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    posted a message on I need help...Good builders to help a newbie :)
    just think of stguff you want to build, try to have an idea for what you want to build then start building without having a "building time" in mind, forget about how long it will take, just build.

    try to make builds that fit the same style and type, but make small or some changes from a building to the other, maybe even change a little bit the style from some builds or form a building area to the other, but dont change so much that tear one area apart from the other.

    that is how I made this:
    day by day, sometimes when I got no idea or I wasnt much up to build stuff, I just didnt, and just kept going on my own pace (and yes, I am still building there form time to time, that is already more stuff there at the back of the cvastle., I just havent taken it to the forums or youtube yet)

    about the shapes and details, I just let my mind flow with imagination and try to be as much 3D as possible, starting the buildings from the basic structures like pillars, girders and other stuff like that, even if they will not be shown at the building when it is finished, they help me base the shape and control how I am building, but you can also try to find other builds at the internet and real buildings to inspire you
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    posted a message on Nithou Castle
    Quote from arlodee

    abstract :o

    indeed, I would say non-symmetrical and non-realistic shapes (even if I used all the basic structures real buildings have like pillars, girders and such before making walls, exterior and inside details as, for the castle, I built it starting from the basic structures, even those that I completely covered and are not being shown)

    Quote from BloodCrafter69

    Dude This is amazing!  I especially Like the water on top of the glass as well as the use of the stone slabs and sandstone

    thnks XD

    the water on top of glass was an idea I had at the time, even because that was no colored glass option when I made that (the overall idea was to make it look colored and to shade inside without covering the light so, yes, my answer to that was water and I tried to make more use of that water too, so the waterfall at the entrance)

    You can say I havent planned it all from the start but, what I really havent planned was the details, what and where I would build inside, etc, but the ideas of what I wanted to put inside the castle and the overall shape, that I had planned before I started.
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    posted a message on Creative Ideas
    Quote from brunotar

    well you can make a village or town if you are looking for something big bulid like a hude castle over a mountain then decorate it whit alot of details add water fals like path all the way down to the bottom of the mountain and make like a cave to be a secret entry in castle but that is if you are a good bulider btw sory for my english

    i just realized that i wrote to yo to make waterfall like a path but i didnt mean like that bulid waterfalls and path to the bottom


    make a village . . . or more villages
    build something big like a castle . . . add waterfall . . . secret entrance . . .

    somehow you described what I did XD (and still doing . . . I just get back from time to time as I was playing another game for a long time and stopped everything I was doing at minecraft)
    28:31 for the castle

    and rule #1 . . . dont think of HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE to complete the building or the builds you want, just go and build as you have time and dont care about trying to complete it fast, just think about the details, maybe search for ideas, and do whatever you want whenever you can and want. ;)
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    posted a message on builds that other people have made
    I dont remember where are the stuff about the other kingdom I already posted (still I gonna make videos about the other stuff and a video to show inside the castle you will see the external at the video)

    took back to build at minecraft after some months . . . gonna finish this kingdom before making another video. university is over for this year and now I have time XD
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    posted a message on What is the Best Thing You Have Made Without MCEdit
    best thing I made without MCEdit:

    the castle and the kingdom (that far. prob I make a new video when it is done. must tell, I got away from minecraft for a long time)

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    posted a message on How do I clear my and faster.
    Quote from SirKayTheKnight

    Okay, so I'm trying to build a castle. I'll need walls but I need to make a lot of my land flat. I tried pickaxing my way through this but it'll take quite a while and I tried using creepers to blow them up but it still left some blocks left.

    Ignore the "And" in the title, it was a mistake.

    I see you tried to write "land" isntead of "and"

    and you can use MCEdit or just use TNTs to clear land fast but I think you could make a getter castle out of the environment, using hills and mountais generated by the game.

    if you want everything flat, create a superflat world.
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    posted a message on Post Your Creations
    my second kingdom (and yes, I made a video of the 2nd but havent made video of the first):

    well, I consider the entire kingdom as one big build and try to make the builds, even with different shapes, style and themes, to fit the kingdom and make it as one thing only with walls and roads.
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    posted a message on Giant Castle
    well, I`ve seen other castles at other games, at minecraft and made 2 myself and ...

