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    Quote from ikyogre1
    Before you start hating this is not gunna be a thread like ADD IT NOA AND MAKE IT OP kind of thread.

    Then don’t make it. People are stupid if they don’t take the content of the thread into consideration.

    Quote from ikyogre1
    I have put some though into this now.

    How do you put “though” into something?

    Quote from ikyogre1
    I though of ways to make it not so OP.

    How do you “though” of ways?

    Quote from ikyogre1
    This would not be that hard of something for Jeb_ to do, or in fact most modders.

    How do you know? Are you a modder? *digs through posts* No, I don’t see your own mod thread.

    Quote from ikyogre1
    How it works.

    Go on.

    Quote from ikyogre1
    If you mine a spawner with a silk touch pickaxe you will get a 1 in 5 chance of it dropping the spawner.


    Quote from ikyogre1
    It WILL have a different ID that a spawner found naturally. ( I will explain later)

    It should be a different damage value, not a different ID.

    Quote from ikyogre1
    If you have fortune on the pickaxe it will raise the chances of getting the spawner.

    Please tell me how you can get Silk Touch and Fortune on a pickaxe at the same time.

    Exactly. You can’t.

    Quote from ikyogre1
    Fortune I :2/5 chance
    Fortune II : 3/5 chance
    Fortune III: 4/5 chance

    USELESS (due to above statement)

    Quote from ikyogre1
    When you mine the spawner successfully you will get a spawner that has a different ID, as stated before.

    How about a damage value? (As stated asked before.)

    Quote from ikyogre1
    It will have the ID (this is only an example) 574 instead of 52.


    Quote from ikyogre1
    This is because once you place the silk touched spawner, you will not be able to pick it up again......

    By what means? You won’t be able to pick it up again without Silk Touch?

    Also, the extended ellipsis is not necessary. I don’t care if it’s for dramatic effect, you’re only suggesting here.

    Quote from ikyogre1
    This is a suggestion that I think would be great........

    Again, extended ellipsis is unnecessary.

    Quote from ikyogre1
    I remember that they had silk touch spawners in beta 1.9 pre release 4 or 5 I think....

    One of the pre-releases.

    Quote from ikyogre1
    If you support this, link it in your signature.

    Then give us a banner! Then!

    Quote from ikyogre1
    Have any suggestions? Post them below.

    Yes, make the “picked up spawner” a damage value instead of an ID.

    Quote from KingzofDawn
    And it is still pretty overpowered.

    Wow, please elaborate instead of being vague.

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    posted a message on "It has no use."
    Well, decoration blocks will take up IDs that could be used for something else, unless I should’ve done my math and seen that it didn’t really matter.

