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    posted a message on Village Crop Diversification & Sustainability
    Quote from Carl_Jokl»

    I note that by default it seems villages spawn growing two types of crops.

    The first crop is always wheat.

    The second is a root vegetable, either beetroots, carrots or potatoes.

    Farmer villages are able to plant / re-plant crops, harvest them and pass excess plantable seeds or vegetables on to each other.

    I have some questions about this:

    I don't know if there are any differences between this version and console/java versions regarding villagers so my answers might not be 100% correct (I haven't done much with villagers in this new version).

    1) Are the type of crops grown in a village a persistent attribute of that village? Otherwise it is just the type of crops the village spawned with and as a result the crops that ended up in the farmer villagers' inventories?

    Whatever crops a village spawns with is all the crops that village will have without someone or something acting. So if a plant is harvested or destroyed it won't come back unless it is replanted.

    2) Do farmer villages have and unlimited supply of seeds for certain crop types or can they run out of everything and be unable to plant / replant.

    Villagers only have whatever seeds/plants that they have harvested. I don't believe they start with anything in their inventory.

    3) Is it possible to successfully introduce new types of crops into a village and have the villagers keep harvesting and replanting it?

    This should be possible.

    4) Related to the previous question, do villagers have a limit on how many types of crops they can hold? Do they have any priority / preference of one crop type over another?
    They have an inventory that has a limit to how many items it can hold. I'm not sure of the amount off hand. The wiki states that they will plant whatever is in the first slot of that inventory until empty moving to the next slot etc.

    5) Can diverse ranges of crops be farmed sustainably by villagers? Will they keep planting all the types of crops they have? Otherwise, over time will they keep planting the crop they have most of until that crop dominates and becomes the only crop being farmed?
    Looks like they will plant whatever is first in their inventory. For a variety of crops you would probably need a number of villagers each with an inventory full of that particular crop.

    6) Is there any strategy for dealing with plantations in a village that end up getting ignored by villages (even though they spawned as part of the village).

    I have managed to introduce new types of crops into a village by planting them in plantations that the villagers are ignoring.

    I have had problems with planting new types of crops and the villagers harvest them but don't replant them again so I loose that type of crop from the village.
    This probably relates to them planting from the first available slot.

    The village I am currently in has degraded to the point the villagers are only planting carrots and nothing else. I am in the process of trying to establish new types of crops. Wheat had grown in the past.

    Answers above in bold.

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    posted a message on Realms

    You would have to opt out of the beta. My guess would be to go to the insider app and look for an option there. It specifically states that you can't use realms if you are in the beta.

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    posted a message on Twitch, Curse, Fantasy Violence not acceptable

    If you're referring to free speech as in the 1st Amendment, that only means the government cannot infringe on your right to free speech. If a privately held forum wants to censor your speech that is perfectly legal because they are not the government, they are a private entity. It is also somewhat ironic that while you are asking for the censorship of certain words you complain about having your speech censored.

    Based on your frequent rant posting on this forum I suggest you might be happier somewhere else. Well, happy might not be the word. Typically this forum is used to spread information, ideas, inspiration regarding Minecraft and for its players to help one another. Sometimes there are disagreements and those that aren't as helpful but overall the forum has a more or less positive feel to it. It might be worthwhile for you to look at the tone of your posts and judge how they compare to the tone of others'.

    I am not a forum moderator or in any way associated with the owners of this forum, these are just my opinions.

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    posted a message on Here kitty kitty kitty.

    Congratulations on your feline success :)

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    posted a message on What should I do on my MCPE YouTube channel?

    There are probably a million minecraft channels, if you can't think of anything to do than maybe your channel should be about something else. Find a subject that isn't quite so saturated. At least find someone to partner with that you can bounce ideas off of.

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    posted a message on Help: Realms on PS4?

    Last I heard PS4 does not have the 'Better Together' update and therefore cannot connect to realms. Pocket Edition on a tablet should be able to.

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    They aren't adding sharks because they couldn't figure out how to attach the "laser beams" to their heads.

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    posted a message on Minecraft randomly freezing during play.
    Quote from rubencr»

    get a better device..

    If you don't have anything helpful to contribute feel free to not comment.
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    posted a message on Help about the ender dragon
    Quote from DapperDinosaur»

    In the time it took you to make this topic, you could have just googled it.

    Create 4 ender crystals and put them on each broad side of the portal to the overworld where the dragon egg spawns.

    Haha, yeah, if only there was some sort of vast resource of minecraft knowledge available. Perhaps a wiki...
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    posted a message on Minecraft Better Together Update Questions

    I have encountered at least one slime underground, not sure if they spawn in swamps in this version.

    I saw beets growing in a village.

    Had my first ever encounter with a skeleton horse in this version (console edition player previously).

    I don't know about the other things, haven't explored that much in this new version. It is so much easier to get lost now and I am really really good at getting lost so I have been slowly, carefully exploring.

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