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    I might found one cause for why the NPC's dialogue lag.

    I started over the map a certains number of time (cause of lag) and I've noticed that after a number of ''customNPCs" save and quest donne, the map start to slow down (even with 8Gb Ram allocated).

    So I went in the customspcs mods files in ''saves" and I could saw every backups of the mod. For the quest, I don't where to watch to see which quest I completed.

    Then I made an hypothesis, the lag problem could be from the internal server which supports less and less these backups from ''customnpcs" and quest achivement data.

    If that is the case, maybe just making a note that resume the finished quest instead of saving the quest would be less heavier for the internal server to support.

    (I am french, so sry if my english isn't good)

    Ok I up this because I think to be sure now.

    In my last game, lag starts when I go in a cave next to a dragon slayer camp and when I defeted Aphelion (Potion are dropping to the infinite certainly by dispensers).

    If it's bug at these moment, I think it's due to a (or more) command block that continue to repeat a command it (they) should do once. I am not that good with command block but these came with a coincidence.

    Btw I forgot it earlier but this map is really from far the best map I've played. Even with bugs, I still managed to go further and further by ignoring some quest I've already done.

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