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    Quote from Toms007

    Iron, my question is: I've watched one of Etho's tutorials about building mob grinder (different story, I know, but info was interesting). In that vid, he said that spiders need 3x3x1 space to spawn. Does it inflict with 9x9 diameter around spider spawner (talking about regular spiders here)? Do we have to make a bigger room around spider spawner because of that?

    Yeah, since spiders are two blocks wide (they need three blocks to spawn since they spawn in the center of the block, so they stick out half a block on one side and half a block on the other) you should extend the room by one in each direction. You can make the ceiling one block lower, though, since they are only one block tall.

    Quote from Garakson

    Hey Furball, I appreciate the video. The only problem is the guy sounds a little muffled and hard to hear.

    Yeah Kaspers is a bit hard to understand at times (I think he's Dutch, or maybe German) but he knows him some monster spawners, and that video is a good one. It may be worth watching a couple of times, just so you can really understand what he's saying.

    Quote from Toms007

    Better yet - the monster can spawn in the block BELOW the spawner (as the spawner is non-solid block). So, if you place any solid block below spawner, you loose one space for mobs to spawn, therefore lowering the spawning rates.

    It's non-opaque, but it is "solid," as in you can walk on it, bump into it, can't pass through it. The only mob that could spawn underneath would be a spider since they are one block tall; other mobs would interfere with its collision mask.

    Quote from Garakson

    According to Paul and others, the spawner has a 16 block radius. That is, I have to be within 16 blocks for it to spawn a mob. I'm toying with the idea of a 15 block drop. With the skeletons standing behind glass, it won't matter

    Most people use a "water elevator" to move the mobs up, and then drop them, so they can fall 22 or 23 blocks* to the killing floor, while you stay inside the 16-block radius of the spawner.

    *Fall damage is calculated as DAMAGE = FALL_DISTANCE - 3 in half-heart "points," so a fall of 23 blocks should be fatal but, for whatever reason, it isn't. Both players and other 10-heart mobs will be left with half a heart after a fall of either 22 or 23 blocks, and 24 are actually required for it to be fatal. Skeletons (and creepers, though there are no spawners for them) will be a 1-punch kill at that point, but zombies have a small amount of natural armor points, so even at half a heart it still takes two unarmed hits to kill them (or use a stone sword -- wood works too, but its durability is so low it's not really worth the effort, it breaks so quickly.) Of course, then you get that rare guy that spawns with enchanted armor which screws the whole thing up (not really, but he'll take much less damage on impact and you'll have to punch him a lot, or else use a weapon to dispatch him quickly.)
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    Quote from Garakson

    I was looking at some youtube tutorial. a 9x9 is often mention. Why is a 9x9 considered effective?

    Because mobs spawn in an 8x8 square around the spawner, centered on its north-west corner. Making the room 9x9 both allows for a symmetrical design with a 1-wide opening in the center, and eliminates the need to figure out which way is north.

    If you make the room smaller than this, you will get reduced rates because of failed spawn attempts. Each time the spawner "fires," it picks four random blocks within this zone (8x8, 3 blocks tall) and spawns a mob there if it can. To get as many spawns as possible, you want to ensure that every block space in that zone can fit a mob in it. Making the room smaller means that sometimes it will pick a spot in the solid blocks of the walls, and that particular spawn attempt will fail. If all four spawn attempts fail, it will try again on the next game tick and each tick after that until it successfully spawns at least one mob, but if even one mob succeeds, it won't fire again for another 10-40 seconds. So to keep rates as high as they can be, you must keep this entire zone (and one block above it, for headroom for mobs that spawn in the top-most layer) completely free of any obstructions.
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    posted a message on How do I make the launcher update to the most recent game version?
    1: Open the launcher and log in, if necessary.
    2: Click "New Profile" or select an existing profile and click "Edit Profile."
    3: Click the dropdown box next to "Use Version:" and select "Use Latest Version."
    4: Click "Save Profile."
    5: Click "Play."
    6: ???
    7: Profit.
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    Quote from castlepro

    but here’s the thing, it said my bed had been destroyed, when I know for a fact it could have been, and if I even find my house agene it will be right where I left it… does anyone know what in minecraft just happened?

    I presume you mean you know (think) it couldn't have been destroyed. But what it actually said was "Your home bed was missing or obstructed." Probably, you placed it in a cramped, tiny space with no place to spawn right next to it. You would still be able to sleep in this bed, but you wouldn't be able to re-spawn there. So what happened was, you died, the game couldn't find a place to respawn you next to your bed, so it respawned you at the initial world spawn, instead. There's nothing you can do now, but try and find your way back.

    You can either do this "legit" in-game by exploring the old-fashioned way, with your eyes (it helps if you can remember which direction you had set out in to begin with), or you can "cheat" and use an external program like MCEdit or Minecraft Overviewer to look at your world and try to find it that way. Both programs will show you what has already been generated, which should give you some idea and could be enough by itself, or if not, you can zoom in and try to look for your house itself (if it's above-ground) or any recognizable landmarks.

