About Me
Mod Developer, Minecraft Player, and uh... probably the one who's known here exclusively for forward-porting removed features into current versions of minecraft. It's a fun life, isn't it?

I take an interest in many different forms of games. While I play a lot of FPS games (especially old ones like Doom, Descent, Quake, and others), I also play RTS games (age of empires series), and rpgs (as well as their closely-linked j cousin, games like Final Fantasy). While I look into going into computer science, I love doing character design. Just sketching out characters for various projects is always really fun.

I'm one of those people who seem rather boring in real life, as I always have video games or Star Trek on my mind, but what most don't know is that I can turn off my nerdiness factor if I must and have a (somewhat) normal conversation with someone without going all [/spockvoice] or making video game references. Probably one of my more important skills. I'm one of those people who everyone calls smart, and I have had several rumors about my intelligence passed around before, mostly stuff along the lines of "is it true that you passed Algebra 2 in middle school?" or "is it true that you got a 36 on your ACT?". Most of them are never true, and it turns out that I'm mostly just average when it comes to my knowledge. While wading through the hall one day, I heard two girls silently say, referring to me "that guy is awesome in math class!". Well, at least I know where said rumors come from. heh.

According to Lahwran from one session on his mumble server, I am apparently a pirate, despite the fact that my voice has no real pirate-like qualities. From discussions in #risucraft, my only legacy is that I fixed indev, heh. Indev was a fun little era of Minecraft, and I find it funny that to this day there still isn't a level generator as cool as Minecraft Indev's floating level generator. Also, "Minecraft Indev" rolls off the tongue in a much cooler fashion than "Minecraft Beta 1.9 Prerelease 5", heh

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Minecraft InsanityBringer