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I'm a Minecrafter who loves to build maps!

Isaac_John- I am the main architect of our maps, and love using the /tellraw commands. Also, I try to come up with story lines for our maps, and I think of what characters should say in the chat box.

Sir_Richard99- He is the brains of most of the redstone contraptions and complicated text in the command blocks. Without him it would be impossible to make maps. He makes the custom enemies, scoreboards (in our newest map), shops, and much more.

A few years ago, Sir_Richard99 and I finished our first Minecraft map based on the Indiana Jones Movies.
In this map, you can play through all of the Indiana Jones movies and it includes a Shop, Side-Missions room, Mini-games, and more!

Also, we hope to continue making maps, so please follow us for more details on them! The current one we just finished working on is an Assassin's Creed Adventure Map, so if you are an Assassin's Creed fan you'll love it!

News: Our Assassin's Creed Map is finally finished and posted! Download it now!

Assassin's Creed Map Progress: 100%

More details on the finished map (but all details on map thread):
This is a huge project with 10 missions, a detailed story (4 page script), unique shop and unique items, and much, much more!

Pictures of our newly released map:

~Henry The Third's Kingdom~


~Free the Prisoners!~

~The Watchtower~

~William of Montferrat~

~The Interrogation~

~Thanks to oakley09 for letting us use
his map The City of Arthor for the exteriors of the Castle, buildings, and the mountainous terrain and trees.~

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