    Another issue with suggestions is the fact that I’ve seen a lot of suggestions shot down because someone posted either “L0L SUGG3STED B4 USE SEARCH FUNCTION N0PE SUPP0RT” or “L4WL TOO VAGU3 I DOES NOT SUPP0RT”. I really don’t get why these people think it’s so relevant.
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    posted a message on Why I despise the Average Modern Xbox/PS Teenage Gamer
    Quote from toons475
    [b][size=large]What is up guys? Yes that's right the sky, and now I'm going to go on a rant about your Average Modern Xbox/Playstation fanboy. [/size][/b][size=large][b]
    Hopefully you actually [b]know[/b] what an average Xbox/PS fanboy is instead of calling them “12-year olds who fanboy about CoD”.
    Quote from toons475
    I will be splitting this up into a few sections on why I despise[/b][/size] [size=large][b]them, if you have a good counterarguement, please post it. If you're just going to whine at me, don't post, I want mature replies please.[/b][/size]
    Hopefully you aren’t the guy who tosses actual mature replies away as “whining”.
    Quote from toons475
    [u][size=large][size=medium][b]How they judge a game:[/b][/size][/size][/u]
    Don’t say things that do not fit the [b]actual[/b] average Xbox/PS player.
    Quote from toons475
    Honestly, I hate it how these kids judge games.
    You never mentioned kids before this sentence.
    Quote from toons475
    What they consider a good game is a game with graphics.
    Every game has graphics. The little kids near you must not be so bad as I thought you’d describe them.
    Quote from toons475
    I have seen SO MANY of these kids say they want to buy a new game, because it has "better graphics". No other reasons provided.
    Then let them. It’s not like a meteor is going down in your neighborhood and you have to bite an blue apple created from random machines from Homestuck to transport your home safely to the Medium from Homestuck before the meteor strikes.
    Quote from toons475
    I took a survey around my school, and most kids preferred to have a game with GTA 5 graphics (where you can just walk, that's it) over an old Mario Game with an enhanced story line.
    Which Mario game had an enhanced story line? And Paper Mario is just merely going through chapters and getting star spirits or whatever those things were called.
    Quote from toons475
    It amazes me! How do you only play a game because of it's graphics?
    Quote from toons475
    I base my opinions on games through gameplay, originality, and fun.
    Good, then base them.
    Quote from toons475
    [size=medium][b][u]Hating on Nintendo, for what good reason?[/u][/b][/size]
    Same reason anybody hates on a console.
    Quote from toons475
    [size=medium][size=small]Why do people hate on Nintendo so much?
    The same reason people hate on Xbox.
    Quote from toons475
    I don't understand, it's just as good as a company as Microsoft or Sony!
    Exactly, the same reason why people hate on Sony.
    Quote from toons475
    In fact, Microsoft and Sony have both taken a few small ideas from Nintendo and implemented them into their products!
    Quote from toons475
    I ask the kids at my school why they hate Nintendo, and they replied with "The Graphics Suck!"
    Good, that’s their opinion.
    Quote from toons475
    , at that point I was ready to shoot myself in the foot.
    Harming yourself just because of opinions?

    …Okay, can somebody please tell me this guy is being really really sarcastic.
    Quote from toons475
    I'm not even going into how I think of that, because the above section explains how I feel about the "Graphics Only Gamers".
    …Well, why?
    Quote from toons475
    So, I continue to tell them that the the new WII U is an HD console, and they say that that sucks too.
    I can see why. It’s ridiculous how much time I have to spend getting used to looking at two screens with my peripheral vision.
    Quote from toons475
    I ask them why, and there was no reply. Every person I asked, had no good reason for hating on the WII U.
    It’s their opinion.
    Quote from toons475
    So I say to myself, they complain about graphics, but if you make the graphics better, they still complain over nothing.
    Don’t come to the conclusion that their reason is “nothing” if you got a few “bad ones” or none at all.
    Quote from toons475
    I think I've come to the conclusion that it's just a mainstream thing to hate on Nintendo. [/size][/size]
    Think? You either come, or not. It’s one of the decisions that you truly know or not.
    Quote from toons475
    [size=medium][size=small][b][size=medium][u]Apparently It's a "Gay" game if it has no Guns![/u][/size][/b][/size][/size]
    Actually, it [b]is[/i] a [i]happy[/i] game if it has no guns, reason being that their government switched over to communism and banned guns so people wouldn’t die with a single shot.
    Quote from toons475
    [size=medium][size=small][size=medium][size=small]Apologies on the use of the word Gay, but that's what I was told[/size][/size][/size][/s
    “Gay” is not prohibited around MCF.

    On the other hand, if you use [i]actual[/i] profanity words like sh…
    Quote from toons475
    ize]. I was talking about the new Pokemon X and Y coming out with one of my friends during P.E. and a kid walked up to us both and called us gay, along with the games we played.
    What games? I’m pretty sure you’re lying if you say they said sports were “gay”.
    Quote from toons475
    I asked him why he called Pokemon gay
    Pokemon is a sport?

