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    Sometimes one just has to chill and be patient, that keeps the surprise when it is finally released...

    (saying that while refreshing the tab... oh the irony,,,)

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    Quote from igotnothing»

    more familiars will be nice, like a few people said, i don't really connect to any to any of the animals there is right now, and i think choosing the familiar is an important part, also it's hard to treat him as actual familiar if you don't like the animal.

    my ideas are

    Phoenix- most likely chicken + blaze, with an hint of rebirth on a grasper. also i think it should become a full, immortal phoenix only when made familiar, before it should be just some sort of fire chicken able to fly.

    Spider- i think the best way to do this is make spiders tameable, but only with a potion of taming (also will make the extremely hard to find golden hearts useful), spiders born to tamed spiders should be untamed, their minds simply cannot love humans without a little magical help.

    Rat- silverfish + dog (?), tameable with rotten flesh, should become larger once made familiar

    Bat- just bat, maybe tameable with rowan berries, or maybe a vampire bat for vampires (from zombie and bat), giving special vampire bonuses

    Hellhound\Multi headed dog- as hagrid and the Greek god of death taught us, multiheaded dogs are very cool and great companions, and if there is something special for vampires, the hellhound will fit great for a wolfish counterpart. (miltiheaded dog is most likely 3 wolves + slime maybe), multidog should become larger once made familiar and his look different.

    Carnivorous plant- for them tree hugging hippies. treefyd + critter snare.

    I love the phoenix idea, but I don't really want it to be a flaming chicken (KFC)... Though it might be cool to summon a phoenix boss with circle magic, then kill it to receive it's ashes. Then you can maybe summon it with a hint of rebirth plus the ashes and blaze powder to... um... ok, it's cool, but I can't really think of a purpose for a huge bad **** phoenix other than it being a cool mount and burning the world with it...

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    Quote from igotnothing»

    yep, the phoenix rebirth is important, otherwise it's just a big flaming bird. also i agree about the crow, i just forgot about crows, and if a water based familiar will be added, i want it to be a giant squid monster (i have no idea how, but it would be really cool).

    A giant squid monster? humm... Maybe instead of a water based familiar, the player will be a swamp monster, being able to breath in water, and control aquatic life? (aqua man? :P)

    p.s oh my! look what you guys done... My imagination has gone wild...

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    Hum, I have a weird idea of a "Brimstone" or "Shoop-da-woop" mana lens which takes lots of mana and shoot it in a big lazer burst and also deals a decent amount of damage. Good for transferring lots of mana, using it on the manba blaster for an offensive weapon, and looking really cool. ^_^

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    Quote from baddaspig»

    More fish-related textures if you want them.

    I made harpoons for all the vanilla tiers (wood through diamond) as well as concept art for a Tinkers harpoon if you ever wanted to add compatibility. Also a fishing net and some other stuff. If you hadn't guessed, not_the_krusty_krab.png is a chum bucket. Chum is a type of bait crafted with fish, right click in water to attract sharks or other large predators.

    Edit: Since people are asking to do translations. I could translate the mod to Polish if you want.

    Guys Gus guys, calm down, he's still planning to revive the mod, let's not have our plans too ahead of our selves :P (though harpoons are kinda cool, the fantastic fish mod has one though)

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    Quote from Stantrien»

    So quite a few pages back someone mentioned a spider themed transformation/curse, and I found the idea intriguing as I'm a bit of an arachnophiliac so I wrote this concept up. I'm just rambling here so it would obliviously need to be nerffed and balanced.


    -Webs don't impede movement
    -Webs acts like air
    -Can break webs instantly and place webs by holding right click (Left of Hotbar)
    -When in in webs or a block next to webs creative flight, except the block above
    -Can stand on top of webs like normal blocks, but shifting will drop you back into
    the web
    -Can climb walls and sealing as if there where ladders everywhere
    -Speed, jump, invisibility, and night vision buffs (Left of Hotbar)
    -Invisibility is canceled when moving (Except when crouching?)
    -Can use different types of venoms (Poison, wither, and paralyze)
    -Can web paralyzed entities (Can't move, can be picked up and sat down by player
    and hung on wall or sealing, players can work their way out over time
    -Webbed entities will slowly have their innards turned to liquid and can be eaten
    -This is the only way to replenish hunger( Making webs and using buffs/de-buffs
    reduce hunger as well as movement )
    -Paralyze venom slowly adds poison then slowness then blindness then paralysis
    -Neutral to all arthropods
    -Lay eggs?
    -Command spider children from eggs (Stay, guard, patrol, follow, attack, stop
    attacking, ect.) (Must be fed?)
    -Lay web traps, like land mines that web entity

    -Place and break web
    -Buffs (Speed, jump, invis, night vision)
    -De-duffs (Poison, Wither, Paralyze)
    -Web trapped or paralyzed entity

    So...Hum... sound like the spider queen mod...

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    posted a message on [WIP] AtmosMobs 2.0 - Re-Design Phase

    I could help you Davey. I could do some modeling and texturing

    a big butterfly that I've made (Needs some polishing)

    And a sword texture I've made

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    Quote from Daveyx0»

    You mean this? ;)

    Wow, you've came back! cool toucan

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    Quote from AetherEsq»

    Ok, so I have some suggestions to throw out. This might be a bit long, so bare with me.

    Current System Improvements

    Vampires- Ok, I believe a few things should be touched up on this a bit. I'm not going to touch on the sunlight thing, because the community beat the idea horse last time it was brought up. For one, there should be a way to control your vampire children more. For example, having them follow you, commanding them to feed on something, or even leveling them up so that they can reach your state of power eventually. Vampires should also have a sort of mist form, which would make the player untargetable for a short period of time. Fire would still hurt though.

    Lycanthropy- There should be unique appearances for werewolves. Example, different coats of fur, eye colors, etc. It's a weird request, but I feel it'd add to immersion. Werewolves should be able to inherit some of their strength and speed in human form, and maybe have a sort of scent mechanism.

    Demons- Dealing with demons feels a bit lackluster, and there's really no drawback to it. All you do is summon one, trap it (hardest part really), then use it for trading and banish it when convenient. They need something more. There needs to be something at risk here. You're dealing with a nasty creature here. Demons are monsters, tricksters, liars, but the mod does very little to show it with the exception of the monstrous aspect. Along with that, their appearance is rather lanky, easily comparable to an Enderman just because of the model alone. Basically, demons need a revamp.

    Mandrake Root- It needs more uses. I was thinking maybe if you Shift + Right Click a bed it hides mandrake root under the bed (ripping off Merlin a bit) causing nightmares. I tried using demon hearts once, but the noise makes it obvious. The root could be discovered the same way it is placed, but does anyone really shift click their bed?

    Death- He needs to show up more. I think it'd be pretty interesting to see a spectral embodiment of death appear nearby someone when they die. Also, Death is

    New Additions


    Marionette Ritual- Fairly simple, perform an infusion on a puppet and then you can control the person with the puppet for a short time. They can however resist. However, it works wonders with mobs. You can even see from their perspective.

    I'll suggest more when I have time. Ta ta for now.

    That's a lot of stuff there :P

    I'm sure Emoniph is going to eventually revamp some of the old stuff, I mean the mod is only at version 0.24, but it already a huge mod that has different areas of magic. And yeah, I do really thing customizable werewolf look is a good idea, cause every werewolf just simply looks the same :unsure:

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] JETPACK SPIDER MOUNTS! Laser Creeper Robot Dino Riders From Space-1.2d

    This deserves the most random mod in the year award...


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