resting against the ledge (right click to pick it up). (9) This one's kinda hard to explain. While you're on top of the roof go near the edge of the roof and look out. There's a chest underneath a part of the roof; reach out and grab the hymnal from inside the chest. (10) The last one is inside the tower where you go out on the ledge to shoot down Talal. It's easy to find (inside a chest right near the hopper that says to put the Long Range Bow and arrow in it when your done).

    EDIT: It's hard to explain exactly where the hymnals are in words, so I attached pictures below of where to find each hymnal. Hope that helps.

    I think that's all I can think of for now. I can't get past the third mission legitimately without potentially breaking the map, as I do not know how you are triggering the death of Talal.

    Ok, so just restart the mission by going back to the start of the mission and click the button that tp's you back to the Hub. It should clear the bugs you are talking about. Then, start the mission again and remember to go into the church first and not parkour up onto the roof of the church first. But if the triggering of Talal happens again just skip that mission. I will look into it as soon as I can.

    EDIT: What does the Poison Dagger do? It doesn't say in the description or otherwise; it just seems like a +5.25 damage sword.

    It poisons your enemies (giving them a potion effect) when you hit them. But, like it says in the -Where to Place Your Product Information- you have to have it in your second slot for it to work in the missions. (Let me know if it still doesn't work)

    (Opinion) It seems odd that your weapons would break, especially so quickly. Add an Unbreakable tag and HideFlags it?

    Well, since the weapons are pretty overpowered as they are I thought it would be ok for them to break pretty quickly. But, I might change it for the Poison Dagger since that breaks really quickly. Thanks for your opinion on this!

    EDIT: The Hidden Blade is somewhat annoying to use; upon scrolling over it, it supposedly uses the give command to give you the actual blade, but it's not very reliable. Oftentimes, the blade given doesn't even end up in my hotbar, and it's completely useless because the time it takes for me to get it is too long. Have it specifically check the slot?

    Ok, so there's a way to "master" using the Hidden Blade. Put it in your first slot and leave the second slot free of any items. Now when you scroll over the hilt, it will turn into the Hidden Blade in the second slot. This makes it really easy to switch back and forth without worrying about where it's going to appear in your inventory. Just leave the second slot always open and the first slot with the Hidden Blade Holder in it.

    The bow you are given in the third mission to assassinate Talal does not necessarily have to be used in the first slot. It's more of a hindrance that way. Have it for all slots using a tag in the bow that subtracts speed instead? It also has showing enchantments, which don't look that great. Use HideFlags and Unbreakable?

    I will think about changing that. And I will hide the enchantments. But overall did you like it zooming in on your target?

    EDIT: Rain is a constant issue; if it's not intended, /weather clear 999999 it (maybe on a clock?).

    Yes. It's not always intended except in Mission 10.

    EDIT: While missions are supposed to be able to be replayed, chests are not refilled, and broken blocks do not come back. Only entities do.

    Important main chests are refilled. The ones that have coins, orbs, or side-quest stuff in them do not refill. Also, you should be in adventure mode most of the time so what blocks are being broken in the first place? If you're talking about side-quest breakable blocks why would it respawn them? Because you don't need them again once you've broken them and given them to the side-quest NPCs. But, if you're talking about the blocks that break on their own as part of the mission they should respawn when you play the mission again. Let me know if they don't.

    I somehow "completed" the third mission and unlocked the fourth without assassinating Talal. By using the hub button at the beginning, it brought me back to a mission select with an unlocked fourth mission.

    I know what you're talking about. There is no way to not make this happen because of render distance restrictions and other complicated things that I've tried many times to fix.

    EDIT: The picture for the third mission appears to be missing a map at the end for the third segment of the picture.

    Oh, no. :P I'll look into it. Try restarting your minecraft game and see if it reappears the next time you play the map.

    Thanks so much for taking time to let me know of your criticisms of the map! I will do my best to correct the bugs and also try to make the playing experience more fun by integrating some of your ideas into the map. Thank you again! Just wanted to ask though, do you like the map overall so far? Even with all the bugs? :P

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    posted a message on Assassin's Creed: Reclaiming A Kingdom [3,000 DOWNLOADS]
    Quote from awemanrank100»

    I'm not sure why this is the case, but it seems you have not written the information for any of the items in the shop. They all contain placeholder information.

    EDIT: Found the answer. On another note, are you supposed to be able to open the chest with the guard's equipment in the first mission? The sign next to it left me wondering enough to break the block above it to open it, and sure enough, there was something in it. If you are supposed to open it, you should probably remove or replace the block there.

    Glad you figured out the clickable chat! Also, the chest can be opened, but you can only open it by finding and pressing a button in that hallway to the Prison. When pressing the button it will remove that block above the chest. Sorry that this is confusing!
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    posted a message on Assassin's Creed: Reclaiming A Kingdom [3,000 DOWNLOADS]

    Map Update (v1.10):

    -In Mission 1: A Friend?, now when you open the door to Abbes cell more than once it won't repeat the chat over and over again.