    …Okay, maybe I should reply to posts that know how to use modifiers in English…
    Quote from toons475
    (I didnt care that he insulted me, because I get that a lot for being a Nintendo Fan)
    You most likely deserved it for being a Nintendo fanboy, as I can see here.
    Quote from toons475
    and he said, it's because "It doesn't have guns".
    Opinions, opinions. You’ll have to learn to not care about it, otherwise your life will be pretty rough.
    Quote from toons475
    No comment?

    Quote from toons475
    [b][u][size=medium]What I personally Consider a Gamer[/size][
    Hopefully not being a Nintendo fanboy.
    Quote from toons475
    /u][/b][size=medium][size=small]There are not many people I consider to be actual Hardcore/Dedicated gamers
    Dedicated gamers? First you say “gamers” without any adjectives applied, and now you say “hardcore”.
    Quote from toons475
    . I have a decent amount of requirements for somebody to be called a true gamer, and even I don't meet all of the requirements. [/size][/si
    If you don’t meet, what’s the point of it if you created it?
    Quote from toons475
    ze]Here's a list:
      Oh, “[b][i]a[/i][/b]” list, not “the”. I get why you don’t meet the requirements, you didn’t create it.
      Quote from toons475

    1. Why do you buy a game? If you buy a game because everyone talks about it, you're not a gamer
    2. If everyone talks about it being good, and I go search it on Google (and avoid all the My Little Pony porn along the way) and see footage of it and think it’s good, I’m definitely buying it.
      Quote from toons475
      , and don't lie to yourself saying that you like it
      Saying that you like it is lying?
      Quote from toons475
      , remember, a liar only cheats himself
      Quote from toons475
    3. Why do you play a game? Is it because a friend plays, or are you personally interested in the Game/Series?
    4. For the fun, and waiting for my YouTube video to finish uploading in 205 mins.
      Quote from toons475
      For this, either one is OK, but remember, it has to be enjoyable.
      So if I don’t enjoy it I immediately get shot off the list? That’s some nice logic there. I’ll remember to quote it for an essay I have.
      Quote from toons475

    5. Have you played any old games? By this, I don't mean games that came out in 2005, I mean games for the NES, SNES, GB Color, and Sega Genesis
    6. I wish I could play Mother and Mother 3 without emulation. (One of the reasons why Nintendo sucks.)
      Quote from toons475
      . A true gamer has gone to the roots of gaming.
      Define “roots of gaming”.
      Quote from toons475

    7. Do you judge a game before or after you play it?
    8. If I’m getting 1-2 frames at the menu, I’m definitely going to judge it before I play it.
      Quote from toons475
      If you judge a game before you play it, you are not a gamer in my opinion
      Opinions affect your test score. This is a flawed school district.
      Quote from toons475
      . A gamer should only critique on personal experience, not what others say.
      Bfore I was playing the game, I got 1-3 frames at the menu. That is personal experience. But I have to play it. You just contradicted your arguments.

      And, if others say it’s bad for good reasons, I may as well not buy it and waste the—what, um, $69.99?—for it.
      Quote from toons475

    9. Do you still play games from your childhood, or the series of the games you played?
    10. I [b]am[/b] in my childhood right now (age 11), so yes.
      Quote from toons475
      If yes, you are great, even it's randomly. I still play Mario, Sonic, and Pokemon!
      Good, that hopefully should land me at a C-minus.
      Quote from toons475
    11. What are you open to?
    12. Games that don’t cost 59.99 USD or whatever. $10 games like Terraria are the ones I play, because of price.
      Quote from toons475
      If you only play one platform, genre, or even series, I can't consider you a gamer.
      I’m gonna get a D on this test for not spending $60 I could use for something more productive, like—okaylet’ssee—buying a gun and shooting people at my local Target down the street.
      Quote from toons475
      I understand people have preferences, but don't judge a book by it's cover, or in this game, a disc by it's box!
      I’m forced to judge a disc by its box if it is $50. My parent doesn’t have a job right now.
      Quote from toons475
      I hope this was no irritating to everyone, and that some people may actually agree.
      Yes, the good calm attitude does it!

