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    posted a message on Does the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft Story Mode: Season 1 have all of the episodes on the cartridge?
    Quote from ConArt70»

    Probably the wrong forum. Different game, different company

    True, but to be fair, it is Minecraft and Telltale has gone belly up so where would they ask?

    To the OP: no idea, sorry.

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    posted a message on This bug makes my Minecraft unplayable.
    Quote from froyohtf»

    I play on the Xbox One with the beta mode which at this time is on version

    In survival mode, I'll try to break a block, but it wont show any breaking animation, and the block wont drop at all. If I try to drop an item, it will leave my inventory/hotbar, but it wont drop on the ground, it just disappears. Using certain things like buttons or doors wont work. If I try to press a button, it will stay in its pressed position, without giving redstone signal. And when I go to open a chest, it doesn't open at all. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but that doesn't work. If anyone knows what is causing it and how to fix it, help would be much appreciated, thank you.

    Try moving away from any villages and everything should work normally. There seems to be a bug with villages that causes the game to basically freeze except the player can still move around. There was a very similar bug when they first introduced the new village stuff to the beta.

    Or you could try what I did over the weekend, I wanted to do some building in a man made village and kept getting the "frozen state" so I went around and removed all the beds/work stations and then everything worked as normal.

    You could also wait for a patch for the problem, which I'm sure will come soon.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Is Boring.
    Quote from MilesGaming»

    Minecraft is generally boring. THere's nothing new and it's gotten old for me. It's always the same concept.. Minecraft hasn't been adding anything new these past 3 updates, they have just been upgrading things. For an example, they upgraded the villages in 1.14. They upgraded the sea in 1.13 and they upgraded visualisation in 1.12.

    The only time they have actually added things was 1.11 when they added the woodland mansion along with a new boss. I mean, a new dimension is a good idea.. The game just gets boring because I've done it so many times. A few new ores higher than diamond would be awesome.

    I know a lot of you are going to tell me to download mods but I think it just might be the game in general. I want the GAME to have good updates not trash updates.

    I wish they would add Ruby ore and Void ore maybe. That could be a nice idea. Maybe inferno ore for the nether too.

    You're boring, this post is boring and you posted in the wrong section of the forum. Other than that you're boring.

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    posted a message on how do you get out of beta minecraft testing mode

    Any maps that have been opened in the current beta will not be able to be opened in the current non-beta. You will have to wait until the non-beta 1.12 update (whenever that may be).

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    posted a message on What villagers are these? Can they be transformed back to librarians?
    Quote from perma43»
    div class="quote-body">

    Want to add this this, as just went around one of my larger villages since the update trying to make sense of everything... a few hours of running in circles, and generally making quite a mess of things...

    My primary aim was to 'secure' my really good "mending librarians, and UBIII Toolsmith" etc. First beds, then Lecturns (4 of them).... then Smithing table for the Toolsmith. However; the problem was that any random villager will claim those lecturns...and your Librarian with mending 14, will simply grab some other workstation that you place, and he's gone! :-(

    What about these ideas? Each of them involves a bit of time... so wondering what the thoughts are?

    1) One solution, which I haven't tried yet, is if going into an old village for the first time since the update; immediately kill all the other villagers except for the Librarians you really want to keep, maybe leave one (a farmer). This will give you really bad karma... but not sure how bad it gets, I think you can earn it back by trading.

    If you indirectly kill them it won't count in the village as you having killed them. So if you use a bow or sword then that counts, if you "accidently" drop a bucket of lava on their head no one cares. Not that I condone killing innocent villagers. You could also ship the ones you don't want well outside of the village and release them in the wild. Let nature take its course...

    2) Alternatively; if there's a village with a villager you really want to keep, he might need to be removed from the village, outside 100 blocks or something, and given a Lecturn away from the village? Fix the village, then return the Librarian (if you want him in the village); although that involves breaking the Lecturn you place... hm, that won't work, unless you move the village slowly to that Librarian!

    If every villager within the village has a bed and workstation before you return the one you want, you could place a bed and lecturn in the village for when your temporarily exiled villager returns. They should claim the new lecturn when they return if it is the only unclaimed workstation (in theory, at least).

    3) Lastly, in village of say 15 villagers, 2 of which are really valued Librarians, put down 15 beds and 15 Lecturns, and leave until you identify exactly which stations your prized Librarians use (use signs); then break and replace the other Lecturns with whatever other jobs you want. Maybe do a trade (get that last mending book) to fix them to that job.

    This sounds like it should work. I do believe you need to level up the villager if you want to lock in their profession. I thought I read they need to be at least level 2, but I could be mistaken.

    4) Or actually last... Just start again; it's easier!?

    That probably is your best bet :)


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    posted a message on Beheading

    Are you referring to mob heads? If so, having a charged creeper kill certain hostile mobs will create a mob head of that mob. Creeper, skeleton, zombie.

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    posted a message on Can man-made villages be raided?
    Quote from acornco54658»

    bells are still optional?

    They would appear to be. I have a "village" with one Villager/bed/workstation, no bell and the raid activated when I got close enough to it while I had the bad omen effect.

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    posted a message on Can man-made villages be raided?

    At least one bed, one work station and one villager present counts as a village. Doesn't matter if it is natural generation or man made. So, yes.

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    posted a message on What i think about 'Herobrine'.
    Quote from trmxzid»

    What i think about 'Herobrine'.

    I think Herobrine's Real name is 'Harry O'Brien' and he's not Swedish maybe he came from Ireland. (this is just only my guess).

    Finally, someone has solved this riddle!

    Poor misunderstood irishman, trying to make friends by discretely improving people's builds, but for some reason they all treat him like he's the boogeyman.

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    posted a message on Let's talk about Realms and how they're not worth it.
    Quote from thedragmoor»


    What's it like to know your players are not satisfied with realm render distance? Xbox players only option for server play... I have an Xbox one x I paid a lot of money for this thing and I can't see past 10 chunks? What's wrong with you guys? Where's our super duper graphics? It took five years to get shields on Xbox. I guess it'll be another 10 before we get playable render distance on realms.

    No one from Microsoft/Mojang reads this site. If you would like to be heard there is an official feedback site that they do read. Regardless, yelling and insults probably aren't going to get much done. Maybe try some well reasoned, civil points instead.

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    posted a message on Job site block mechanics: unclear mechanics

    5) This may be due to the villager that has chosen that job site not being able to reach it. They can detect the job site and claim it but can't path find to it for whatever reason. Just my guess.

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    posted a message on 1.11.1 Bedrock - Map pointers/banners do not seem to work

    That feature has yet to be added to bedrock. Soon, hopefully.

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    posted a message on Villager Problem

    They need work stations to assume a profession.

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    posted a message on When Did Minecraft Go Bad?

    pretty much when Notch left and Microsoft bought the game. The feeling of the game when Notch present feels like a passionate project made to entertain and cheer gamers. Now its just one of a big corporate property.

    Notch stopped working on the game long before he sold it and the people that were working on it at that time pretty much still are.

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    posted a message on 1.11 Major Villager Issue

    Bug Report

    My understanding is that no one from Microsoft/Mojang actually looks at these forums.

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