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    Hello all, I'm fairly new to this, but one thing I was interested in seeing was a greater variety of enchantments that could be applied to items (both beneficial and detrimental).

    To start, a reasoning for why add more 'Curses'. At present we only have two negative enchantments; Curse of Vanishing and Curse of Binding (which is only really relevant in multiplayer worlds as a prank). I'd like to see more variety, both to make single-player and multiplayer interesting. Specifically, finding loot with better (or even mutually exclusive) enchantments but with a curse, making the player have to weigh the option about using the found loot as is, or removing all the enchantments with a Grindstone.

    One example of which would be a new enchantment; Transparency. It would range from levels I-V and would make armor translucent by 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% respectively and would reduce mob detection while invisible as at present, armor negates this. (It would also allow Streamers and YouTubers to display their skin whilst remaining protected.)

    However, armor found with Transparency would have a 10-50% chance of being linked with Curse of Intangibility (the higher the Transparency level the higher the chance of Intangibility). Curse of Intangibility would cause armor to not provide protection 50% of the time.

    Another example for existing items could be finding a Bow with both Mending and Infinity, or Armor with multiple protection types, but also Curse of Fragility which would cause them to lose durability at three times the normal rate, or Curse of Fracturing which would result in a 5% chance of an item breaking regardless of durability (and perhaps the more enchantments it has, the higher the chance of it breaking).

    Two more curses I had in mind was Curse of Splinters and Curse of Shrouding.
    Curse of Splinters
    would range from levels I-V, and would have a 5%, 10%, 20%, 40%, and 80% respective chance of causing 1/2 heart of damage to the user.
    Curse of Shrouding would be unique in that it would prevent you from seeing what other enchantments an item has (as well as prevent you from seeing what's inside a Shulker Box or Bundle).

    These five Curses aside, here's some more traditional, beneficial Enchantments.

    Scything I-III, Hoes will break all identical blocks in a 1, 2, and 3 block radius. Mutually exclusive with Silk Touch.

    Accuracy I-III, Bows and crossbows will slowly zoom in on a target when drawn. Bow wavering is also reduced.

    Notching I-V, Arrows of a single stack can be fully drawn with a bow in 10-50% less time. Mutually exclusive with Infinity.

    Resilience, Prevents use of a weapon or tool if it has 1 durability. Armor provides no defense (This essentially prevents it from breaking).
    Luminosity, Weapons, tools, and armor glows both when held/worn and when dropped. It makes it easier to find if dropped, but you're more likely to aggro mobs.

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