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    posted a message on 🏡 HSH SMP 🏡 - vanilla survival - stable mature server [java | vanilla | whitelist | 1.19]

    IGN: Ancient_Snail

    Discord: AncientSnail#1672

    Age: 18

    About Me: I really like trading and building shops. Collaborating on SMP servers is really fun for me, and I enjoy seeing other people's bases progress as my own do. My hope is that I will be able to share a town or something with someone on this server and regularly collaborate with them.

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    posted a message on Cave Music

    I love this idea! If cave biomes were added, there could be special music for each biome.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.16 Update Opinion Thread

    I was originally a bit sad that the Nether's theme was expanded beyond the purely magma/hellish theme, but I think I've come around to the new biomes.

    What I am disappointed about, though, is that the Nether star has not been given new uses and that beacons are still a lackluster item.

    I'm a bit surprised Mojang didn't expand or overhaul brewing as well; with all of the new types of fungus, it would have been the perfect time. Finally, I don't like the Netherite tier and I dislike the niche use of the smithing table. It seems odd that a villager who never interacts with Netherite requires such a workbench.

    Overall, I like this update. It's not perfect, but I think it's done a good job at making the Nether more full of life and fun to explore.

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    posted a message on The Small Suggestions Thread: Electric Boogaloo
    Quote from unsubtopewds»

    Vein Miner enchantment - Similar rarity to mending/Silk Touch, can be applied to tools

    On axes, it will destroy an entire tree when one block is broken

    On Shovels, it will destroy up to 20 blocks of dirt, gravel, sand, or any other shovel-able block

    What shape would this carve out?

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    posted a message on Posse: A mod for people with no friends!
    Quote from C1ff»

    One idea I've just thought of is the ability for the Party Members to receive commands through the chat system. You would address them by saying their name with a comma, followed by a command. The command and member name would be case insensitive and would ignore punctuation, and there would be a few such commands, most of which would just display information such as the member's location. (This could also serve as a more immersive way to switch between "stay-here" and "follow" modes)

    If something like this were implemented, it would be best for the names of the characters and the commands to be in colors other than white (a la commands) in order to distinguish them from regular text chat.

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    posted a message on Sticky pistons should be craftable by applying slimeballs to pistons (by hand)

    I love in-world crafting ideas like this, as they really add to immersion and are a great way to break up the monotony of almost always having to open up a GUI. However, think about what it's like to accidentally strip a log when you're holding an axe. It happens quite a lot. Now think about accidentally doing the same with pistons. Unlike with the stripped log, the change isn't only aesthetic: your redstone contraption will likely no longer work. And, since the difference between the regular and sticky piston texture is on just one out of six faces of the block, there's a very large chance that you wouldn't even know you accidentally made the piston a sticky piston.

    To reiterate, I love the concept of more crafting outside of GUIs. However, I cannot support this idea because of the frustrating situations it would create.

    No support.

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    posted a message on End Ideas

    Given that the Nether recently received something similar to trees (Yes, I know they are fungi, but they are very close to trees and are functionally the same since they allow you to craft planks and such.) in the upcoming Nether Update, I think a tree-esque feature in the End would feel a bit unoriginal.

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    posted a message on Help needed - How to load structures using structure block that come from a mod?

    I believe Minecraft's structure names use the prefix "minecraft:" (though putting it is not necessary). First you need to find out the mod id, which is what the prefix will start with (e.g. "modid:structure"). You should be able to find the mod id by going to the main menu screen and clicking on "Mods" and then the mod you want the mod id for. Hope this helps.

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    posted a message on Ghost Illagers: A Fun Ambient Feature for Conquered Mansions

    Note: All of the following screenshots were able to be taken by making a small change to the Vindicator renderer via modding. In other words, it's not hard at all to achieve these effects within Minecraft's existing graphics system.

    Ghost Illagers

    Woodland Mansions could use a lot of work (mainly in their loot). What this suggestion is focusing on is what the mansion is like after you defeat all of the illagers. Many people like to use conquered mansions as bases or other builds, but the structures become somewhat dull after there aren't any illagers left. This isn't a game-breaking problem, but I think hinting at the mansion's past via apparitions would be a fun ambient feature.

    I introduce... Ghost Illagers!

    These are apparitions that you will occasionally see walking around far away in the hallways of a conquered Woodland Mansion. You can see their ghostly figures and hear their footsteps as you walk through the mansion. Chests will also occasionally open (even with nothing there to open them), but your items are safe; nothing will be added or taken.

    Ghost illagers spawn the same way guardians still spawn after an Ocean Monument is conquered. You'll most likely only see one of these ghosts every two days, but be warned: they are slightly more common during nighttime, and even more common if there is a full moon. Placing ominous banners will increase the frequency at which ghost illagers spawn.

    If you really want to get rid of the ghosts, you can do so by throwing an allium (the Illagers' favorite flower) into fire or lava within the area of the mansion.