    -Fixed a bonus chest that wasn't supposed to be visible (until triggered) in Mission 6: The Watchtower.

    -Now, after you buy an item in the Shop, it will say (when you hover over it) which slot to place the item in.

    -Made some parkour jumps easier in Mission 9: The Choice. Added a ladder at one point.

    -Fixed the bug where after killing a few guards it skips some of the story and teleports you to Armand's throne room in Mission 9: The Choice.

    -Now the Plan Book Crafting Guide has the right picture on it to make the Plan Book (side-quest) in Mission 9: The Choice.

    -Put a hint when fighting Armand's guards in the throne room that says you have to kill ALL the guards for the story to continue. in Missions 9 and 10.

    -Now it won't have the chat that says your mother breathes her last in Mission 9: The Choice.

    -More barriers are in place in Missions 9 and 10.

    -Deleted a certain barrier in Mission 10: The Dissolution.

    -Fixed the Bonus Room not spawning after finishing Mission 10: The Dissolution. If you are playing in any previous map versions, after beating Mission 10 paste this command into your chat and click enter while in the Mission Select Room:

    /setblock -572 2 1650 redstone_block  

    This will spawn in the Bonus Room somewhere around the Pub...

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    posted a message on Assassin's Creed: Reclaiming A Kingdom [3,000 DOWNLOADS]
    Quote from MrWilliamo»

    Cool thanks how do I play the bonus mission though? Can't find it anywhere :)

    You have to beat the Quiz in the Quiz Room and it will unlock the Bonus Mission!

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    posted a message on Assassin's Creed: Reclaiming A Kingdom [3,000 DOWNLOADS]

    Ok, so after entering in the setblock command go outside the Pub (exit through the doors where the Pubtender serves you food) and you should see a quartz monument thingy that will teleport you to the Bonus Room. If you don't see it, let me know!


    Also, Will, there is a Bonus Mission... and you know how it said at the end of mission 9, "Your mother breathes her last." Well, that line of chat wasn't supposed to be there (I thought I took it out before I released the map! :P). So, I know everyone thinks she got killed because of that line of chat, but that line of chat wasn't supposed to be there... so let's just say we don't know for sure that she's dead... :P I'm so sorry for all this confusion! :-P

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    posted a message on Assassin's Creed: Reclaiming A Kingdom [3,000 DOWNLOADS]

    Just wanted to post on here that I am so grateful for all the support so far of the map. Thank you to:

    -The youtubers who have made lets-plays of the map so far.

    -The 2,524 people so far who have taken the time to download this map. If you downloaded this map and played it I would love to hear your thoughts on it! I read every comment on here and am always happy to see someone give their thoughts on the map!

    Thank you again, guys!

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    posted a message on Assassin's Creed: Reclaiming A Kingdom [3,000 DOWNLOADS]
    Quote from GLASSIC»

    hmm , i've bookmarked this since xmas . after finishing some maps , i think it's time for starting it !

    i hope my laptop will handle this , if not , i'll put it on a server/realms .

    seems like you've spent so much time on making this . i'll download it tonight

    Great, I hope you like it! Some missions may be more glitchy than others depending on what your computer can handle. I know with my HP i3 laptop missions 2 and 4 can get a little glitchy, but yeah it all depends on what computer you have and what it can handle!

    Also, yes it took a long time to fully complete the map. We started the map making process (writing the plot script and details) almost 3 summers ago and after many days of off and on work we got it done!

    One last thing, this morning there were some copyright issues with the map download so I took out a song (the Credits song) from the map. Let me know if you have any trouble downloading the map. Thanks!
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    posted a message on Assassin's Creed: Reclaiming A Kingdom [3,000 DOWNLOADS]

    Map Update (v1.9):

    -Now the Pirate Captain will spawn when he's supposed to in Mission 4: Pirates.

    -Improved scoreboard sneak mechanism in Mission 3: The Scribe. Now it will give you more time to be prepared to sneak past the guards.

    -Made customers in the Prancing Pony Pub spawn when you talk to the Prancing Pony Pubtender in Mission 8: William of Montferrat.

    -Made the yellow clay side-quests work better in Missions 2 and 8.

    -Placed a block that was supposed to be in the Mission Select Room.

    -Added another line of chat at the end of your conversation with Abbes (in Mission 1). Now it is more clear that he (SPOILER) turned to the Templar's side.

    -Made sure you can't get into Swami's house any other way (than to sneak under the house) in Mission 5: The Assassin.

    -Now says in the hint to use 1 Fire Wood in the oven (in Mission 2 The Banquet).

    -Made it more clear on what to collect for Bombardier John (side-quest) in Mission 4: Pirates.

    -Now in Mission 3: The Scribe it won't keep repeating the objective to shoot down Talal the scribe when you step out on the edge of the church tower more than once.

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