    ... I see a city, a tower surRounded by a small wall and 4 pillars at each corner, and external walls but, I dont see it as a castle and it is big, not giant.

    make more stuff connected to that tower to make it look like a castle
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    posted a message on Building help or tips
    well, you can set a "pattern" using some blocks on different ways, and changing the chapes, but keep the looks of the houses and builds you build at your city so they all fit together.


    you can check that every "village" of the kingdom have its own "pattern" but no house is a copy of the other, with different insides and outside details, shapes and even blocks usages, but to keep the theme for the place (that is one village, near the castle, where I mixed some of the patterns at erach area of that village. not just a coincidence it is the biggest village there, it was made with that purpose, to have the entire kingdom "best" patterns into one village).
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    posted a message on Need Idees for epic Castle!
    make it big, very big and unique, with everything a castle can have and maybe some stuff more (like having temple, farm and other stuff a castle done exactly have INSIDE its walls but usually around or at the courtyard. I made those inside the big tower that is 60% to 70% of the castle, the courtyard is both under-courtyard, that have the entrance to a mine and have the pillars that hold the castle, and upper-courtyard that take you to the castle and taking to the castle school (that I am building as I take back to play minecraft).

    well, dont know if epic but I made a very big and unique one and, regardless of anyone else opinion about epicness or epic castle (and I know it is not colorful but I made it with this intention, based at 3 materials that have the same colors, stone, stone bricks and cobblestone for all the external walls and courtyard), this is the most epic build I ever made.

    can check more of the external castle at 21:50 at the video:

    will make a video of the inner castle soon (HD is full of videos of other game I have to convert from 3GB, thank u fraps for recording so large files, to 30MB so I cant record more videos and still had no time to convert the videos)
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    posted a message on My 2 best buildings in creative ! Check Me Out
    my biggest castle (creative build):
    My biggest pyramid (a tetrahedron but what is out of the ground is a pyramid)

    well, more than 3 builds but, the castle can be checked at 28:31 at the video:

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    posted a message on My Town- What to Add to My Kingdom
    well, I think it would be better at a normal minecraft world with natural evironment, not at superflat.

    still, if you want ideas:

    I am finishing the castle school and kingdom library then I will make a video showing castle insides, school and library.
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    posted a message on My Castle Creations -What do ya think?-
    good castles (well, they could be bigger, look just like forts). have inside pics?

    still, I think the castles would be better at a normal minecraft world instead of superflat with small evironment hand-made
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    posted a message on different structures and expanding villages
    Quote from Deonyi

    Vague and Redundant, also Wishlist.

    Please add more detail, search and post one idea per thread next time.

    you mean, image of how the structures should be and montage of villagers expanding a village or game code with everything to test like a mod, or a size description, blocks used at the build?

    because, other than the extra structures, well, the expansion of a village would be add more of the village builds and roads connecting the builds (making the village bigger, or starting a new one with one or more villagers there)

    a suggestion.
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    posted a message on different structures and expanding villages
    this could be set as an option, like large biomes and the superflat options, but I think it would be interesting to see.

    - castles
    - pyramids
    - connected villages
    - watch towers
    - villages with harbor
    - expanding villages (and villages that expand to kingdom with castle and other features normal villages dont have. Sure, you could also set a rate to how fast the villages expand and try to compete in size with the village, that also would expand at certain terrains and, as I think it would be better as an option, whoever dont want to see "crap villagers buildings all around" would just let it disabled)
    - villagers building. (I dont say that an animation and full movement to make the villager gather resources and build a wall or a house, but to allow a villager to gather resources and build if expanding villages option is enabled)
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