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    I was thinking about this Cake Suggestion. Since you craft cake w/ milk buckets into it, and milk makes potion effects gone, so I was thinking that cake could make potion effects gone because cake is crafted w/ milk. I know this post is short but its not a big suggestion its just a small suggestion.
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    Hello welcome to Minecraft Treats, I've Baked and Painted with frosting of minecraft treats. I'll Post a New Treat everyday, or when i make more. Btw i'ma Boy and i'm 16 and i'm in Home Ec, so i'm a good cook!

    Minecraft Cake:

    How to Make:
    2 1/2 Cups flour
    3 tsp Cocoa Powder
    1 Bottle of Red Food Coloring
    1 tsp Baking Soda
    1 1/2 Cups Sugar
    2 Eggs
    1 stick of melted butter
    1 cup buttermilk
    1 tsp Vanilla Extract
    Cream Cheese Betty Crocker.
    Video: !
    Minecraft Cookies:
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    I Think its kinda dumb that you cant open bookshelves and add your own written books inside of it.

    How it Should Look:

    How to Open: Just Right Click on The Book Shelf and Put Written Books Inside!


    Bug Fix:
    - Written Books
    - Enchanted Books As well.
    -Added Ender Bookshelves -Acts as an Enderchest, but Can Only Put Written Books, and Enchanted Books.
    -When you put an enchanted book in the bookshelf which is placed near an enchantment table it has more chances to get that enchantment afterwards

    There is a Mod of This, But it would be better to just add it to The Game!

    Credit Goes to:
    InsanityGaming: Everything.
    jimf14: Enchanted Books.
    Sleuth: Ender bookshelves.
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    posted a message on Need Staff for my Skyblock Hamachi Server
    I'm needing staff for my skyblock Hamachi server! We are looking for 5 Staff, maybe more. You Must Be over 10 (or 10) to become staff. Plus you must have Hamachi and Skype w/ a mic.

    In Game Name:
    IRL Name:
    Have Skype w/ a Mic:
    Why you should be trusted:
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    posted a message on Torch Glitch -Bug fix Suggestion.
    Sometimes when I find a stronghold or Mineshaft, there are Torches inside. Sometimes with them placed down it is still dark. The torches don't even make light, but when a break the torch and place it back it lights up.

    Please Reply below if this happens to you.
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    posted a message on Autumn Biome
    Autumn forest biome
    A colorful forest arises as you continue your exploration. No one in these woods will ever starve, as the ripest apples fall from the trees and the ground is covered by mushrooms galore!

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    posted a message on Ocean Biome Ad-Ons
    New blocks:
    Oceanic Sand - would replace regular sand and would cover most of the seafloor. Looks like regular sand but a bit "smoother" and has small specks of light blue in it. Transitions to regular sand near beaches.
    Sea Rock - it would look similar to sandstone but with fossils and shells imbedded in it, the rock itself would be slightly more brown than sandstone though. Can occasionally be exposed to add some variety to the sea floor.
    Coral - would look similar to dead bush but it's pink. Can only grow on oceanic sand and would very slowly spread out from each piece in a random way, so it would be able to grow up, to the sides or even down but wouldn't grow above the water's surface. These coral reefs would only be able to grow up a total of 50 pieces but can join with other existing coral reefs to make larger ones. Can be placed in the air but will not grow there.
    Seaweed - Looks like regular grass but a darker, richer green. They wave in the "currents" to add some nice aesthetics (can be turned off to if running the game in Fast mode) Needs at least a light level of 5 to grow.
    Kelp - This one is from Gastroids Community suggestion list, I'll just repeat it here because I think it's a good idea. "Kelp. Spawn only at the bottom of ocean biomes and grow until they reach light level 14 (just below the surface of the water). This means they cannot grow next to a torch, and can only be placed underwater. Essentially a very tall, underwater sugarcane. Possibly a potion ingredient."
    Clams - Take up the same amount of space as a half block and looks like....well a shell...can be destroyed to pick up the whole thing or by right clicking it opens up like a chest and lets you harvest a pearl! They take 3-5 days to make a new pearl, which can do something....I haven't thought up a good plan for these yet tbh, possibly another potion ingredient >_>
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    I'm not sure if this is already implemented in the game or not but i think when a snow golem goes on water it turns the water into Ice. I Know this is a Small Suggestion but that is kinda the point.

    Mr. Snowman Supports The Idea
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