    MCEdit is a map editor program. You can fly around using familiar WASD controls and the mouse, or you can switch to an overhead view of the entire map. Overviewer is just a renderer; it's a bit tricky to use (command-line interface) and can take a long time to render, but when it's done you're left with a Google Maps-powered web page (saved to your computer though, not actually on the web) that shows a 3-D isometric view of your world. MCEdit is probably easier and quicker if you just want to find your base, but Overviewer will leave you with a nice-looking map when you're done.
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    Quote from Imagining_Blox

    You need at least a box of wood with a door to go in and out of it. Then they'll breed if you wait long enough.

    Not with only one door, they won't. And not underground, either. Well, not completely underground. You need to put some skylights in (vertical shafts, all the way up to the surface -- it's okay if they're capped or filled with glass or other transparent blocks) so that every door has at least one "outside space" within five blocks of it. Then you need (roughly) three times as many doors as you want villagers, and make sure each one has the sky access within five blocks. See the link in my sig for a more detailed discussion on what makes a valid "house."
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    You seem to have lost all your punctuation. Here, you can borrow some of mine until you get them back: ........,,,,,,;;??

    It sounds like the pigmen are spawning outside your farm, somewhere within 128 blocks of your afk point, and gradually filling up the mob cap. Check the ceiling right underneath the bedrock, I'll bet you find some air pockets in there where the pigmen are hiding out.
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    posted a message on How do I turn off the shading of the Super Secret Settings?
    You have to restart the whole game, not just relog the world.
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    Quote from Akynth

    A bit of necroposting here....

    I'm having problems with the iron golems sometimes spawning in the village area rather than the water. I've penned a villager in each corner, so they should be spawning in the center, but only about half of them do. (along with the occasional squid -- my iron farm is also serving as a squid farm, apparently)

    Any advice?

    1.7.2? I've heard other reports of golems spawning where they weren't expected. I don't know if it's a bug, or an intentional change in behavior, but our golem farms might need some reworking if it stays (I'm still using 1.6.4, for the time being. Not because of that, though, but because of the overlapping music bug.)
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    Quote from crua9


    While having a chart is great, my thing I made allows a player to see how to make something offline.
    All they have to do is go to whatever page.

    Right-click, save as. Offline, there you go.

    BTW the chart is outdated. It doesn't have
    Water Breathing

    Yeah, it's straight out the wiki, I guess they haven't updated yet.

    P.S. When you copy-paste my name, instead of typing it out yourself (all nine letters of it, I know it's hard), all the formatting is copied, too; that's why the text is centered in the frame and has that weird colored background. You can fix this like I did when quoting you, by selecting all text with [CTRL]+[A] and then click the "eraser" icon which will remove all formatting from the selected text.
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    posted a message on Minecraft potion and potion room guide
    Potion guide, here you go (excludes splash potions -- just add gunpowder to any potion to make it a splash potion):
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    posted a message on Village Mechanics: A not-so-brief guide
    Quote from AntOfThy

    Nope. someone recentally made a video of a zombie siege mob farm...

    What do you consider "recent," and do you have a link? The only thing I could find was from a year and a half ago (and I didn't watch it yet, haven't had the time.)

    Are you sure what you're seeing are proper sieges, and not just normal zombie horde mechanics (tracking from far distance, spawning reinforcements when hit)? I thought real sieges haven't been occurring at all in recent versions, due to a bug in the game code.
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    Quote from Chefbarbie

    mob cap most likely.

    Spawners ignore the global mob cap. They do have their own sort of "cap" that only counts mobs of the type spawned by the spawner, only counts them in a very small area around the spawner, and only allows six to be in this area before they shut down. I imagine jpdude's "kill chamber" is too close to the spawner block, and this is what's causing his problem.

    A skeleton spawner, for example, only counts skeletons, and a spider spawner only counts spiders, etc. If there are six or more of these mobs within eight blocks of the spawner horizontally, and four blocks vertically (this describes a box-shaped area like the spawning zone itself, not a spherical one like where you must stand to keep it active), then it won't spawn any more mobs until this number goes back down. The reason you are getting 12 is probably because of something like:

    1: [Mobs spawn, go up the mobivator]
    2: [More mobs spawn, go up the mobivator; first group reaches the top]
    3: [More mobs spawn, go up the mobivator; second group reaches the top, first group falls down to kill zone]
    4: [More mobs spawn, go up the mobivator; third group reaches the top, second group falls down -- now there are six or more mobs inside the counting zone]
    5: [No more mobs spawn; fourth group reaches the top, third group falls down]
    6: [No more mobs spawn; fourth group falls down]
    7: [No more mobs spawn]
    8: [No more mobs spawn]
    9: [No more mobs spawn]
    10, 11, 12: [etc.]

    The solution, of course, is just to move your kill zone a few blocks further from the spawner.
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    posted a message on Is There a Specific Direction you Spawn Facing?
    I think you always spawn facing south? At least in single-player.
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    Quote from yokid2001

    Is there some way to make the portal at the nether fortress connect to my portal in my house in the overworld?

    That's not possible. Portals don't link to one another, directly, it's all based on location. Here is an image I had lying around from the last time somebody asked this question:

    Hopefully you can see from that image why a portal at the fortress can never take you home.
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    posted a message on Can a mod revert edits?
    Thanks, I think I've got it back to normal now. At least I hope so :)
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