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    Quite excited for 1.7. I really did hope they would add more world gen. changes before the pre-release. Maybe a few more good biomes, the ability to obtain no-grass-growing dirt in survival, some more temples or generating structures w/ loot... still looking forward to the official update.
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    posted a message on URGENT HELP: Computer randomly restarts, no sounds other than Skype turning on or off.
    Well I thought no one would respond to me, so I spent an hour of my own time reconfiguring settings and resolving the issue yesterday. Turned out the microphone wasn't set up right, so I messed with the settings and fixed it. Thanks for feedback though. :)
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    posted a message on URGENT HELP: Computer randomly restarts, no sounds other than Skype turning on or off.
    I am very upset now. Earlier today my Windows 8 computer said on the bottom right of the computer login screen that it would do some form of an update/ restart in 2 days. Well, once I got passed login, the computer restarted and updated on me without me intentionally clicking anything. It restarted, and now the only sounds I can hear are skype when I open or close it. I tried unplugging my blue yeti, and my headphones, and replugging them. My computer sounds appear to be on.

    I need urgent help, I have things to do on the computer, I have no time to deal with some odd glitch or technical issue which should not have occurred.
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    Quote from ANNSwagger

    I think that was fixed, try updating to one of the newer ones. Also, please someone report this to the bug tracker. If you place down a flower pot and place any flower in it, then break the block under the flower pot, the flower will duplicate itself.
    OK, I updated to 37b and they haven't changed at all. :/ Oh well, they can be traded with villagers or something...
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    Found an annoying bug. Looted a Desert Temple earlier and found 2 enchanted books. The problem was, they did not specify what enchant they were, they literally just say in white letters "Enchanted Book". I've messed around with these in creative, you cannot apply them to things through the anvil, they're worthless.

    Will there be a way to fix this problem, so the enchanted books I've obtained actually become useful?
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    I like these new biomes and features a ton, but a few ideas to think upon:
    - Make different woods for the new trees in the new biomes. Actual Redwood trees for the Redwood forest with new leaves, new Roofed Forest trees with new leaves (also, make their branches and leave span spread out more, so the forest is a little more "roofed"), new Savannah trees with new leaves, and maybe 1 more new tree, to set in Flowered Forests, maybe the cherry trees.
    - Make newly styled villages for Savannah and Ice Plains. At least 1 more biome, besides just Plains and Desert.
    -Maybe add a new form of temple to the Redwood, or Roofed, or Ice Spike. They seem like interesting enough places to keep temples.

    Just some ideas.
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    posted a message on Problems transfering data from one SD card to the other.
    OK, so I started running low on SD card space on my phone, so I purchased a new larger SD card. Now, I'm trying to transfer data from the phone's SD card onto the new one, but I ran into some difficulties. I connect both the phone and the SD card into my computer, I go to the phone's SD card, and copy all of its files. Then, I go to the new SD card and paste all the files into it. As it starts to copy, it tells me something along the lines of "(Certain) file cannot be moved The media write is protected."

    Anyone have a cure for my issue? This is keeping me from getting my files onto the larger SD card.
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    posted a message on Official Minecraft 1.8+ Update Notes and Discussion
    I'm very excited for 1.7. I was hoping a new biome update would come out soon. Not sure how much I'm going to like these "Disco Mountains". Seeing random hills of multicolored stone in my desert would be odd, wouldn't it?

    Actually, ignore what I just typed, I did not notice that they were to look like THIS:
    THIS is going to be beautiful. Much more like Real life deserts, I'm truly excited for this update.
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    posted a message on -Manjiworld Cubed- A Mindcrack Themed Survival Server

    Welcome to Manjiworld Cubed, the third Manjiworld survival server. This server is owned by manjiBoy, and he has a few extra ops on the side, such as me, InfiniteTurbine, 99_King_0, 5732Bobster5732, and more. This server is a vanilla whitelisted Mindcrack styled server, we are very survival strict, and do not encourage the use of hacks, creative, flying, or anything non-survival like. We play on Hard difficulty, and use normal biomes. We also may be updating to snapshots as they come out.

    *Please note that if you do not follow these rules, there may or will be consequences.
    1. No asking for OP, creative, etc.
    2. No griefing, stealing, or raiding.
    3. No spamming chat.
    4. No abuse, excessive profanity, or excessive annoyances and immaturity.
    5. No unwanted PvP. For example, going around killing everyone on the server for "fun". If player consent is given, PvP is alright. For example, random fights or arena fights, etc.
    6. Pranks are accepted, just like on Manjiworld. Just make sure the pranks are acceptable and the victim(s) are amused.
    7. No client hacks.

    We want this server to have a good fairly full community, but we cannot simply allow any person in. There are a few requirements you must meet in order to be whitelisted.
    1. You do not have to be a particular age, but we do prefer you act mature and aren't too young.
    2. We prefer to have people on that record, because that helps spread the server's name a little online, but it is NOT an absolute requirement. If you can, please do, but you do not need to.
    3. We prefer that you play on the server fairly often. If you are to join, don't just come on once then never come back. We want an active community. If you are to be absent for a long time, please do message manjiBoy or one of the ops.
    4. If you have a Youtube account where you will be uploading Manjiworld Cubed content, please link it to us.

    If you are interested in joining, simply copy and paste the app format here into your post on this topic and fill in the information.

    Why are you interested in joining?
    How often do you expect to be on/ How active will you be?
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?
    What can you bring to the server? What are you good at in this game?

