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    VintageMC - Survival [1.18] - Classic Factions [1.8-1.16] - KitPvP [In Development] -

    Hello everyone, Welcome to VintageMC! Offering a classic feel of Minecraft Factions.
    Our objective at VintageMC is to give players what they want and have them stick around for maps to come.
    VintageMC's goal is to offer a more layed-back and simple version of factions. Taking gen buckets, Trench pics,
    and things that make the gamemode just move too quickly out of the equation. Instead, our goal is to focus on PvP
    and bring the fun back to factions, instead of making everything about who wins at the end of the map. If you
    never played factions before, or have played for years. VintageMC Factions Might be what you've been looking for.

    Factions additions.

    • Custom Fishing

    • McMMO

    • NO PAY TO WIN!
    • PotPvP
    • Potion Staffs
    • Vanilla Enchants
    • Vote Rewards
    • Envoys
    • Hardcore Eco

    • Longer maps

    We also offer a whitelisted private Survival, apply in the discord. - (Message Insurgency1080p).

    ➤ Join our discord today to stay updated!

    ➤ Discord : https://discord.io/VintageMC

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