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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)
    Quote from fishg»

    I have an idea that incorporates steampunk into the frost dimension without messing the natural beauty or theme.
    The music should probably be something light and mystical. Perhaps these instruments, , playing a remix of classic minecraft music? Anyway, the music would be common throughout the dimension to reinforce the beauty of the natural world.
    But every now and then, you would find a different island filling the gap in the floating islands (are we going with floating islands?). These would be Steampunk Stations (name WIP). These giant, dark, structures would greatly contrast the bright frosty world it surrounds. Image result for zann constorium space staion The closest thing I could find to what I'm thinking.
    Inside the huge stations would be a labyrinth of passages, filled with evil robots and useful gadgets. To differiante it further from the rest of the dimension, these dungeons would have its own, drum heavy music, resembling this.
    Thoughts? I feel that this might be the best way to add the two most popular suggestions so far into the dimension while keeping a cohesive theme.
    EDIT: Well I guess text video links don't work.

    I'd think it would be better to have a predominantly dark steampunk theme with a bit of etherealness to it.
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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings

    I'm gonna leave now. I have a few reasons for this:

    1. MASTERMINED IS LEAVING That's a huge bummer, but that's not why I want to leave.

    1. Posting feels like a chore. Even this.

    2. My favorite forum, Suggestions, has become trash, and the Suggestions I put effort it get virtually no recognition. There's so much junk and people care so little for the rules that threads are constantly locked. And to even get a chance for a remotely popular suggestion, you have to 1. make it impeccably detailed and in-depth, or 2. make it disgustingly terrible and exploit people's anger to get replies. I'm not doing either of those things.

    3. I don't need the articles, I can just follow all the Mojang devs on Twitter.

    Bye y'all. Don't manipulate negative groupthink attitudes to maximize your thread popularity on the Suggestions forum!

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    posted a message on Balance the Mending Enchantment

    The 3rd paragraph provides a intelligent and sensible solution to the problem of tools barely getting XP. But what axe/shovel blocks specifically give XP?


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    posted a message on Randomly Generated Lore - Flavor Text Without a Forced Backstory

    Here are some more for the sword:

    This sword could break obsidian clean in half in its heyday.

    This was pulled from a moss stone boulder.

    A tool that [email protected]?#%+£ once used on... expeditions.

    "Sharpen a stick real well 'n it'll do ya more good."

    "Oh, THAT button means throw!"

    "I'll just store this away while I investigate those strange, dim tunnels I've seen lately..."

    Really great way to satisfy everyone. Support!

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    posted a message on Bedrock Armor
    Quote from Cerroz»

    A first poster who puts extreme detail in his idea? Is... Is this a dream?

    Yes, it is. Go back to sleep and you'll see the post actually looks like this:

    "yoyoyo waszup guyss???? i want moar powrefull armoar tan dimand mozang y isnt vis in game?!?! badreck armoare is inviensible frum EVREIYFING and it's a common drop from pigs"

    OT: Like Genius_idiot, i think the armor shouldn't be immune to certain damage, but near immune (90%-95%). I changed my mind on this, since bedrock armor is extremely rare. It would be cool if the end bunker emitted gray particles, but once you've opened a chest inside, the particles disappear and the bunker becomes destructible.

    But this is an amazing suggestion with lots of effort poured into it. Proper spelling & grammar, well thought out content, sensible polls, good formatting, understandable images, custom structures that you actually built, links to essential information... and LOOT TABLES?! Wow!

    If we can't have a Suggestions Guide, pin this to the front as THE example suggestion. This thread has earned you an extra follower.

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    posted a message on New Structure: hatchery

    It's not the critic's job to add the finishing details. If it worked like that, a suggestion only containing the words "add guns" would be considered valid.

    But I do agree that specifics aren't the point of the post: they're half of it. Good suggestions are a balance of concept and execution (AKA the specifics). This suggestion as it is might as well be considered half-finished.

    Since no one knows any specific attributes of this structure other than vague generalizations (hard to get, limited, etc.), it's gonna be difficult for a lot of people to support, including myself.

