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    posted a message on [Adv/Puz] CUBE Inc: Overhaul (Now with Command Blocks) (Updated to 1.4) (140,000+ Downloads)
    Im stuck in chapter 4... I've tried every thing that you guys have said! can u pleeeaaase write the X,Y,Z for the acctual entrance to the irondoor?
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    posted a message on Pure Chocolate! "Build with the community while surviving"
      [*:1sbdgcgg]In Game Name(*): ingvildbro
      [*:1sbdgcgg]Age(optional): turning 15 in about 4 days :smile.gif:
      [*:1sbdgcgg]Why do you want to join this server?(*): Couse i've been playing on my brother's user (eivindbro) sometimes, and i loove the server.
      [*:1sbdgcgg]Bans(banned bfore? why? griefed? why?(*): nope
      [*:1sbdgcgg]A bit about yourself(*): I'm a 15 year old Norwegian girl, who can combine school, sports, friends and minecraft ++ I'm addicted to minecraft atm, so i would be online, like, every day :tongue.gif:
      [*:1sbdgcgg]Special ability in Minecraft(optional): maybe designing and build stuff
      [*:1sbdgcgg]Are you co-operative(*): yes, ofcourse :biggrin.gif:
      [*:1sbdgcgg]Have you registered at the forums at our website? ;P(optional, but do it!): yeah
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