      …I’m still not happy about that D.
      Quote from toons475
      Remember, this is all opinionated. Some peopel share my opinion, and others may not. If you want my opinion on a specific game, ask me. If I haven't played that game, I'll tell you I haven't but I'll watch something about it and tell you what I think from a third-person perspective
      This can go on your profile page, so we can get rid of off-topic from your post.
      Quote from toons475
      .And also, please only post professional and respetful replies, I don't want a ton of people spamming "You suck", because remember, this is my opinion!
      I don’t know how to show “respetful”.
      Quote from toons475
      (Side Note: Anyone else happy about the new Smash Bros. and X/Y?)
      If it doesn’t cost a lot of money, sure.
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      posted a message on A huge message to ANYONE who goes to school!
      Heh. This is the off-topic version of the sign to save Minecraft Classic thread.


      Generalizing — selected 12 year olds’ way of discussing on a forum

      >> Tips:
      >> * The 12 year old/s will most likely toss away criticism as “insults”.
      >> >> * The 12 year old/s will not use the report button if they think it is an insult.
      >> * The 12 year ol—okimdonewiththisthing.


      I really would like to see where you end up with not accepting criticism in life. Hopefully by the time you’re 18, you’ll realize it is important, but it probably will be too late.

      As for me — I really don’t care about helping other friends, or standing up to bullies. I’d rather stay out of it, especially the friends part. In elementary school, I had a friend. We considered each other best friends. (If you read a lot of my posts you’d know who I was referring to by now already.) Then I gave him my address, and he would come over to my house every single day, on average probably. I was excited at first, but then every day the excitement lessened and lessened till I told him not to come anymore, but every day (on average, probably) he would. Then at school he started to call me names and stuff. I kept quiet because, me being the stupid 4th grader, I didn’t know any better.

      Then every day he came over, he would ask me to get on the computer, and then I let him. Then he kept hogging it too long I wanted him to just go home already. Then I started to not let him, then he threatened to switch the power in the extension cord to off. Then I figured out a loophole and let him flip the switch off, saying that by doing that he turned it off, making him getting on useless.

      When I came over to his house, he never let me on the computer. And when he did, it would be for 5 minutes at most. He just hogged the rest of the time, and I just went home. Every day, it was like that. Either his house, or mine, it was just stupid. I stopped going over to his, but he kept going to mine, and I really wanted to PK Love Ω his face off the surface area of the earth.

      But finally my mom found a nice home in Poway after my dad died (and we had the funeral), then we moved there and he has only came over once since it is 35 mins away. When he did, it was the same old thing.

      TL;DR Friends will be [PROFANITY] sometimes. And when I asked to be someone’s friend at elementary school, they just said “no”. My new middle school wasn’t like the elementary one, though.
      Quote from SnyderGuy
      Yep, I really hate the people that use colored fonts. (I actually do, lol)
      You never complained to me about that when I was doing this.
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      posted a message on What would you be doing if Minecraft didn't exist?
      I would be playing Terraria.
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      posted a message on I had a sixth sense.
      I understand what your “sixth sense” is, but I don’t understand why you care about a snapshot not getting released.
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      posted a message on Alt Codes
      PK Love Ω!

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      posted a message on What would you do if you woke up with the person above you ?
      I’m cyan-turquoise.
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      posted a message on Switching graphics in-game
      Quote from jacksterson
      This idea actually is great for entering different cities - kind of what I'm having in mind for dungeons and cities on Kattelox Island, if we decide to remake it in minecraft.
      Bumping your own 2-year old topic, making a comment that looked like someone else did it.
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      posted a message on Who else thinks the forever alone "joke" is not funny?
      Quote from Lawnmower
      Everyone, stop being mean to the OP. He's a beautiful, unique flower and obviously a skilled artist.
      Flowers can’t draw.
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