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    posted a message on How Do You Feel About The New Textures?
    Quote from Herb_»

    Other versions are irrelevant to this discussion, because we are talking about an update to the Java edition only.

    I doubt that Mr. Persson is aware that textures are changing; he's probably too busy watching Prisoner: Cell Block H. He has 2.5 billion reasons not to care.

    I'd expect he'd pay attention a little, considering he propelled one of the most popular games ever.

    OT: Changing pallettes is a really bad move. I hope with the 1.13 update we'll get something like the old wool colors. They had unique shades that just aren't available anymore.
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    posted a message on Commands are broken and dead in 1.13

    Yes. Yep yeah sí Dinnerbone just wants to screw us all over. Further expanding on Minecraft's possibilities with more INFINITE block IDs is obviously a big "SCREW YOU" to the entire community.

    100% SUPPORT

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    posted a message on Ocean Improvements Part 2/3: Sea Content (Updated)
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    Your idea about coral is interesting, though it doesn't go with my original vision. Most of the game mechanics I have suggested have come from real life. My vision was for it to be an aesthetic block that was valuable.

    I like the life-sized vex thing. Maybe as a new mob, specific to the cursed shipwreck? I know what to call it: Sea Specter and Sea Specter Captain. I was going to have a new mob for the shipwrecks, but decided against it since I have already put a lot of new mobs in the post. I will for sure reconsider though.

    The blindness thing seems a little too much like Ocean Temples (it's giving an effect to the player). I'll add more images (including the wood) soon (today, tomorrow or the day after). The leiomano, like I said, would do as much damage as the stone axe. As of the 1.9 update, that is 4.5 hearts of damage, which is more than a diamond sword. It would have a higher attack speed than the stone axe, and it would end up doing 12 damage per second. I know I didn't include that in the post, but that would have it end up doing more damage per second than the diamond sword. I will be sure and update the post.

    The sailor's hat doesn't always drop, so it was supposed to be a simple little aesthetics item you could wear. I'd be open to a use to it, as long as it makes sense and is useful. Part 3 will have some more things to do with Villagers. I won't says what the topic will be, but I think some people will not like it. The enchantment idea could also work, but I'm less open to new enchantments since almost every upgrade in the game is based on them. Maybe a new drop from the Sea Spectre Captain could replicate this in a non-enchantment form.

    I was originally going to have dolphins in the post, but I couldn't think of a use for them other than being there. Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

    About the leiomano: All the versions I play have spam combat, so the stone axe is basically a wooden sword with a crit bonus.

    I figured that every block can be an aesthetic block, and it should have some functional use. No other block lets water phase through it without destroying itself.

    Nothing much else to add here. I'm glad to be reading longer suggestions again!
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    posted a message on Ocean Improvements Part 2/3: Sea Content (Updated)

    I have a few suggestions to add interest/usability to the proposed features, along with some questions:

    1. Coral doesn't do any damage. This is mainly to justify my next suggestion:

    2. Water treats coral like air; it doesn't collide at all. It becomes soaked when water is inside of it. Useful for scaffolding around water (hence suggestion 1), and the water isn't supposed to flow everywhere.

    3. I think the undead sailor would be cool with a life-sized vex feel to it. Perhaps they float around in their ships and curse you with Blindness?

    4. The shipwrecks should possibly contain a treasure enchantment that makes melee weapons deal more damage to aquatic mobs.

    5. A new wood should be justified with a unique color. Could you provide an image of the shade you're thinking of? (bark and plank)

    6. The treasure chest should have something worthwhile. I had this idea for a while about a new item: the totem of reversal (a blue totem of undying). Your location 3 seconds in the past is always recorded when holding, shown with a blue ghost. When you use the totem, you travel to that spot (and gain the effects of the totem, but with less power). You retain the stats you had upon the totem's usage.

    7. The sailor's hat should have more purpose. Maybe as an antique item to Villagers?

    8. Coconut milk isn't needed. A coconut to the head could give Nausea for 1-2 seconds.

    9. What does the leiomano do? It seems useless once you have a stone sword (which you should by the time you get it).

    That's all I have. What could be in Part 3?

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