    This isn't a necessary feature, but I think it would add more mystery and atmosphere to Woodland Mansions.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this suggestion. What are your thoughts? :pumpkin: by thebaum64

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    posted a message on Making Diamonds Renewable (From Villagers)

    Getting diamonds is easy enough, especially with Fortune III. I don't think it's necessary to make them renewable, and I think any attempt to do so would probably make diamonds even easier to get and would only help to decrease their value.

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    posted a message on When Was the Golden Age of Minecraft?

    Hello everyone!

    Almost two years ago I made a post asking what you all thought the best "Golden Age" Minecraft version was. However, I assumed that the "Golden Age" consisted of versions of Minecraft after Beta 1.7 but before Official Release 1.7 (i.e. Beta 1.8 through Official Release 1.6).

    I chose this for multiple reasons. For one, it marked a defined aesthetic of Minecraft: Beta 1.8 introduced new terrain generation, along with many iconic biomes and structures, and it introduced the hunger bar, new food items (beef/steak, chicken, melons, and rotten flesh), new mobs such as endermen, and experience, all of which have become iconic aspects of Minecraft. The update helped prepare for Official Release 1.0, which added the Ender Dragon and marked an important point in the acceleration of Minecraft's growth.

    Years later, Official Release 1.7 came out. Why did it mark the end of the "Golden Age"? The name of the update—"The Update that Changed the World"—reflects this concisely. While old biomes remained, many new common biomes were added, changing the overall look of Minecraft worlds. While a small change, the rose, one of two iconic flowers, was replaced by the poppy, and many new flowers were also added. Two new types of wood (dark oak and acacia) were also added. Overall, the look and feel of Minecraft, which had been very similar since Beta 1.8, changed after this update.

    There was also a certain unmistakable quality of the community during this time. The community was much different, whether for better or worse. Many prominent YouTubers such as Stampylonghead became popular toward the end of this era. A period of immense growth for the game and many memories, this era was in my opinion the Golden Age of Minecraft.

    Anyway, that's just my opinion. Of course, it's mainly based on nostalgia. Do you agree or disagree? Please let me know when you think the "Golden Age" of Minecraft was.

    Have a nice day! :-(o): :creeperdance: by Alvoria

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.16 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from ZaffreAqua»

    I'm a bit sad about the nether losing its otherwise hellish status, ...

    I couldn't agree more. I could sort of see the soul sand valley working if its fog color remained red, but the warped forest looks and feels completely out of place. The crimson forest looks like it's trying to be the Crimson biome from Terraria instead of the Nether, and in my opinion this completely throws away the original concept of the dimension.

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    posted a message on Chairs and tables.
    Quote from C1ff»


    I agree, but I think there is a limit. For instance, microwaves don't really need to be in the game.

    Furniture That Should Be Added

    I think furniture should be customizable, but without hundreds of items. We can have "in-world crafting." In my opinion, my Chairs suggestion handles this well: There are only wooden, cobblestone, and wool chairs, making there only 23 items with all variants included. You're able to add cushioning by right-clicking on the chair with a wool block, allowing you to customize chairs. Furthermore, chairs link together to make couches when placed adjacent to one another, but you can make them keep their arms by holding shift when placing them. This allows you to easily build chairs, movie theater seats, benches, couches, etc. The cushion even looks like a pillow when on a wool chair to make couches more realistic.

    Those are just the features available in the suggestion. Maybe right-clicking with an axe on a wooden chair (or a pickaxe on a cobblestone chair) would remove the arms. More chair variants (stone chairs? bamboo chairs? scaffolding chairs that look like lawn chairs?) could also add more variety.

    While not necessary, it's also nice when furniture serves a real purpose, such as beds letting you skip the night, chairs (in my suggestion) letting you skip the day, bookshelves enhancing enchanting tables, doors keeping out mobs, etc.

    Furniture That Shouldn't Be Added

    Tables seem redundant since they're rather simple to begin with and can easily be created with existing blocks (Chairs, beds, and doors are not as easy to create with existing blocks, and when doing so you almost always take up more space than is desirable.)

    Chandeliers are also relatively easy to make with fences, iron bars, or glass panes and a light source.

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    posted a message on Elytra saddle and Elytra horse armor.

    The Elytra itself is already a high-speed transportation device which lets you glide or even fly if used with Fireworks. Adding it to a saddle would not only be OP but would also be useless.

    I don't really see it as overpowered, but I definitely don't see the need for it.

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    posted a message on Add functionality to the Smithing Table

    First, I'd like to say that I like that this suggestion attempts to give a nearly useless block a use at the same time as solving another problem. There are a lot of suggestions that try to make up uses in order to fix things, and that's not always bad, but it's often better to kill two birds with one stone.

    However, I don't really see Prior Work Penalty as a problem to be solved. I also think that something as generic as a "Smithing Table" should have a less niche use.

    As a result, No Support.

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