    Server IP OR mc.manjiworld.co.uk:25722 (Subject to Change)

    We are looking forward to seeing you on our server. Enjoy. :)
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    posted a message on What's your least favourite thing about the 1.6.1 update?
    As a modern creative builder, the update treated me well really, it gave me a few new blocks to mess around with. But on the rare occasions that I travel back to survival, I have to deal with the bugged sprinting and the strange new mob AI (which I think only applies to Zombies). The sprinting bug is no huge problem, and supposedly it's getting fixed soon, but the new AI for zombies is quite annoying.

    One might spawn far from you and manages to track you down, and when you hit it, out of nowhere like 2 more pop up, and then you hit them and more pop up. It's too easy to get mobbed on and nearly killed. And for some this just adds to the challenge, but I think it just makes things annoying. Who knows, maybe I'll get used to it and it'll end up fine.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    I just recently returned to the Feed the Beast modpack (now using FTB Ultimate) after ignoring FTB for months. I decided to return to try modern building with FTB, because of the extra materials, greenery, and microblocks.

    Most people who build good modern in this game know that default doesn't cut it, and a smooth and HD texture pack is required. Sadly, the only one available for FTB that meets those requirements is Soartex Fanver, so I chose to use it. I installed Optifine 1.4.7 Standard D5, and got into the game.

    I noticed that the main menu title bar was plain white. I hopped into the game, and saw alot of weird buggy errors. The spot where the cursor should be was replaced with a small square, the inventory and hotbar where plain white, the sun seemed abnormally big, and some blocks where plain white, with no applied textures.

    Does anyone know the cure for this problem? I want to start trying modern building in FTB as soon as I can, and this texture bug is one big factor blocking me from doing so.
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    posted a message on *Extremely Game Changing* An Architecturally Remade Minecraft
    Quote from Diejin

    I like this, but i think there is no way this is included in vanilla minecraft. In a mod, of course!.

    The only "architecture stuff" they could add in vanilla minecraft is "Soft" stairs. Like the stairs for wheelchairs, making possible to build "Circular like" things. The other thing they could do is making it possible to place slabs on walls (vertically), and generally moreversatility to those acts. Those are the only things (i think) they could add. But they must be asked and suggested independently and with detail. Not in a general way.
    No support!
    No support because you believe Mojang would never add it to Vanilla?! :/
    Those are nowhere near the only things they could add. More woods, stones, greenery, decor blocks, small blocks (like flower pots), more materials overall should and can be added.
    Quote from Rex1900Roblox

    Why not just get the Microblocks?
    Until my idea is made into a mod or looked at by people who could possibly add it to Vanilla, I'm considering playing and building in FTB. Mainly because of the microblocks, and very wide variety of materials. However, I need a modern texture pack for this, and I think the only one out so far is Soartex, which I dislike. I'd love to have Flow's HD or Moartex for FTB.
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    posted a message on *Extremely Game Changing* An Architecturally Remade Minecraft

    Welcome to my Topic. This topic is all about an idea I thought up due to my experiences with Minecraft and building in this game. There is also a blog version of this on Planet Minecraft.

    I've been playing this game for a while now, but only recently got into Modern building. And I'm pretty good at it as well, always making nice greenery, interiors, exterior shapes, etc. I've even chatted with some of the higher up there builders, on places such as the World of Keralis server. But recently, I hit a building block where I'd dislike alot of the things I was building, and I now think the reason behind this is that I feel Minecraft limits you when you build.

    There are limited blocks, only square shapes, no curves or proper slants, limited greenery, no small details and overall limited materials for building. My idea is that a gamemode would be created, or a mod would be coded up made for those looking to go deep into the building aspects of this game, a way for them to build with more materials and shapes than in regular Minecraft.

    The idea involves the coding of a game where we have more blocks and shapes and greenery, basically cramming ideas of real life archiecture and furnishing into a video game. Commands resembling those of World Edit would be added for builders to make things faster by creating large areas of material, and microblocks and alot of small blocks would be added, like the microblocks in FTB. This would allow for quicker building, easier building, and alot more custom and detailed creations.

    This is a very brief description of my idea. I hope to get this idea popular enough that maybe even Mojang themselves would notice this and consider it, if it is a good enough idea. This would benefit any and all people interested heavily in building and architecture.

    Please, add your own ideas and opinions below. Spread this idea through the MC community if you believe it would be a very nice addition to Minecraft / mod creation. :)

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    posted a message on -Decor- More Small Placeable Decor Items
    Want to see more response from people on this idea. :)
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    posted a message on -Decor- More Small Placeable Decor Items
    Just a small suggestion. I think Mojang should add more small placeable decor blocks to the game. Good examples of "small placeable decor blocks" are Heads and Flower Pots, which from what I know, are the only small decor blocks we have ingame so far. There are things we have ingame already which'd be nice decor if placed down:

    Books: Once placed down, you can right click the book to change its stance (either standing up or laying flat). You can fit up to a certain amount of books in one stack.

    Ender Pearls / Eyes of Ender: It's Minecraft, so making a spherical block is kind of odd, but these 2 items would be cool to be placed down.

    Potions: The ability to set down individual potions / splash potions. Again, they'd probably be somewhat spherical judging by the flask in the item texture, but they'd be cool.

    Mob Eggs: Spherical, but cool.

    The list goes on. Basically, think of all the items that'd be small when placed down, and turn them into blocks. Not sure what big problems you might run into with this idea, but I just thought Block ID's could be an issue, and non-blockiness might be argued about from certain people.

    But please, tell me what you think. As a in-game modern builder, I'd love to see more decor to fill my homes with, besides just heads and pots. :)
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