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    I'm am starting a minecraft vanilla server. It will be running 24/7 by mcprohosting. I am looking for around 10 more players to be apart of this community server. We already have about 10 players and are looking for more but dont worry the server Grand Opening isn't until tomorrow October 28 at 3 Eastern Time. Recording is not required but is welcome. Difficulty will be set to hard.

    Mindcrack like Server will be community based and will have a few rules...

    - No griefing
    - No stealing
    - Pranking is allowed as long as there is no TNT, lava, or fire involved.
    - No client side mods other than optifine and such
    - Respect all other players





    Youtube channel:

    What will you bring to the server:

    Best minecraft talent:


    Time zone:

    Anything else you think is important about yourself:

    I will get back to those accepted as soon as possible. Server will be up in ess than a day. I will contact you if accepted with further details.
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