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    posted a message on NEW SERVER LOOKING FOR STAFF!!

    MELONSLICES is looking for a Developer, Admins, Mods, and Jr. Mods! We are a starting out server that needs some new plugins too. Please comment the application. We need staff fast!

    Dev Application:


    How long have you been creating Plugins:

    How many Plugins have you created:

    Real Name:


    Admin App:
    Age? 15
    What can you bring to the server?
    Why should I pick you?
    Give me an example situation of someone breaking the rules and what you would do?
    How long can you be on per week?

    Mod App:
    How well do you know WorldEdit:
    Minecraft Username:

    Jr Mod App:



    Minecraft Username:

    Have you played on a Server Before:

    As long as your app is true i will most likely accept you

    Posted in: Server Recruitment
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